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  1. What Colorado said. Probably moderately hot loads. And the extra dirty rim may indicate black powder or a dirty environment.
  2. Eddie (and crew) went far beyond even their normal work this year. Thanks to those who worked so hard to make this another great match!
  3. You can drop the powder charge by 0.5 gain and probably like it better. You can also try a few at 1.0 grain less and find it works pretty well. Extra-Lite is good stuff, about like AA.
  4. Years ago, we had a good Senior shooter (Seniors were much more rare back then.) He shot the rifle, then ran to the front table to shoot shotgun and pistols. Well, he shot the rifle, then stumbled and fell, doing a complete forward role, Pistols still in holsters, stood, kept going and finished the stage clean and with a reasonable time! Yup, that was truly matching his alias, Lucky Bucky. What a joy to watch.
  5. He missed the tag! He missed the tag! I saw it from my armchair!!!
  6. http://www.srscowboy.com/events.html http://www.srscowboy.com/data/2022/SHOOTERS_LIST.pdf
  7. Amazing what you can do with a Dremel tool!!!
  8. Correcting Trailrider's link: https://gunfighter.com/trailrider Even walking in the woods, you want good retention and the ability to reholster with only one hand. So you need a stiffer holster than won't slightly close once the gun is out.
  9. All those scratches. That's terrible! I got a rotary tool that can fix that back up....
  10. So sorry to hear we lost another good one.
  11. A lot of 38 S&W revolvers were "converted" to 38 Special. Not too accurate due to the slightly larger barrel but they could still be effective as Lee Harvy Oswald discovered.
  12. Some faster shooters do slam fire but as they move the slide forward, they make certain it is pointed properly and hold the gun tightly to stay on target. Many other are just fast with the trigger. It is fun to slam fire, but there is a little risk.
  13. http://www.srscowboy.com/events.html Yup, we're glad to have Blackhawk working with us again this year. He and Eddie always provide great stages.
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