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  1. Your hat is wearing dark glasses??!
  2. Since my torque wrench is an older model, could you translate that to furlongs per fortnight?
  3. But how do you know a target is engaged if it is not wearing a ring?
  4. Now instead of rifle, use the word automobile or pickup and see how well that first statement actually works. I love the second statement as it clarifies EXACTLY the reason for the amendment.
  5. Thanks, Snakebit! We wish everything was clear, but that is not life. (When is sunrise, when you first see the top of the sun? Or the middle, or when you can see it all? What if it is cloudy or you are in the trees?) So definitions are vital but not always easy or easily defined or interpreted in practice. We have to balance competition with safety. Since everyone is a safety officer, it can become more complicated. So I like the ideas of Griff and Snakebite. It will always take some logic and good analysis to make it the best we possibly can.
  6. I'm gonna contact GOLDEN STATE ARMS CORPORATION about getting one of those SMLE 303 rifles!!
  7. This video shows an interesting, inexpensive lubrication. It is demonstrated on a modern firearm, but would great for us as well. I would not use near as much as he does, but it seems to work for him.
  8. An interesting article. Plus some great stuff from 1956! My Dad was raised around some of the old cowboys and he would have agreed with much of the article. He and others much preferred rifles and sometimes shotguns. And he WAS a crack shot with both. But he said many did not own their own guns because of the cost of both guns and ammo. So they were often furnished guns by their employers. Not much "real cowboy" stuff available for his time so he was a "line rider" who would go out for a few weeks at a time, checking the cattle and the condition of the fences. As
  9. We are so sorry for you great loss. We are praying for you and your family.
  10. Remember a couple of things: No good deed goes unpunished. Reality is not for everyone!
  11. As Goody reminded me, that is the case with my rifle as well.
  12. I have a short action 73, probably made in the 70's. It was imported by Navy Arms, but I'm not sure who actually made it as there have been more than one Italian company that made them then.
  13. This is a good example of a tough call and the need for very quick thinking on the shooter or R.O's part. That is not always possible, but that's life.
  14. I think they may be referring to Chong Wang from that famous movie. What a terrible name!!!
  15. Variety can be fun. The extra time would be a possible issue. With a small posse, that is possible. With a larger shoot, plan on some "down time" while waiting to shoot the next stage.
  16. I too have an email address. It's not for beans though.. . . . For the record, I don't know Beans but I would like to.
  17. I see a budge towards the bottom of the case. That would not eject or chamber well. So in technical terms, something's broke. Cody can fix it and possibly give more info. Hope that helps.
  18. I prefer (Mobil 1 red) grease for heavy pressures that are not exposed to dirt and blow-back. So it works very well on rifle levers, the internal links. pistol arbors, and even the hammers of my rifle and 97's. It is definitely a superior lubricant, but as Phantom says, in open places it gathers just which can become a grinding compound.
  19. I was not clear which option you had, so gave advise on the older style.
  20. Be sure to thank Rancho Roy for his great work. On the web page with the videos, look to the upper left and see where you can send (very small) a virtual gift. He deserves it!
  21. If it is the old style with the small pin, you can very slightly enlarge the hole and cut off a standard (NOT high speed) drill bit to use as a bit that fits better and will be significantly stronger.
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