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  1. Shotgun or pistol? The answer is yes.
  2. Long ago, some folks used hollow based bullets for very light 38 loads. Most dies back then only went to .355 for 92 grains but with the hollow base, they expanded nicely for 38's. They often used liquid wax to lube them. The solid based were probably for 380 or 9mm but could be used for 38's will a slight lose in accuracy.
  3. I see what Irish Ike is referring to - trying to keep targets relatively fair and consistent. At larger matches you have to monitor the target set up so that you have reasonably similar targets. Depending on the ground, as more shooters hit the targets, the condition can change a lot. So some adjustment may be required - either to lighten the fall or increase resistance to be more like the first shooters experienced..
  4. Thanks! Isn't it interesting how the left always want more gun control? But they refuse to charge criminals with breaking existing gun laws. . .
  5. Just remember. . . When the chips are down . . The buffalo are empty.
  6. Just checking, does it have to be done 4 times before it works?
  7. On the other side, I often see folks go down in categories to allow others the same age to have a chance to win their age category. It's been going on for decades, especially at local matches. And they vary their category to allow younger folks to win as well - if needed. And I've seen many get discouraged because they could not complete against those in their age group against the top shooters in that age group. So they shopped for other categories where they felt more competitive - be it a different style, clothing category, etc. One time I heard someone complain that they had trouble winning their category (49er). They didn't realize that at more than 5 of the top shooters in that club could have shot it and the complainer would not have even placed. We joked about having everyone that qualified shoot that category once just fer fun - but we never did. Life is not fair. We all have different skill sets that vary. We can attempt to make things more "level" such as with age categories, but we don't all age the same, so it may help but it won't be perfect. And if it were, folks still would not be happy.
  8. You can't go wrong with any of the above mentioned folks!
  9. Fast Eddie in Georgia does a good job and does a lot of them for cowboys.
  10. Slightly more complicated. Definitely more challenging - therefore even more potential for great fun and variety! Especially if you make your own bullets. My Dad taught us how to make the bullets in our back yard over a campfire. That was when I was an early teen and my older brother got a Navy revolver and a copy of the 1858 "Remington" rifle. We went in together to by a pair of Spanish percussion double barrelled shotguns - $25 for the pair.
  11. Just to clarify. Some extreme action jobs are advancing the wear on the gun. Normally good smiths do not encourage or even do most of that (unless the customer insists) because the smith knows the customer will not be happy when the gun breaks early. Most smiths I know won't even do it when the customer insists - just not worth the hassle to them as it is not only more work but much more risk. But MANY guns come with burrs, overly heavy springs and slight issues that greatly increase wear and reduce equipment life because they greatly increase wear. So having the gun smoothed to reduce those cutting burrs or edges, lighter springs to reduce stress and proper timing and adjustment to also reduce stress make the gun run much smoother and last a LOT longer. It is so much fun to run a machine that is nice and smooth, even the more "quirky" guns of history. So if you cannot afford or cannot do some yourself, enjoy what you have. If you are able to get the gun "optimized" - whatever model it is, then enjoy that as well. I still enjoy my model 92 rifles that I slicked up (much better the second time I worked on them). But I know my Marlin, although not a widdermatic, is more efficient and also fun. But my 66/73 rifles are what I almost always for my matches. But remember that all these were "great bargains" compared to what I would have to spend the last several years. I've been greatly blessed.
  12. Funny how times change. Back when I started a good competition gun for other action sports was over $1500 - 2000. I could get outfitted with CAS guns for about $1100 or a little less. I could have gone less with used Ruger Blackhawks back then but didn't want to do "modern." as the category was back then. New pistols were $300 - normally tax included. A rifle the same and either a 97 or SxS for about $150. I saw Blackhawks in the $125 range. And back then we didn't have much for leather so that wasn't too bad either.
  13. FYI, many powders that work well for 12 gauge do not work as well for 16 and 20 gauge - and vice versa.
  14. It is a nice powder. I found it just a little more "snappy" than Clays, but i really like it in my 9mm. It is a ball powder that some measures leak just a bit since it is so fine - so it meters perfectly. Not like butter though. I can't seem to get my measures to work nearly as well with butter - and the clean -up is terrible with butter..
  15. That is so sad. I'm sure the shooter was trying to help, but evidently trying too hard! And to leave the impression of get "better equipment" or go home is never what we ever want to say. It is so much better to let folks have fun and encourage them. That sometimes means having them considered getting their equipment tuned a bit better, but only reduce any frustration and increase their fun.
  16. Warden, the guns you should could be very, very good. Back when I started, we didn't have what we do you. I was one of those guys who just had fun during the stage, including singing, yelling at the targets, etc. A few of us were part of the "entertainment." One of the major concerns of all of us was to finish the match. We had to continually figure out how to get around "gun glitches." How we going to get those shells our of SxS. How were we going to deal with that rifle jam. Pistols generally worked "fine" but were also subject to early wear. So we really could not concentrate on doing our best - but doing whatever we could. Gradually gunsmiths helped us out by figuring ways to make our equipment reliable. That is a large part of why I started my website to include hints many folks provided. The top shooters then were good but also had guns that actually worked for the entire match! - Truly amazing! So you do not necessarily have to have the best, but the better you have the more you can concentrate on having fun. Be that clowning around as I did or shooting as well as you can.
  17. Excellent question, Cholla! I'll have to test them as soon as i get them . . .
  18. I just ordered 5,000 of the Zero primers. Hoped they work well!!!
  19. Thanks for the work and providing new ideas. Of course, the length of the document and number of sweeps shows that using names is "fun" but not good for stage writing as who can remember 320 sequences!!? I tired of the attempt at names long ago as it was shown to be a problem at many matches and merely listing the sequence is always needed other than "sweep" and "Nevada Sweep." (So I often use the Funk and Wagner's sweep as well as the doo-wah-didly sweep.) But having the list and spelling out the actually sequence will provide shooters great variety. I
  20. Thanks. Teach me to put on my glasses!
  21. https://www.google.com/maps/d/view?mid=1a5THNVZ2Dm_-CUf9h8jW6-fO8k1DPpab&ll=33.41000358725186%2C-84.8130792015625&z=5/
  22. For more information: http://marauder.homestead.com/Rifles.html Two good sources for parts and work are shown below: https://www.pioneergunworks.com/technical-info http://cowboysandindianstore.com/ There are several other great smiths that can slick up your gun as well around the nation. Just not sure who is left that does it in your area though. But you can ship it out if needed. Contact your local clubs and discuss this with them further. https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=California
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