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  1. I'll take 'em for $45 + $8 - will PM for where to send the gold. Holler EDIT - tried to send you a pm & it says you can not receive messages. E-mail me at hollifer.a.dollar@gmail.com.
  2. As a shooter, I have asked "what did I miss?" many times when I thought I shot the stage clean. The responses are sometimes funny enough to cause consternation on the part of the TO, but the spotters have the last say on misses, as per the rules. It's not confrontational or intimidating to ask what you missed, if it's done cordially. As a TO, I have also asked "what did he/she miss?" Many times I hear 20 shots but only 18 clangs, so when spotters say "clean" I call it clean & say "merry Christmas" to the shooter. If 2 spotters call a miss but the 3rd says clean, then I ask for specifics but if they are sure about it, then that is the call that has to be made. As a shooter, I have been on the receiving end of both over the years so it does balance out. As a spotter, I can almost always say "3rd pistol" or "6th rifle" & usually high/low/left/right when asked "what did I miss?" I think it's my duty to be observant enough to be able to say exactly what was missed. Holler
  3. We have been loading Clays with a MEC #26 bushing (~14.5 gns) & 3/4 oz shot using the pink Claybusters 3/4 oz wad - very nice to shoot. You can use the silver 7/8 wad but you will need to put a baby lima bean on top so the crimp will stay tight. This load is more gentle than the AA featherweight. YMMV. Holler
  4. Interested in selling me the .357 mag brass?

    1. Hollifer A. Dollar

      Hollifer A. Dollar

      Someone beat you to it, sorry.

  5. Posting a 2nd set for Kay Sadeeya SASS #93732 Greenwood, FL 5 years
  6. Hollifer A. Dollar SASS #91847 Greenwood FL 7 years
  7. Kay Sadeeya & I went to EoT for the first time last year, best trip of our lives! We enjoyed every minute. Can't wait to go back in 2018. Holler
  8. Abe E.S. Corpus gets full credit. I had bought a Taurus Judge revolver & mentioned to him that it would be nice to have a rifle in 45 Colt to match up with it. He said "ever thought about a lever action rifle?" & it was downhill from there. Holler
  9. I am on my 2nd set of prescription safety glasses from WalMart. Full wraparound protection & very comfortable. Very reasonably priced if you get them in single vision, something like $75. I got them for distance only, which I prefer for shooting, but I did put a stick-on bifocal on the left lens, which covers close vision for scoring. The stick-on bifocal lenses came from Amazon for $15. Like Boggus said, safety eyewear is more about protection than being period correct. After seeing someone take a bit of lead to the eye while wearing very small lenses without side shields, I decided to go for safety rather than appearance. Holler
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