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  1. Being a "middle of the road" shooter, I would say target 1 is in the middle. . . Now I'm SO confused about that sweep!
  2. The rifle is most likely "out of time" thus bending the bolt tab. You need someone to check and adjust the time as well as replace the bolt tab. Since in the North West, you may check with local folks or Pioneer Gun Works http://www.pioneergunworks.com/
  3. Griff, Lone Star is where I first shot SASS. Great times. I remember folks sitting around after the match swapping stories about their alias, etc. My schedule didn't allow me to shoot there too often until they moved.
  4. Short barrels were fairly common. Also most gun makers allowed buyers to customize their orders. The "questionable" creation of ATF was not dune until 1933/34 when Roosevelt followed Germany's lead on restricting private rights.
  5. I'm having trouble finding the Cowboys & Indian website. Could you post the link? The search engines have been so taken over..
  6. Carolina, of course with what we are doing any good bullet should be accurate enough. But I would wonder about a bullet that keyholes at a rather short range. I would check the bullet diameter to be sure it was proper - .357 or better, .358. The 160 should be long enough for good contact but, so . . . It may be that the bullet is too hard so it isn't fitting in the barrel as much as is needed for good accuracy. Some do like a little more "roll" but most find the 125 grain loaded a little warmer to work well for that.
  7. FYI, it is common for the front sight to be a little tall on the fix-sighted pistols. Then you can easily file the sight down a little to raise point of aim properly. Each gun will shoot slightly differently, so the makers plan for that and allow the user to easily adjust. Much easier to file off than add to. That is where people differ from pistols. We can gain much easier than we can lose.
  8. But many folks really enjoy the Merry-Go_Round, so, think of the fun they have!
  9. Over-funneling can be an issue. Up and Down play is also an issue of the locking system.
  10. As I understand, they will be in production right after the Bren 10 pistols.
  11. Those are not shown on their website. https://oregontrailbullets.com/xcart/
  12. So sorry to hear THAT! We are praying for you.
  13. Creeker nailed, as usual. I now prefer Seal1 (Froglube alternate) for rust prevention.
  14. Thanks.  Always glad to help a fellow cowboy!

  15. It's considered an 87, so yes. A fun gun as well.
  16. EOT 2009 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 2009 Match Final.pdf EOT 2010 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT Main Match 06242010.pdf 2012 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 2012 Main Match.pdf
  17. EOT 2004 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 04.xls EOT 2006 https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 2006 Match Final.pdf https://www.srscowboy.com/data/EOT 2006 Match with misses.pdf
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