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  1. Had weak extractor/broken extractor. This is what I did, but you have to have the equipment to do it. 1. Fitted new bolt 2. Fitted new extractor 3. Fitted (welded) cartridge support tab on new bolt 4. Adjusted head space 5. Installed timing adjustment screw Ghost
  2. This is a one day,TSRA fund raiser match on Saturday, February 4, 2017, and features 6 stages, the famous TSRA BALLOON SHOOT, and a special " guess the f. temperature at match time" contest. It's always fun to guess the temperature in January/February in Texas...and if you can do this... You'll get a FREE ENTRY to the TSRA/CAS/WB TX State Championship Match 2018. You must pre-register to be eligible and entry post marked by 1-7-2017. The match is hosted by the PLUM CREEK COWBOY SHOOTING SOCIETY and Dragon Hill Dave's gang. Come on out and help us promote and protect our 2nd Amendment righ
  3. CONGRATULATIONS DEAD HEAD. Ghost Classic Cowboy
  4. Need a "warm-up" for WINTER RANGE? Well...come on out and shoot the TSRA/CAS South Central Regional Fund Raiser Match hosted by Dragon Hill Dave and the Plum Creek Cowboy Shooting Society this coming February 4, 2017. Besides the now famous TSRA Balloon Shoot, we will be having a "Guess the Temperature (F) at Match Time" contest for a $100.00+ TSRA soft-lined canvas Rifle Case (46" long). You must pre-register to be eligible to win and entries must be post marked by Saturday, January 28, 2017. Also, the TOA Male and Female win free entries to the 2018 TSRA Texas State Championship Match.
  5. The match was a GREAT SUCCESS! The Darby Rough Regulators did an outstanding job! Thanks for all the hard work!! The Chuck Wagon was GREAT!! The food was delicious!!! The stages were well written and the targets reflected the TSRA theme and the 2nd Amendment. "You Bet" was the Top Over All Male and "Sunny Spurs" Top Over All Female and they win a free entry to the 2017 TSRA TEXAS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP hosted by the Lone Star Frontier Shooting Club, out of Cleburne, TX. Scores will be posted on the Darby Rough Regulators website. www.darbyroughregulators.com I apologize for not recognizi
  6. Entries continue to come in. We're up to 61. Deadline for pre-registration (to be eligible for prize drawing) is this Saturday, the 3rd, at midnight mail call. This match is shaping up to be the largest TSRA Regional that we've had in a number of years. A lot of big name shooters will be there. One of the prizes in the TSRA Balloon Shoot is the TSRA Canvas Rifle Case. Just right for that Cody Dixon rifle. See ya in the "Rough". Ghost
  7. Thanks WK!! I finally got CoJack's entry!! He has been saying he was going to send it for 3 months or more! See ya in the "Rough". Ghost
  8. Thanks Dragon Hill Dave for your support. Folks, Dave really is a CLASSIC Cowboy. Thanks to everyone who have registered and those who are going to. It really helps the club to get an idea of how many to plan for. 47 and counting. This Saturday, December 3rd, is the pre-register deadline. You can still register at the match. See ya in the "Rough" on the 10th. Ghost
  9. BTT 43 registered Time is drawing near. See ya in the "Rough" on December 10th. Ghost TSRA/CAS Director
  10. Update on the TSRA/Darby Rough Regulators Match this December 10, 2016. There are 40 pre-registered shooters! Only pre-registered shooters will be eligible for a special drawing. Come shoot the TSRA BALLOON SHOOT for prizes. Top Male and Top Female win FREE ENTRIES to the TSRA Texas State Championship hosted by LSFSC in Cleburne. This is also DRR's Annual Match where they will be giving away a lot of firearms and other prizes. Deadline for pre-registration is Saturday, December 3, 2016 See ya in the "Rough". Ghost
  11. The DRR is located on the Van Wart Cattle Co. ranch just a few miles out of West Point, TX on the Old Lockhart Rd. Club President, Cherokee Granny, says the Regulators are working hard to make this a great match and invites everyone to visit the club before the December TSRA match. Check their club's website for information and directions. http://www.darbyroughregulators.com/ GPS ADDRESS: 3239 W Old Lockhart Rd Ghost
  12. Tell, are going to WR and do you need .32 PP rounds? I have not loaded any of the brass you sent yet, but fully intend to. If you are going to WR I will load at less a box. If not, I will load went I get back from WR.



  13. Thanks TB. Same time. I will get a head count to you soon. By the way, the vote was very close. You are a Classic Cowboy.


  14. Hello TB. It's getting close to WR and I was hoping you would contact the owner of the Buffalo Chip and set up a dinner like last year. I will promote the award dinner on the wire and get a head count asap. What do ya say Pardner?

  15. I talked to a lady at TSRA by phone Friday. She has located all the apps I sent in. She appogized for the delay and said she will process them right away.


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