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  1. Good to see you are still a Kickin....


    Jabez Cowboy

  2. Shhh...I might want to use that trick again someday. I have a box of bandaids in the cart box just in case.
  3. I did that AT the SE Regional Match on the 4th stage of the match (I think) - I actually shot better with the bandaid on my trigger finger. Holler
  4. I got the power drill spindle for my Lyman case trimmer & cut them with that tool. https://www.lymanproducts.com/brands/lyman/case-trimmers-accessories/trimmer-accessories/lyman-trimmer-power-adapter Use a higher speed drill - you get better results. It takes no time at all to zip from full length to CS length, then I deburr inside & out and run them through a wet tumbling cycle. I don't ream them at all. I have done this on well over 1000 pcs of brass & have never had any issues at all. FWIW I don't trim cases that were split - only intact older 45C brass. Holler
  5. I do scoring for Red Hills Rangers & Panhandle Cattle Company - we switched from ACES to Practiscore over 2 years ago. Practiscore is much better than ACES, once you get used to it. The only gripe I have with Practiscore is that you MUST put in a first & last name for each shooter, in addition to their alias. Holler
  6. The paragraph titled The 170° Rule on page 17 of the Shooter's Handbook says that "failure to manage safe muzzle direction is grounds for a SDQ penalty assessment, and for repeat offenses, a MDQ penalty". Per the list on page 22 of the SHB, unsafe firearm handling is a stage disqualification & sweeping anyone with an unloaded firearm is a stage disqualification. Per the list on pages 22-23 of the SHB, sweeping anyone with a loaded firearm is a match disqualification. It doesn't specify in any of those 3 sections where or when those events have to take place to receive the penalty. The parking lot situation isn't part of the match, but should be addressed directly. Personally I don't like looking down the muzzle of a firearm any where, any time. Holler
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