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  1. Gun control bills leave any and all minority groups vulnerable to the whims of the majority which was never the point of the constitution. It was designed so that the rights of man would be protected not attacked by the government. Unfortunately the original ideals of the founding fathers have been corrupted over the last hundred years - prohibition-gun control-imperial presidency-war on drugs. Somehow we need to find a way to teach the new generations what freedom means. One of the first lessons is that freedom comes with risk, but the risk of not having freedom is much, much greater than any short term dangers. Just my two cents.
  2. I put this up in my reloading room to remind me that this will be over eventually, and we'll be able to get back to burning powder and slinging lead with our friends.
  3. Good point. I think you're right - I'd be easier to tell how the brim looks etc. Trouble is it doesn't fit me. And right now I don't have anyone else in my quarantine circle (arrrrgh) who can wear it. I may just let it ride and wait until the madness is over and take it to some matches for people to see. Thanks
  4. The series 70 Gold cup is a beautiful gun. These guns were made when Colt was turning out guns put together by craftsmen. I bought one about eight years ago. While it spends most of it's time in the safe I sure do enjoy it when I take it and send some rounds down range. Someone looking for a classic gun that is spot on target couldn't do much better.
  5. Black hat for sale size 7 1/4 with nice authentic label. WAS $100 NOW $80 and the shipping is included in the conus. Would consider trade for 44-40 brass.
  6. Both clubs I shoot at make the scenarios available the week before the match. As a new shooter, having a chance to look at and study the scenarios ahead of time has been very helpful. Particularly for those first five matches it made me more comfortable and able to concentrate on all the other things that I had to remember (safety rules and procedures, folks names, loading, trying to help out a little, etc.).
  7. Hurricane Michael took out hundreds of trees on our place so we decided to make lemonade out of our lemons and built this shooting bay. It's still a work in progress, but we sure feel lucky having it right now.
  8. One of the gun shops here in Tallahassee is owned by two retired sheriff's deputies. They would love to have some lowlife come in and try and sell them a stolen gun. Anyway, most of the shops in town only take used guns from individuals on consignment. I doubt many crooks want to go the consignment route with their loot.
  9. Colonel Kraken


    As a new SASS shooter I'm finding it very helpful reading the different posts. Especially the What-is-the-call posts and the gun and reloading how to posts. I've also dropped some change on the classifieds. Thanks and cheers!
  10. Hey GR, I saw the pictures you posted. Being new to SASS I've still got a lot of stuff I need for competition so I better pass and put my money into things I need rather than things I want. Hope the saddles all go to a good home. Thanks
  11. I'd be interested in the saddles and headstalls and any other usable horse equipment. If you could send me pics that would be great. Cheers
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