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  1. They did improve the design, but especially with cowboy (reduced) loads, it is not a problem. Sometimes the softer steel pin would slightly bend and we would replace it, but I do not know of any major issues with 38 Special level loads - or even 357 Mag loads. The older design used a firing pin stop pin (104) in the bolt (97) as shown below - upper right of picture: The later design change to go with a different part (721) that is "fixed" by the link pin, 105. If you have the pin version, you can strengthen it by replacing it with a slightly larger pin - made of a section of standard drill bit (not hardened, but standard)
  2. Yup Glad it is a Western, but I prefer the original, even with Glenn Campbell's rather poor acting. Glenn was a great musician, but not an actor.
  3. It makes sense: The larger hole is to make up for the less efficient non-lead primers.
  4. I enjoyed reading the instructions too https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/metal-prep-coloring/paint-finishes/air-cure-aerosol-paints/aluma-hyde-ii-prod1117.aspx
  5. I know the Birchwood Alum Black did not work well for me. It just comes off. So go with their recommendation.
  6. A knowledgeable gunsmith can change the "timing" so that the gun will open wide enough for the shells to fall out much better and be much easier to load. Kiowa Nate Jones taught me that but it is not an easy mod because you must be very precise in how to reface the part. A good machinist could do it. Contact Nate or discuss with Longhunter.
  7. Here's some great info: http://www.curtrich.com/GettingStarted01.html
  8. Trailboss is a good powder, but I've found it quite dirty if you load low - and not always consistent. So I've had the best luck with 3.4 to 3.6 grains of TB under a 125 grain bullet. When I chronographed the lower bullets, they did not meet the standard.
  9. Long ago, we used to have pistol reloads on the stage, so many of us polished the cylinder and very very slightly polished the edge of the chamger to help reloading. Haven'd seen the need now.
  10. A good standard load for a Colt will work fine for most everything. You can load a little hotter for the big Rugers, but normally no need. There are a lot of good web sites with data: http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol https://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/index.aspx http://www.reloadammo.com/45cload.htm And it is always a great idea to get a good reloading manual such as RCBS, Lyman's, etc.
  11. How is the recoil with the 45?
  12. Actually, all three are VERY weak cases. I've tried those split cases wouldn't even hold powder!!!
  13. Most of us have found the benefit of a separate shotgun belt. You can load more shells for when needed and it is at a slightly better location on the body. Unless you are quite large, there just isn't enough real estate for a cross-draw, shotguns shells and the strong side pistol - as has been mentioned. (The cross-draw definitely works best if it set slightly forward from where you would use a "weak side" straight holster. You want it to set where you would naturally and easily get to the pistol grip.) I've got a collection of holsters. The only ones that held up for me have either metal or kydex lining. That allows for a slightly snug fit so I never have to worry about my pistols falling out. I watched too many shooters start moving and saw their pistols start bouncing and some eventually jumped out! Some other types worked but when I stored them to go home, there was enough pressure that they collapsed - never to be fully satisfying again. An expensive mistake. I have never had that happen in over 10 years with my metal lined ones. ) So go to some matches, shop around with the shooters and see what they use and ask why.
  14. Yah, but they keep finding their way back home, don't they. . .
  15. I've got some good weapon lights I like includinga Surefire and a couple of Olights for my guns. I don't have super high lumens on those because of reasons already mentioned - don't blind yourself in the house. Bu I wanted to add another higher lumen (1000 or more) hand held for when I need to either reach out or almost blind an opponent.
  16. An interesting history is the 1933 gun bills. They were set up to provide work for the former "alcohol police." Of course, it was at the early to mid "progressive period" where "progressives/liberals/marxists" wanted the government to take rights away from citizens. But due to the people understanding history, the laws were generally based on the idea that IF the army had the weapon, citizens could as well. Now, they didn't think about the BBARs and they should have. And they had not researched to show that "shorted shotguns" and some other types were in military inventory. Partly since they were using the fear of organized crime, etc as a motivator. So by that logic, citizens SHOULD be allowed the same weaponry currently used by the military, including "machine guns, short barrelled rifles such as the M4's, etc. Of course, we truly should not have those laws on the books as they were a major step against the constitution and the second amendment. Also remember that many or most of the founders believed that with proper understand of the constitution, the bill of rights were not needed. But they understood people well enough to add them for emphasis. The founders also warned that if we got to the place were were depending on the amendments, people were already abandoning the constitution in favor of over expanding government. Realizing the the document was intended to spell out government duties and limiting government to those duties. How many of us (me included) actually know what is in the constitution?
  17. The manufacturers also learned from previous "panic buying." They were encouraged to add capacity as well as adding workers. But the "push" was only temporary so the extra cost was not readily recouped. They can add more shifts, but they still need to recoup the training and personnel costs. So most are working at full capacity knowing/hoping that this will once again pass and they will eventually catch up. With the added fear that if the Left (democrats) win, they may likely be shut down.
  18. Or as Maxwell Smart said, "Missed it by That much!"
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