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  1. I have a bunch (20 or so) that I bought a few years back, but are just gathering dust because I bought a couple of the 30 round external magazines. PM me your address & I will send them to you. Holler
  2. I never turn on the scale when loading BP. I loaded 150 rounds of 44-40 on the 550 today, using Goex 2F & virgin brass (getting ready for EoT). Set the powder measure so that it filled the case to about 3/16" below the case mouth. With 200 gn big lube bullets, that gives about 1/8" of an inch of compression. Holler
  3. Gypsy Rider, Gypsy's Daughter & Kay Sadeeya have shot hundreds of rounds of 38 special, 125 gn TCFP over 3.3 gns of N320. Very light recoil. The residue looks like orange grains of sand after it burns, so don't be surprised when your revolvers look like they are spitting sand. I haven't tried it in 44-40 or 45...yet. Holler Editor's note: This time I DID read & comprehend the thread! Posted this same statement in a thread about N32C...which I read as N320. Doh.
  4. DOH! I saw N32C & it looked remarkably like N320. Thanks for pointing out my misinterpretation.
  5. Rossi 92 in 45 Colt, a pair of Uberti Hombres in 45 Colt & a Zabala double that I had to break open over my knee. Stock broke on the shotgun at the 2nd match, I replaced it & that gun is the only one of the bunch I still have. Holler
  6. I made my first holsters & belt - it was fun & a lot cheaper than buying a set. Used them for 2 years, until I won a Kirkpatrick gift certificate at the GA state match in 2013. I ordered a Long Hunter rig from them & that's the rig I use now. Holler
  7. Next time mark it "BALLOT". Per SOH Pelosi, the USPS does a fantastic job delivering those.
  8. I have trifocals, but the lined type because I can't stand the progressive lenses - I have worn glasses since age 5 & lined bifocals since age 7. My shooting glasses are prescription, but the right (dominant eye) lens is the midrange prescription so that I can focus on the sights & the left lens is the distance prescription. I added a stick-on bifocal on the left lens so that I can read stage instructions & keep score. I have had this set of glasses for almost 2 years & they work really well for me. When I first put them on, the different lens prescriptions is apparent, but
  9. I had a pair of factory New Vaquero springs in my parts kit. I put them in the Wranglers & polished the spring struts - the edges looked like saw blades. Gigantic difference in the guns after that little bit of work. Holler
  10. We have been running PS on android tablets for almost 3 years. The new version of PS is a lot better than the first one we tried - be sure to update any older versions. The tablets are all older Amazon Fire units purchased from Woot (Amazon's liquidation site) for less than $35 each. We use a MiFi mobile hotspot for networking when we have multiple tablets. We have not had any real problems, but there is one PITA aspect - I have not yet figured out how to print from those android tablets. I have tried printer apps & everything I can think of, to no avail. My solution is to
  11. This is just my opinion, & we all know about opinions...but... P for shooting targets out of order, miss for the unfired round, MSV for round left on the carrier; offer a reshoot for improper coaching on where to start back, but the MSV carries over. The TO told him where to start back, not how many rounds were left. The TO's instructions did not cause the shooter to leave a round in the rifle. No coaching is not improper coaching, so how is the MSV a result of TO interference? I can't see where the MSV should be removed.
  12. Red Hills Rangers shoot in Tallahassee on the 2nd Saturday - https://redhillsrangers.com/ . Unfortunately, Tallanasty doesn't look like it will be close to your projected path.
  13. Kay Sadeeya has a 66 in 32-20 that is her main match rifle when she shoots in LFC. It was her Christmas gift 3 years ago. I have a Marlin 1894 in 32-20 that is my "fun" gun - I use it when I want to do something a little different. We have learned a lot of hard lessons with 32-20s, 1 of which is the brass can get weak at the shoulder. The last time we both shot those rifles at the same match, we both had cases separate at the shoulder, disabling both of our guns. Thankfully it was a monthly so it wasn't all that big a deal, but it did prompt me to evaluate all of our loaded amm
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