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  1. Joe summed it up very nicely. As noted, most Ubertis will be pretty nice although over sprung. A few others will need a little more work.
  2. I actually disagree with "shoot the rifle a while" because some of the springs are too strong. The best example of that are the lifter/lever springs. The strong spring WILL wear your lever. Do you want to have to replace or repair your lever? (I had to.) The hammer spring is not as critical, but it will increase wear. These are easy to swap out. You can then shoot the gun with reduced wear. Then decide where you may or may not want to go.
  3. Very sad. But WHO wants their Covid restrictions to never go away. So sad So viscous. Pray for our nation. Vote for those who oppose this sort of socialistic dictatorship.
  4. Ask and answered. There are some folks who want to spread BS so they can do as they wish even if against the rules.
  5. The 6.5 Creedmore is very popular so there is a great choice and availability (normally - not right now) of ammunition options. As mentioned, it is flat shooting, speed6 and accurate with relatively mild recoil. So of those listed, that would be my choice.
  6. My biggest mistake in SASS was missing out on the annual Round Up in Fort Worth for that very reason. (That was in the early 1990s.) I had only shot or or maybe two matches, but I would have loved to have shot that match. The only qualifying statement is is the shooter familiar with safety rules. I was raised around shooting so I was "fairly good." Fortunately I had shot at a few ranges including an indoor range and attended a pistol match so they further refined my safety practices. If anyone is in doubt, just as a more experienced pard to work with you for just a little to be sure of your safety practices. For nearly all shooters, less than an hour would be needed to have you confident and ready to go have fun safely.
  7. You are correct. Mine is a Navy Arms model. They made both 66 and 73 models with the slightly smaller frame.
  8. It really depends on how old. There were 3 major changes that i know of. Back in the 70's and possibly early 80's the frame was a smaller size and had many different parts for both the 66 & 73. Then it was pretty consistent with a larger fram and standardized design until roughly 10 years ago. Then they slightly changed the bolt design as has been mentioned.
  9. SASS Clubs in USA You can expand to your area of preference. https://www.google.com/maps/d/view?mid=1a5THNVZ2Dm_-CUf9h8jW6-fO8k1DPpab&usp=sharing
  10. Holy Smoke! Don't you know there is a coin shortage?
  11. I've wondered about the followup product for Froglube - Seal 1. It apears that Seal 1 may be a slight improvement.
  12. Frog lube is an excellent rust preventative. I think it is probably a very lube (dry lube) as well. Helpful for more dirty areas where you would not want grease or even mobil 1 oil.
  13. Here on the East coast where land is scarce, they like smaller shot (7 1/2 or small) since it does not go as far. Plus it has less mass if it does get away or come back at you. Softer lead generally would theoretically tend to smash (technical term )more on the target as well. For aerial targets, I like #9 but for knockdowns I like 7 1/2 (or a little larger if allowed on those ranges.)
  14. Graphite can work if with in a lube, but it is corrosive, especially to aluminum. There are many better choices. For an internal lube such as you mention where they is not much dirt, even Mobil 1 oil or grease are much better choices. Plus many different gun lubes such as Lucas, Some like EEzox which is pretty good rust preventative, but I'm not certain of it lubricating value.
  15. In some situations, the TO can clearly see the firearm, the target and have an excellent view of where the bullet went - and be doing their job well. But it is up to the spotters to call the miss/hits. In this case, the TO is advisory only - they can inform the spotters of what they saw but cannot override their vote.
  16. Gunslinger does excellent work. Someone closer to you that does very good work as well is: Ahlmans Inc. Cowboy Action Dept. 9525 - 230th St. W., Morristown, Minn. 55052 https://www.ahlmans.com/
  17. Sadly, we believe the Venusians got him...
  18. http://marauder.homestead.com/Rifles.html Not quite as good as Steve's video but it can result in a pretty slick gun - especially if you buy the replacement springs from https://store.stevesgunz.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=4_9&zenid=blrcpd85fhlpq84h9h4ege6mp0
  19. I'm curious about the magazine spring length. The strong spring could increase the wear on the carrier. But, could it be possible that with only 2 inches, is the spring strong enough? Could the recoil and the lighter spring combination be allowing the cartridges to bang against the carrier ramp a little too hard? If so, maybe a 1 or 1 1/2 inch wood block on top of the spring could preload it just a little an maybe reduce wear? Just wondering and thinking out loud.
  20. Wish I had a video, but I don't. Look at the parts diagram: Part 22 pushes on part 63 which pushes on part 71 which releases the action. The action is locked by spring 70 which goes underneath the front of part 71. Don't know if that helps. http://marauder.homestead.com/files/97parts.htm
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