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  1. #FJB #fjb #LetsgoBrandon #maga #Trump2024 I support Donald J Trump for President of The United States of America ! Rooster
  2. I believe in gun control . Hit what your aiming at ! That is true gun control. Rooster
  3. Your Not going to get much good response here on the Henry because of there deception in the beginning of the company. But the are a good American made product. Not really good for fast shooting like done here in SASS . I have found if your not a speed demon and run the gun to full stroke every time . They work just fine . But there are better options. Rooster
  4. When I did shoot JW . I had Pietta 51's in 44 with Six cylinders for each gun with slick shot nipples in them . I pre loaded all the cylinders at home with a cylinder press. Then you only have to cap at the loading table and your good to go . It's not a cheap endeavor . Rooster
  5. You will find out most don't care much for Henry around here . They started out with some very deceptive practices in the mid 90's I myself think they are a good quality firearm made in America. Yes there are better choices. Like the 86 or even the 94. I have used my Henry 45/70 many times and love the rifle. I only shoot local stuff when I do shoot . It just depends on what you want out of the game yourself. If your not looking to be at the top of the list and just enjoy playing the game for playing the game . ( like 50% of us in the game ) The Henry will serve you just fine . So Saith The Rooster
  6. I don't know about the Retrosexual thing . But your reference is what is known as a Man ! This is the way most Men was pryer to the 1980's
  7. RIP . Mr. House My prayers out for Friends and Family .
  8. Got that right . Nothing like real Colts . I have One first Gen and the rest Second Gen . it's a expensive addiction. So Saith The Rooster
  9. Right . That's where I'm at now . For the last year . I have to be in my recliner with a pillow behind me one under me and one on each side of me all propped up and I can sleep for two or three hours a night . Life is really starting to suck . But hay the bight side is I'm still dragging myself to work everyday for a half day of work . Then go home and take some meds and start the game all over again
  10. The New Pietta Great Western ll guns are very very nicely built Colt clones. This is the one I chose. Pietta Del-Rio Deluxe 45
  11. I know it's Country Music but you can't forget about A Boy Named Sue !
  12. My prayers are with you all . My back is all jacked up and my Doc Has told me for years at some point your going to have to do something. I'm in pain daily. Problem for me is every person I have ever talked with that has had back surgery says . I'm in as much pain or more after the surgery or they say . I wish I never did it ! So it don't give me much encouragement to have the surgeryIt's And It's getting worse every year .
  13. You know you can believe anything you see in a movie. I have see the same guy die in 5 or 6 different movie. That is when I figured out it was not real
  14. Hell if I believed all that crap . I would be blind and have hairy palms by now
  15. No Never had a issue. Never thought about .
  16. A Few Years ago. Gander-Mountain went under . Everything was 50% off . I bought all the APP & Unique Powder they had in the store . I also bought every Remington #10 caps , Every Federal , CCI , And Winchester LP Primer they had in stock . I had a expensive day that day 8 years ago . I still have not bought powder , Primers or Percussion Caps Sence. I can't even imagine how much money I have saved over the outrageous prices in the last few years . And I won't be out any time soon . Some times in life We fall into some $h1t and come out smelling like a Rose !
  17. Missed the N . Im Glad I got Your Affended already out of the way this Year
  18. This is the Phantom I meant. I love this guy . What you see is what you get . At least you always know where you stand lol . Me too . I was told once , Rooster you need more Couth. I said what the F%@X is Couth ! I just call things the way they are . If that hurts your little feelings . Well then move on ! I say what I mean and mean what I say . Some time I get kicked off the Wire because someone got there feelings hurt . Sheep ! Baaa baaaa baaa .
  19. I used to use Goex . Never had any issues with Goex . A few years back I went to the Sub of APP . It's a very simple powder to use and be lazy with . Rooster
  20. A lot of the time the problem with Unique is. People don't use enough powder or put on a strong enough crimp . Hence your gun gets dirty
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