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  1. The cowboy load I use for the 44 is for 44spcl- 200grn bullet, 4.3 grns Tite Group and works well. There’s a similar load for 44mag. Deacon Doug
  2. That was the I believe part, I haven’t tried it but I’d been told by ones who should know, and it was all for Cowboy shooting. Your experience may vary. If it does work then it could save Cholla some time. As in most things in life you can trust but verify. DD
  3. Looking for a backup Winchester 1873. Prefer 44 special but 44 magnum will work too. 20” is perfect but will consider others. What do you have to get rid of? I know this may take some time, that’s why I’m starting now. Deacon Doug
  4. Depending on what you’re reloading, you can substitute one for the other I believe. Deacon Doug
  5. How about $85 & $50 Starline gift certificate for the 44-40? Deacon Doug
  6. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner, but it’s a left hand rig.
  7. Right hand or left hand holster? Deacon Doug
  8. I'll buy your 44 spcl for $100 plus usps cheap shipping box. Let me know where to send the dough.


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