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  1. This reminds me of an annual match we attended a few years back. During the posse marshal walk-thru, the starting position for one of the stages was "Shooter standing fully erect". Well, being a smart ass, I couldn't resist. After the MD read through the stage, I said I had 2 questions about the listed starting position. First, who was going to check the "fully erect" part & 2nd, what about the lady shooters? The MD looked at me like I was from Mars, then an obvious "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" look came across his face. All the other PMs were laughing & the lone female PM was just busting a gut. If I remember right, the MD took out his pen, scratched through the word "erect" & wrote in "upright". Holler
  2. I created this chart a few years back. I weighed the charges dropped from (4) different bushings (the data points shown with triangles show the charges that I weighed for those bushings) then extrapolated the line through those points. It should be close enough for government work for the bushing sizes shown at the bottom. MEC bushing data BP capacity.pdf
  3. I have shipped long guns to FFLs a few times. First time I did it, the local postmistress was really helpful & showed me all the applicable rules. She said that a lot of USPS counter employees don't know the process, so they just come up with some kind of obscure rule so they didn't have to handle the shipment. She also told me about shipping direct to another person within the same state & recommended insuring the package for more than the value of the firearm inside, said it was pretty cheap insurance. She was one of the few that was always helpful & courteous. That's one of the nice things about living in a small town. Holler
  4. We load 32-20s on a Dillon 550 with Goex 3FG - first time we tried it, the same thing happened. I got an aquarium air pump & bungee-cord it to the powder measure - problem solved. When I first started loading BP on the Dillon, I used dippers & a Lee powder-thru expander die because I was using filler. I found a funnel at Dollar General that fit the top of the Lee expander die perfectly. The only thing that was tough was getting the Pull/Dip Powder/Dump/Dip Filler/Dump/Push rhythm down. I finally decided to go full case of powder & started using the powder measure. 32-20 is the only round that has given us any problems since then. Holler
  5. It is for me as well - we have (2) 550s & like 14 toolheads set up, but we only have (2) powder measures. We also empty the measure when done loading for the day. Loosening the 2 clamp screws wasn't all that big of a deal, but the spring-loaded setup is better because it doesn't require a tool. Holler
  6. I made my own - drilled & tapped the saddle & put a bolt in for a pull handle, then put long screws with springs in place of the short saddle bolts. Works in the same way as that one & was a lot cheaper. Sometimes it's nice to be a DIY'er. Holler
  7. Several years ago I got a good deal on a 24" 44-40 Uberti 73. I had a local gunsmith cut it to about half an inch past the magazine tube mount, like Three Foot Johnson did above. Doing it that way meant that he could trim the back end of the magazine tube & didn't have to worry about threading for the magazine tube plug. If I remember correctly he charged me around $125. It came out great & swings easier than it did with the longer barrel. It is my main match rifle. At the time I had a 20" 45 Colt that I later sold (& regret selling it to this day) & the 24" octagon barrel gun felt heavy in comparison. If I ran across another bargain 24" gun, I would do the same thing. It's all about the feel. Holler
  8. I hate to be a PITA but I don't see Panhandle Cattle Company - range address is 1963 Hard Labor Road - Chipley FL. The club is in the list on the affiliated clubs page but not shown on the map. Thanks Gunner! Holler
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