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  1. I find this to be my biggest personal risk. Like Sgt Sabre’s post, it was 8 years with Uncle Sam that opened my eyes and tore down stereotypes, for which I am very grateful. In today’s world where I am attacked for simply being who I am, I find it hard not to lash out at others, even those who are not hating me for who I am. It it is a fine line we all must walk.
  2. For anyone who might care to go to the source, instead of a muck raking rag… https://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/commitment-to-diversity/ https://salvationarmyflorida.org/anti-racism/
  3. The Huey was the C-130 of the rotary wing family in its day. Any mission. Anywhere.
  4. Sunset in our historic urban neighborhood, 4th and Gill, in Knoxville, TN.
  5. My dad and I were there. Will never be another one like that.
  6. I know Thanksgiving is a special time and I’m not trying to throw a wet blanket on anyone’s gathering. The feast has always been a special time for my wife. She loves cooking and feeding people, especially large family gatherings. In 2014 her dad was living with us, which actually added something special to the day in spite of his poor health. Around 1 o’clock she hollered down that the dinner was ready. Her dad got up, washed his hands, and had what was apparently a massive heart attack. He died in the arms of his daughter and his grandsons. While we are all grateful that he got to transition forward surrounded by family and friends and hearing words of love, there has been a pall over the holiday ever since. As you gather with your families this weekend, please send up a kind thought for my wife and sons.
  7. I’ve used the 44 mag for most of my life, including my entire time in SASS with some mild loads. I’m at a stage where I don’t shoot much CAS any more but have a zillion 200gr hard cast pills. What has been folks experience shooting hotter 44 mag loads with lead? How fast can you go? Are we allowed to share load data on the Wire? Any insight is much appreciated.
  8. Most likely you’d be on your own. Use credit and debit cards to access funds from home. It’s a contingency which needs accounted for these days.
  9. So the extra ball was a foul from another diamond?
  10. Actually, that’s only an oxymoron to a modern, intelligent, thinking conservative. Karl Marx’s agenda promised a socialist utopia where the Proletariat would be liberated from the chains imposed by the Bourgeoisie. Having been stationed in West Germany when The Wall came down, I got to break bread with people who lived under that system. It didn’t work out as promised.
  11. I respect and agree with the jury’s decision. But this boy is not who you want as the face of “protecting businesses” during civil unrest. I hope he finds peace as he moves on with his life.
  12. More Tim Conway and the whole Carol Burnett ensemble, but great comedy.
  13. Because it’s one of the greatest comedy skits ever written. It’s like re-watching old Tim Conway / Harvey Kerman skits for the umpteenth time. You know the punchline is coming, and die laughing every time.
  14. Every church group has different standards for their leadership. Even within the same denomination, different churches have different standards. My mom’s little country Baptist church is grateful to have someone, anyone, who will stand up, preach, and lead the small congregation. My son’s in-laws attend a huge urban Baptist church who’s going through a pastor search. A PhD is a must-have among their qualification criteria.
  15. Whether the video is a setup or authentic, it drives home the point to always check guns everywhere, regardless of who hands it to you. I once had a Rutgers 9mm handed to me by a clerk. I checked it and found five rounds in the mag plus one loaded.
  16. What John said. When light enters a pane of glass with two parallel sides, it starts to bend and color separate as it enters one side, but as it leaves the other parallel side it bends equally in the opposite direction, bringing the separated colors back together to their original hue. A hollow prism is just three panes of glass, all of which have parallel sides.
  17. I haven’t seen a true stick on a factory car in years. Enjoy that steed!
  18. Was flying out of Harrisburg, PA one morning on a commuter jet. During climb out there was the loudest bang followed by a screaming metal-on-metal sound that slowly changed pitch. The crew went into an emergency action drill and we came back to safely land. An hour later we were standing in the gate area when the pilot came in to share photos he’d just received from maintenance. A goose had gone through the right engine and destroyed it. Credit to the engineers and crew that there was no “Miracle on the Susquehanna” that day.
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