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  1. I have a fair amount of brass almost as new as that. Some of the WCC are labeled as 82 but more as 87. Then there is that brass labeled as Super Vel.
  2. The peak is the highest pressure. The rise time is how long it took to get to the peak. So surprisingly, the rise time for black powder is much shorter than we expected. But when you think of it as an explosive it makes more sense. Trailboss is surprising as well.
  3. The interesting thing about powders is that really fast powders work well, but usually have a quick "pressure peak" that most of us can feel. Going with a slightly slower powder such as Unique can help us reduce the felt recoil since the pressure is slightly more spread out of that very small time. More interesting is that we used to think Black Powder was always slower and had a lower pressure peak. Now with the improved pressure measurement tools, it was discovered that Black powder has a very high initial peak - but since it is SO short it time, it doesn't do the damage smokeless powder does - having a little lower peak pressure but for a much longer period. If you do a search you may find of pictures of the pressure curves.
  4. It is pretty common for the old firing pins to slightly "mushroom" or spread out at the end - so they get stuck. You should be able to use some sand paper and get them back to the proper shape so they will not have. Also, if you can get replacements using harder steel, that helps, but is not absolutely required. You could also refit them then find someone temper them to improve hardness.
  5. The above video is excellent, except for taking off the collar - shown after the two halves are separated. That is almost never needed and takes special tools remove and replace without ruining the collar. Since the collars were relatively fragile, original ones are scarce as hen's teeth. Someone was making replacements for a while, but I don't think they continued. (If I'm wrong, please let us all know.) So don't mess with the collar.
  6. I started shooting under the name Kid Collins in honor of where my home was - Collins, Nebraska near the Wyoming border. We lived on the exact location of the original town. In the early 1900's the town was moved about 1/2 mile and became Morrill, NE. But when I registered, I was no kid so I went with "Morrill Marauder" Being from Morrill and a Sunday school teacher, so sort of a pun. I was a Marauder because we moved A LOT. And I often challenged people concerning their views, so that sort of fig. Then shortened it to just Marauder. How about Lean Larry.
  7. So much bureaucratic dictatorship now days. Tis sad.
  8. From some very experienced cowboys, for cowboy shooting, you want your nose about 2" or just a little less from the bolt.
  9. Ask around and you can find someone (some gunsmiths or machinists) to harden you lever. It is always a good idea.
  10. Now if ya can just light that mustache on fire as well, that would be some picture!!!
  11. Whar's Mongo when you need him!!???
  12. https://cylindersmith.com/Transferbar.html And:
  13. Depends where you live and when he read it, I guess.
  14. That is pretty common for many folks with most of their guns. Let's them be more in control.
  15. He left out a favorite - Use your teeth!
  16. "Any stupid warning on the barrel? Rookies don't heed it, and veterans don't need it. " Great quote. But Lawyers LOVE it! - Something essentially meaningless but encourages lawsuits - follow the $$$
  17. It isn't always necessary to eliminate all creep since after the beep, most of us don't feel it. Where creep usually bothers is for extremely accurate shooting. But creep is due to friction in the process. Friction means wear. I try to eliminate the friction to get a nice crisp trigger. That is even more important than the exact trigger weight to me. But my triggers are relatively light - less than 3 pounds. Someone once called me a "perfectionist." I replied that's not quite right.
  18. Back when U.S.A. still had a constitution. . .
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