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  1. What a dreadful fate has befallen our country when one of the two parties - and we are a two party system without any third party option - has chosen to spit on the very foundation of our Constitution. What makes this country unique in the world is that our God given right to defend ourselves against all enemies domestic and foreign is enshrined in our constitution. If Biden is elected in November than there will be a great period of darkness for the United States.
  2. I was supposed to start shooting SASS in October of 2018, but then hurricane Michael came along and plans changed. We were lucky. While we had hundreds of trees down and were without power for nine days, our houses, cars and outbuildings were fine. We are still removing damaged trees and have years of clean up to do. Other members of the Panhandle Cattle Company suffered more damage. One member has just moved into his new home. It breaks my heart to see Louisiana going through the same thing as north Florida. Laura is very similar to Michael staying a strong category 3 hurricane far inland. Michael hit during the day, and I can tell you that it was terrifying. I can't imagine what those poor people went through last night. They are going to need our prayers and assistance in the days, months and years going forward.
  3. I've got a pretty nice hat that's 7 1/4 - ninety dollars shipped. .
  4. This is probably a long shot, but I have some sound equipment that I’d like to trade for any SASS stuff. Everything works as far as I can tell. I bought it new ten years ago and maybe put less than a hundred hours on it. I’ll be glad to answer any questions as best I can. As you can see from the photos. There is a portable Shure M367 mixer (not sure where the power cable is. I’ll look for it. Runs on batteries too.) A Porta brace for the mixer. ATW – u101x wireless microphone. A telescoping microphone pole. An audio Technica clip on microphone. An audio Technica condenser microphone with Softie. Also a mix of film gels (maybe 20 in range of colors.) I’m interested in almost anything for cowboy shooting. Particularly anything 44-40 or 45 Colt including brass etc. For firearms I might be interested in throwing some cash in – especially an 1875 Outlaw in 44-40. Thanks
  5. It's harder to fake an old gun in pristine shape than an old gun that's been rode hard and put up wet. If the gun is 95% chances are any expert can tell you in a minute what it's worth. Matching serial numbers etc. you'll know what year the gun was made and sometimes who bought it. And unless it was a Turnbull quality restoration you'll know right away if it's been reblued etc.
  6. These are great shooting guns. Our Tula SKS is my wife's favorite rifle to shoot when she's going for targets beyond 50 yards (inside 50 she likes our cowboy lever guns). And if you run out of ammo you have a built in pig sticker with rioters that can't be seen as anything but an asset. Cheers
  7. We'll take them. My wife is putting her kit together now. Let me know what the final price is with shipping,and how to get it to you. Cheers!
  8. The beep of the timer. When that darn thing goes off it causes my guns to malfunction, my brain to lock up, my feet turn into lead and my shotgun shells are suddenly twice the size of the shotgun's chambers. I'm sure without the timer my stage times would be in the teens I'm also not real fond of screws that you can't get out of the gun or ones that won't stay in.
  9. I saw the title and expected to find pictures of machine guns, SBRs and silencers...
  10. That's what I've heard. The folks around here really talk it up. I'd like to shoot the main match too, but my wife is still a bit intimidated by the amount of guns, ammunition and equipment (along with luggage for a little side trip after the match) it would take for us to shoot the wild bunch side match and for me to shoot the main match. I think after she gets a few more matches under her belt she'll feel more comfortable with the concept. I'm just grateful that my wife is as enthusiastic a shooter as she is. We met over thirty years ago as reenactors so a lot of this comes naturally.
  11. Question: Is it unusual for someone to go to a state level or higher match and only shoot a side match? Backstory: My wife just started shooting Wild Bunch. I've been shooting cowboy for a year, and she didn't have much interest. We shoot USPSA together. When she went with me to a Wild Bunch match she decided she could shoot it because it uses a 1911 and you don't have to load the shotgun on the clock. The long and short is that she's shot her first match, joined SASS and is interested in going to the Ides of March (now November) match here in Florida, but she's only interested in shooting the side match.
  12. I think that might be some of the issue. It's a .45 Colt. I have been thinking of annealing the brass too to keep it from getting so much blow back.
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