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  1. None. Zero. Nada. Nary a one. I lost all my guns in Hurricane Michael. That's my story & I'm sticking to it. Holler
  2. I owned 1 stoeger double. Bought it from another cowboy, it had been worked over. Opened very easily. Then it started popping open when fired - fixed that with a heavier latch spring. When Kay Sadeeya started shooting, I gave that gun to her. One day when cleaning it, I noticed that the barrel lug was cracked. I took a picture of it & sent it to Stoeger, they had me send it to them for evaluation. They sent me a new gun, which I sold at a very low price to a new shooter. While I can't complain about the gun or the company's service, I won't ever buy another Stoeger. Holler
  3. Not the same guy. Joe Scheel is aka Mad Dane, located in Foley AL. OP I will PM you his contact information. Holler
  4. I purchased a 12 x 24 prefab building like yours that I originally outfitted as a woodworking shop in 2003. I insulated the walls & ceiling, plenty of lights, electric outlets, small AC units in 2 windows & a portable space heater, TV & internet. Someone gave me a 6 ft glass sliding door that I put in an end wall. I made a lot of furniture for myself & relatives in there, always comfortable but quickly found out that 288 sq ft ain't THAT much space. When I got into CAS in 2011, I set up my loading gear out there as well. I just thought it was a small space when I was making sawdust! Now we have (2) Dillon 550s, a MEC Grabber, a single stage press & (2) luber-sizers on one table. I have my casting furnace set up on the table saw & do gun work, etc, on a table that houses my thickness planer. It's tight, but it works really well for us. I live in the FL panhandle so humidity is always high. During the summer (which means March to October) it can get up close to 100 deg F in the building. I was given a 25,000 BTU window unit that will cool it back to 85 or so in less than an hour. During the cold months a small space heater keeps it comfortable for me. All my powder, primers & other reloading components are stacked on shelves in the open. I have never had any issues. Holler
  5. I put original Vaquero springs in my Wranglers, rather than the lighter Wolff springs (I had a set on hand from Kay's revolvers). Much MUCH lighter hammer pull than the original springs & they still fire reliably. Holler
  6. For Panhandle Cattle Company, 21 pistol, 6-10 rifle & 4-6 shotgun is the standard I use for WB stages. I only do 28 round pistol stages if I take away one of the long guns & usually do that for 1 stage per match. We did 4 stages of 28 pistol rounds once & it made the match run way too long. Holler
  7. I have been using the 8 mm base Cheddite hulls from Ballistic Products for a couple of years, loaded with real BP & roll crimped. They don't work very well with star crimping as the crimp tends to mushroom after a few days. We use the virgin roll crimped Cheddites exclusively at big matches, because they shuck reliably & you can throw them away (roll crimping a hull more than once is problematic at best). BPI runs the primed Cheddite hulls on sale pretty regularly. The cheapest are here - https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Cheddite-VALU-HULL-12ga-275-8mm-tin-plated-head-case_2200/productinfo/1391272SHC/ This is the hull we use for "big" matches - a little more expensive but shuck more reliably than the red hulls - https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Cheddite-12ga-2-3_4-8mm-brass-primed-and-skived-100_bag/productinfo/1391272/ Federal hulls & BP work really well, they hold their crimp & shuck easily. I have never had a problem with either of our shotguns shucking the ribbed Federal shells. Same with the Remington gun clubs. Holler
  8. On our cart, outside of guns & match ammo, we have saddlebags on each side (hers & mine) & a wooden box. The box holds a full screwdriver set, pair of pliers, extra ammo, a small-format set of shooter handbooks (SHB, RO1, RO2 & WB), a can of spray Ballistol & a couple of hand towels. The saddlebag on my side holds my safety glasses, ear plugs, a couple of screwdrivers, a set of allen wrenches, a magazine plug tool, 2 12 ga shotgun swabs & a couple of pens. The bag on her side has cleaning stuff for glasses, 5 or 6 12 ga swabs, 2 or 3 38 cal swabs, 6 or 8 pens, a hairbrush, at least 2 emery boards & God knows how many lipsticks. For some reason, the last 3 items are the most important. Damned if I know why. Holler
  9. Interested in selling me the .357 mag brass?

    1. Hollifer A. Dollar

      Hollifer A. Dollar

      Someone beat you to it, sorry.

  10. Posting a 2nd set for Kay Sadeeya SASS #93732 Greenwood, FL 5 years
  11. Hollifer A. Dollar SASS #91847 Greenwood FL 7 years
  12. Kay Sadeeya & I went to EoT for the first time last year, best trip of our lives! We enjoyed every minute. Can't wait to go back in 2018. Holler
  13. Abe E.S. Corpus gets full credit. I had bought a Taurus Judge revolver & mentioned to him that it would be nice to have a rifle in 45 Colt to match up with it. He said "ever thought about a lever action rifle?" & it was downhill from there. Holler
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