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  1. On our cart, outside of guns & match ammo, we have saddlebags on each side (hers & mine) & a wooden box. The box holds a full screwdriver set, pair of pliers, extra ammo, a small-format set of shooter handbooks (SHB, RO1, RO2 & WB), a can of spray Ballistol & a couple of hand towels. The saddlebag on my side holds my safety glasses, ear plugs, a couple of screwdrivers, a set of allen wrenches, a magazine plug tool, 2 12 ga shotgun swabs & a couple of pens. The bag on her side has cleaning stuff for glasses, 5 or 6 12 ga swabs, 2 or 3 38 cal swabs, 6 or 8 pens, a hairbrush, at least 2 emery boards & God knows how many lipsticks. For some reason, the last 3 items are the most important. Damned if I know why. Holler
  2. I just got a pair of Wranglers, out of the box the mainsprings were outrageously strong. Swapped them out for some stock New Vaquero springs I had in the parts box & polished the spring struts - 200% improvement. The springs that came out of them were about 1/4" longer than the Vaquero springs & the wire was a good bit thicker. They are nice little guns now. As a side note, make sure you put the hammer strut back in with the "hump" up - if you don't, the hammer pull is way out of whack. I won't say how I found that out. Holler
  3. I have used both & never noticed any real difference between them. If they are available, I prefer the 200s, thinking they will do a little better job with real black powder. Can't say whether they do or don't - have never had any issues. Holler
  4. When Kay Sadeeya & I load up for a match, we have at least 10 firearms in the truck...2 of which are always loaded & accessible...but then any time we go anywhere, those 2 are loaded & accessible. I jokingly tell her every time we load the truck that we would make a helluva news story - "Couple with several firearms & hundreds of rounds of ammunition...". Holler
  5. Kay Sadeeya & I both shoot single trigger Johnny Meadows Baikals (thanks JM, both are great guns!). She went through a spell where hers would double randomly, but when I used the gun, it would never double. We swapped guns for a while & she still had random doubles with my gun. Hmm. One evening we were dry-fire practicing & while opening the gun to dump the snap caps, my finger hit the trigger. When I closed the gun & pulled the trigger, I only heard one click. Hmmm. Tried it again, same thing. Next time we were at a match, I tried it with live ammo. Doubled. Ah HA! Now that we know what causes it, we haven't had any trouble with random doubling... ...except that one stage this year at EoT. While moving from one station to the next, I hit the trigger with the gun open. BOOM! It happens. Holler
  6. I have never had much luck with SWC bullets in my 73. The step on the bullet tends to catch as it feeds into the chamber. I load LRNFP bullets exclusively now. FWIW, the SWCs did work in the 92 that I had & work OK in the 94 Marlin. Holler
  7. Interested in selling me the .357 mag brass?

    1. Hollifer A. Dollar

      Hollifer A. Dollar

      Someone beat you to it, sorry.

  8. We run 32-20s in a 66 & a Marlin, mostly with a full case of Goex but lately have loaded a good bit of ammo with smokeless powder. We have never had a bullet push back in the case. We use a Redding profile crimp die, not the Lee FC die. The profile die does a better job, plus the Lee collet die doesn't work well in the Dillon RL550. We also seat the bullet with about 0.005" of the shoulder exposed - that way the crimp bites into the lead rather than wrapping over the shoulder of the bullet (105 gn LRNFP from Scarlett, sized 0.312"). Don't know if any of this is helpful, but it does work for us. Holler
  9. Posting a 2nd set for Kay Sadeeya SASS #93732 Greenwood, FL 5 years
  10. Hollifer A. Dollar SASS #91847 Greenwood FL 7 years
  11. Kay Sadeeya & I went to EoT for the first time last year, best trip of our lives! We enjoyed every minute. Can't wait to go back in 2018. Holler
  12. Abe E.S. Corpus gets full credit. I had bought a Taurus Judge revolver & mentioned to him that it would be nice to have a rifle in 45 Colt to match up with it. He said "ever thought about a lever action rifle?" & it was downhill from there. Holler
  13. I am on my 2nd set of prescription safety glasses from WalMart. Full wraparound protection & very comfortable. Very reasonably priced if you get them in single vision, something like $75. I got them for distance only, which I prefer for shooting, but I did put a stick-on bifocal on the left lens, which covers close vision for scoring. The stick-on bifocal lenses came from Amazon for $15. Like Boggus said, safety eyewear is more about protection than being period correct. After seeing someone take a bit of lead to the eye while wearing very small lenses without side shields, I decided to go for safety rather than appearance. Holler
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