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  1. You must have been one of the school teachers No one could stand !
  2. What ever happened to Tupelo Flash , Anyone know ?
  3. Not a great movie But a good movie to burn some time with . Just Sayin
  4. I thought some like minded Pards might like to look at some of this information. C&Rsenal on YouTube put this sight together for free. For people to look up Hans Gun Information. revolvers.candrsenal.com
  5. Gone are the days . Pretty good movie. Just wanted to pass on a recommendation too like minded Pards .
  6. Rooster Ron Wayne


    Sorry for Your Loss . I Pray your Father's looking down upon you watching you play with his guns and enjoying them . RIP Dad .
  7. I have a beautiful creek running thew my property. I would not drink out of it with out boiling the water . My dogs drink out of it every day . 20240208_115132.mp4
  8. That will get fun when Spotters are trying to dance around that brass and not squash it lol
  9. Please don't call me when that Dishwasher stops draning lol
  10. You really never need anneal straight wall brass. Annealing bottlenecked rifle cartridge is understandable . I would Not waist My time if I was you . Shoot what you brung !
  11. I have been a Life Member of the NRA for years . I bought all my Grandsons Life Membership to the NRA . But I have to say . With everything that has been done or Not done by the NRA in the past 10 years or more . I have stopped funding the NRA . I'm putting my resources into GOA Gun Owners of America And Home Growen local Firearm advocate's . So Saith The Rooster
  12. 1500 to 3500 Pretty pricey for a New Rossi built 336 Marlin . I'm betting that Rossi is building this for S&W . S&W was in Brazil years ago. That's how Taurus got its Start in the game . And Taurus ownes Rossi ! Rossi just stepped up there game a started building really nice 336 version rifles again. Then BOOM S&W announced they have a New 336 version rifle out called the 1854 . Time will tell . So Saith The Rooster
  13. I know many of the 87's have a issue shooting the 2.3/4 shell . Once it's fired and the crimp opens up , it's to long and hangs up upon ejection. I hope these work better this time around. I have one coming from Barleycorn Outfitters right now . Rooster
  14. Just speaking on the Pedersoli rifles in-General. They are Second to None.
  15. If I had to wait for my wife to order or make up her mind first before I ordered. I would never get to eat !
  16. What kind of brass is it ? Inquiring minds would like to know
  17. They are impossible to find . But FYI You can use 32 ACP die set and a different shell holder . Much easier to get . Works great too . Rooster.
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