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  1. I still have a few pair of these wheels for sale.
  2. My club had let our affiliation lapse due to an oversight. When we discovered the oversight, I promptly sent in the renewal and the $50. To our VERY small club the SASS affiliation is very important. Being listed on the SASS website is a big deal if you want to be found by prospective shooters. The SASS website isn't cheap to operate so I figure some club money going that way is good. We will use some of the resources provided by SASS for local advertising. SASS also payed for an exhibitor booth at the Great American Outdoor Show this week in Pennsylvania. There will be 200,000 people attending that show from a 5-6 state area. The many clubs in the area are getting HUGE publicity. This is all important enough to me that I will make a point of finding affiliated clubs to attend this coming season while most likely overlooking non-affiliated clubs.
  3. Oh there is definitely a new and old. Please don't apply Blackhawks version of old and new to vaqueros. EVERYONE knows there was never a three screw vaquero. So please stop correcting people for saying "old model" vaquero.
  4. I have a few left. I sent my info in an email. Thanks
  5. Well I guess that is pretty specific. Thanks PW
  6. Nothing to see here John. Ignore Deuce (he drinks alone)
  7. IMR SR 4759 till it's gone then switching to Accurate 5744 for cowboy loads. IMR 4198 for hunting loads.
  8. These are the nicest wheels I have found. They're very durable, yet light weight and have a good axle bearing.
  9. I have some extra gun cart wheels I'd like to sell. They're 12" diameter and fit a standard 1/2" axle. Best part is the tires are made of EVA foam so they have some cushion like a pneumatic but are 100% flat free and impervious to goat head. $60 per pair shipped or $45 per pair face to face. http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n232/Antimonybamf/image_zpsmbqgtmel.jpeg
  10. I really, really miss my 44 special 73 The guys are spot on with their answers.
  11. Price seems fair to a bit better than fair. Straight stock I'm guessing?
  12. Folks are making the assumption that 4 moved of his own accord. I reckon there's an equal chance he was run out of the NW.
  13. Please don't look at my crotch if we ever cross paths.
  14. Nice run Mohawk!!! If it weren't for my disdain of gun cleaning, I'd shoot BP all the time. For now, a few times per year will suffice. It is a blast!!
  15. That second set can come in another couple of inches. I started wearing holsters with a fair amount of outset and lots of cant (similar to the ones you have). I wear them in front, which is very natural and efficient for what we do in our game. Not at all useful for wearing on a horse or out and about. I put my guns in my cart when I'm not at the line. When I need to bend over I slide the holsters out.
  16. That second set needs to be brought in to the front quite a bit. Once you have them in front, the cant and outset will make drawing and reholstering feel natural
  17. I'd guess that she and some of her staff are getting ready for SHOT show next week.
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