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  1. Hey Springfield Slim. Haven't heard from you since early July. Everything OK?
  2. Thanks Rex. Slim, do you have something for Ruger Vaqueros? 357 4 5/8.
  3. Really nice slim. We're they custom?
  4. It's time to put a pair of holsters on my gun cart. It is a natural finish oak cart and brown would be best . If you have an old pair that are going to fit my new Ruger vaqueros please ping me. Older and with some history would be best.
  5. Here are pictures of my STI.
  6. Believe it or not ... I have one ... and it has never been fired. It is an Apeiro.
  7. It's like bowling scores. There is no award for getting the most strikes or most spares. What was your total score? Four strikes in a row gives you bragging rights ... but not if you miss two spares.
  8. Thanks for your advice Ripple. That made all the difference in getting them sold quickly. Dakota Dave

    1. Ripple


      Any time.

  9. Nicely done for both buyer and seller! Those cases are really priceless. Talk about having a one-of-a-kind!
  10. Can you confirm that they will hold the standard cowboy action items? 20" Lever action 4 3/4" Colt pistols It would help if you could post a picture with those guns for scale, so we know the size. Thanks!
  11. If you can edit your initial posting with the lowered price, I bet that someone would be interested. Beautiful craftsmanship.
  12. $2,400 is a really good price for the craftmanship that obviously went into these. Do you have more information about the maker and the work that went into them? It would definitely help the sale! Best of luck!
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