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  1. https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/ambush-at-cavern-cove A great time at an excellent location.
  2. Unfortunately, the hard left is also arming up now.
  3. I found that lubing the brass really helps reduce the fore require for resizing the 9mm brass. Just the spray on type lube works well. Either one-shot or a 10 to 1 mix of high percent (91% or higher) alcohol and liquid lanolin.
  4. Just to clarify, I'm thinking you are wanted loaded cartridges - not merely bullets, is that correct?
  5. It just worked for me - I'm using Firefox, if that matters. Great job! An overall win for a Gunfighter. Congrats to Cowboy Junky - and Doc Roy L Pain, T-bone! Purly did well for the Elder Statesmen.
  6. Good point. The solution of course is to lock everyone up.? In New York and a few others, others, they sent send known sick to be in rest homes etc to be sure the projections are met. They appear to care and some may actually care in their ignorance. This is a take over, there is no doubt about it. They are merely using a health scare as their tool - as they have been planning for over a decade. It is estimated that almost 7 million Americans died as a result of the 1929 depression. The economic impacts of the politicians actions may well result in similar deaths. What is most scary is that over 50% of American was relatively self sufficient then. Now it is less than 10% so the possible death toll is expected to be much larger if we have a similar depression as the Left is actively planning and working for. (Yes they announced this last year as an effort defeat Trump and take over the nation.) Some experts now predict well over 10 million deaths of otherwise well people due to the actions being proposed.
  7. Yes, it is normally called "tyranny."
  8. Remember to address the current "crisis" in the proper terms. It is either "Plandemic" or "Panicdemic." Tons of evidence to support this is out there, if you care to research. That is one reason they are really not too worried about the protests. Even with the false number of infections and attributed deaths, it does not equal a real epidemic. It truly is looking like another case of the flu that goes around every year - this one was just better "planned for" to make sure we had a good crisis in line with the leftists' desires. The current infection rates are based on the "covid family" which includes the more common cause of the common cold. Yes, it is all part of the "family." So it greatly helps to inflate the stats using this manner. This has made actual analysis essentially impossible.
  9. I'm reminded of the story concerning one of our top shooters (a world champ many times). This was over 10 years ago. Folks commented how fast he was and a great guy as well, but the wondered how well he would do with accuracy. So for fun, he shot the long range rifle side match. Of course, he won it hands down. Some folks were surprised. Most the top shooters I know practice pretty much everything - including long shots and shots on small targets. So they are just so much better prepared than those of us who enjoy the sport but for whatever reason do not have (or take) the opportunity to practice as they do. Now I know there is a lot of skill involved as well, but a surprising amount of folks could have that skill with similar practice, etc. Me, I just love to watch great shooters in action - and see just how well I stack up to their performance, usually knowing I won't perform to that level. If they have to shoot a different course, I could not compare how I was doing.
  10. With excel, just select the tab that says insert, then select picture. Search where you stored it and place the picture. You will have to make room for the picture, but it is great for that purpose. I use excel for designing stages just because it is so easy to put in pictures and they stay where you put them. So for you gun, just insert some blank lines, then try the insert. You can resize the picture to what you want.
  11. STS has at least three loads including a load just slightly stronger than the Winchester low-noise low-recoil (feather light). So the load Garrison Joe gave may be a good starting place for you if you want to stick with the WST powder.
  12. Yup, both are great companies that support SASS and stand by their products very well. It appears that the Pioneer is the better deal as it also includes the upgraded springs.
  13. Too bad it isn't a scheduled protest, then it would be okay. Sorry.
  14. Several shooters have stated that the magnum primers are slightly harder to set off. But they have worked fine for me as I have just a little stronger hammer springs that will work with Winchester as well.
  15. Shot at a match in Illinois many years ago and the pop cans were great - until the bees started going after the sugar - and the shooters. That really slowed down the match!!!
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