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  1. I usually just scrub out and finish up using shotgun jags with O-Rings. I not use these jags on my Revolvers, Shotguns, and anything else I have that has to be cleaned from the muzzle end. I have used Electronics Cleaner to prep firearms prior to Cerekote, but I generally don't like using anything that harsh on my guns, unless using it to remove lapping compound. Be careful when using acetone, gun scrubber, break cleaner, or electronics cleaner of any non metallic surfaces; as these are chemicals that will melt plastic, ruin wood finishes, and can possibly damage bluing / firearms finishes
  2. Should be good to go as long as you have a clean litter box or two. If the box gets too crapped up for your cats liking, you may come home to turd nuggets on the floor... at least that's what my jerk cats do.
  3. Just got a "new to me" Uberti 1873 slicked up by Long Hunt, I just have to wait till Aug 1 to take her home (10 day wait in California)

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