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  1. I will add that scenario to the list of reasons to always shoot the shotgun last, when given the option.
  2. Brass used with smokeless powder, Strat-o-sheen & water for 45 minutes. No stainless steel pins. Tumbler is a converted cement mixer from Harbor Freight - batch size ~ 1000 pcs. Brass used with Goex, first step is a drop of Dawn liquid detergent, 1/4 tsp Lemishine & water with stainless steel pins for 15 minutes. This removes all the crud from the brass. Rinse 3 times, then Strat-o-sheen & water with stainless steel pins for 45 minutes. Tumbler is a Thumler's - batch size 120-150 pcs. I do not decap my brass before tumbling. I get excellent results in both cases. YMMV. Holler
  3. Tried to register but can't get the verification e-mail to come through. Have tried 3 times, still no e-mail in either inbox or spam.
  4. I use silica gel cat litter - the cheap kind from WalMart - https://www.walmart.com/ip/Vibrant-Life-Mini-Crystal-Unscented-Cat-Litter-8-lb/221047623 Put your clean brass in a mop bucket & cover it with the cat litter. Let it stay at least 24 hours & it will be desert dry, even in the spent primers. Never noticed any water spots. It lasts a long time - I haven't bought any in over a year. Holler
  5. It is my sad duty to tell everyone that Jehremie Woods, aka Captain Murphy, lost his long battle with cancer & passed away early Monday morning. He was a great friend. He will be sorely missed. Hollifer A. Dollar
  6. This is what PMs were told at the last 3 EoTs that I attended - call the next shooter when your target setters turn to walk back to the firing line & remind the shooter to keep their muzzles up until the range is clear.
  7. I put original factory Vaquero springs in mine - nary an issue so far & a big improvement. Holler
  8. Good to see you are still a Kickin....


    Jabez Cowboy

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