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  1. As a newbie I was glad to see the Team Sass section on the forum. I didn't know if SASS members would take the threat that we're under seriously since SASS guns are not the usual targets of the anti-gunners. I appreciate what you are doing and hope to contribute to the effort. We either fight together or go down together. I believe that there are two kinds of Fudds - gun Fudds who believe that since their guns aren't threatened they don't have a dog in the fight and state Fudds who believe that since their state is generous with gun rights than they don't care about all the other people who are living under repressive state regimes. Living in Florida I will admit that I used to be a state Fudd and thought that it was a problem that only affected people in states like California, New Jersey and Massachusetts. A few years ago I had my eyes opened, and I think all of us can admit now that the disease is spreading. We even see it creeping into the southern states.
  2. In that case do whatever you can to bear bait them into attacking your stronghold. You have a chance defending a position against superior numbers. If that means you have to kill the ones who came across under the flag of truce in order to get the others mad enough to attack you so be it. To paraphrase Dutch from the Wild Bunch - it's who you gave your word to that counts.
  3. Question - Is it paper money or something like gold? If it's paper money you have a bargaining chip. You tell them that if at any point you and your friend feel like it is hopeless you will burn all of the money. This would also give you the opportunity of trying to cut out part of the bad guys. For instance in the parley you could offer to cut the two guys you're talking to in on the money if they help you get rid of the other bad guys and help you get out of the fix you're in.
  4. I'd be interested in the saddles and headstalls and any other usable horse equipment. If you could send me pics that would be great. Cheers
  5. From what I've read a lot of the focus on Monday was on whether the case was moot or not since NYC had changed the law already. Which seems odd to me since SCOTUS had decided to go ahead and hear the case which would suggest that they didn't think the case was moot. This law was particularly stupid. We can hope that reason prevails, and they deal a serious blow to some of the stupidest anti gun laws. That's what a lot of the "reasonable gun control" people don't understand. Many of the laws are stupid and useless even if you believe in some form of gun control. The people passing the laws are often ignorant or determinedly anti-gun. Side note - we should call gun rights what they - civil rights. The right of every person to defend themselves is as basic as their right to drink from any public water fountain.
  6. I'd say we have a semi functioning legal system. The rights of citizens in some states are not as well protected as those who live in other states. I'm very fortunate to live in a state which respects 2a rights. You are absolutely right that we need to contribute to the judicial and political battles taking place throughout the country. Standing back and letting others do the work is how we will all lose our rights.
  7. When the insanity is coming as far south as Virginia times are getting bad. At some point we are all going to have to decide where the line in the sand is. We'll also need to figure out what we are going to do when they cross that line.
  8. My eclectic choices: Die Hard A Christmas Story Christmas Vacation A Charlie Brown Christmas Scrooged Holiday Inn White Christmas Muppet's Christmas Special Muppet's Christmas Carol It's a Wonderful Life
  9. As a newbie - one of the things that helped me starting out was that our two local clubs post the stages for the match ahead of time. Being able to study the stages made me more comfortable going to my first matches. Something else that I believe would have helped get me started sooner - and this may seem silly or impractical - but if the clubs would have a set of guns and leather that they would rent out to a new shooter. I no that it's a little crazy since people at a match will loan you guns for nothing, but I don't really like borrowing stuff but for some reason renting it seems okay. Maybe it's a guy thing. I would have been quicker to get into the game if I could have "rented" guns and leather for a reasonable price ($25?). Maybe they're just individual member's guns who have agreed that they would make them available. Folks already do this but they don't get a stipend for doing it. Like I said it seems silly, but I've seen other posts with prospective new people who say they don't like to borrow equipment. Also if a club could offer a course in Cowboy action shooting to interested people. Again, I know that you can just come out and shoot a match and people will instruct you as you go, but getting some instruction before the first match would make a lot of people more comfortable. Just four hours on a Saturday or Sunday twice or four times a year. Just some my thoughts
  10. Crazy - the anti-gunners are like a pack of rabid dogs tearing away at anything they can get their teeth into.
  11. One thing to consider is what SASS is doing right. From what I've seen it has a higher ratio of ladies participating than other shooting sports. I know that USPSA does not attract as many female shooters. Whenever you talk about changing an organization you need to be careful not to mess up what attracted the people you do have participating. One of the aspects I like about SASS over USPSA and 3gun is the focus on the spirit of the game. I like the idea that you aren't out there just trying to figure out a way to chisel out a little more of a competitive advantage by gaming the rules. I also like the history too. I wouldn't want that to get lost trying to cater too much to computer gamers or some other fantasy element - though I'm not saying that there isn't room for those folks after all my alias is a bit of nod toward the fantasy element. Anyway this is just my two cents worth.
  12. Exactly, criminals steal guns or buy guns from other criminals who have stolen them. Why would a crook go into a gun store, submit themselves to a background check and buy a gun for five hundred dollars when they can buy one on the street for a hundred dollars.
  13. This makes sense. Florida State has a shooting team that shoots Steel Challenge and USPSA with us. They often share equipment, and they have some sponsors. Beretta sponsored them for a number of years providing them with guns.
  14. Yes I mean in the side matches. Posses are always posses. I was referring to when the rules are talking about teams for side matches.
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