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  1. Wait, I thought thats what you do to remind you of something. Tie a string on your finger.
  2. What did you say? Heh I'm going to guess... 2000
  3. I agree with everything here, I think a 45-70 would only be a side match thing, not the best choice as a runner for SASS. However, I have seen a 38 henry run well at our club and it looks great doing it, but don't have the experience the others do here. I think you also have to have realistic expectations on the cost, as I am finding and mentioned earlier. Shure you can find a cowboy 336 chambered in 38-40 in pristine condition at a gun show for 450 bucks, like i did two weeks ago, .... ( slight brag here ) but that is unusual. Finding a deal on a 66 or 73 is possible but how long are you willing to wait or how much time willing to spend on going to every gun show in your area. Its kind of a balance thing for me, getting started is kind of tough so, hitting a few shows and talking to everyone until my feet are on the ground. I am fortunate that I have a good club and members help me out with loaners on match days, but you always want your own.
  4. New Henry at Sportsman Wearhouse is around 900. But out of stock. Getting the 499 or less, price point is going to be used at a gun show. I am also in search of a deal in .38
  5. I start off with the air compressor. Blowing through the hat from the underside, from a distance. Then get closer in spots, working angles. I have a small hole in the seam of the liner, you would not ever notice and work the top through that. After that wet / damp micro fiber. Then Steam to reshape if needed. I use my pancake compressor since it is cleaner than my shop air. This works for me and is good enough for my range hat. If you have a dinner hat, send it in, otherwise, save your $$ Sly
  6. I'm not understand how to use the forum. I can't find a link to the Wild Bunch for example from the main menu. Is there something I am missing?
  7. That is my hat size as well. Another Tip, If buying a used hat from questionable source , IE Goodwill, Put it in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any possible critters that come with the territory. Worse than Sheepherders I hear. Sly
  8. primers, did you say primers! Where da at!
  9. Im interested. 38 and 45 Sly Eye
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