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  1. I have for sale a very good Lyman 450. Included are both .358 & .452 sizeing dies with top punches. Shipping is included in the price of $110.00.
  2. Purly,

    Havent heard from Mac so I’ll send you the pictures of what I got. Also will include the .358 & .452 sizing dies with top punches. It’s in pretty good shape (see pictures). Think I can get it into a medium flat rate box so delivered say $110.00. Let me know!

    Last Gun



  3. I have a set of Lyman double cavity mold handles, which I believe will fit the RCBS molds. I also have a 450 Lyman sizer luber with both 358 & 452 sizers. All in good shape. If your interested PM me.
  4. No they do not need arbor length correction. Windage good. . Slixshot nipples. I bought than new & installed the nipples, didn’t need more.
  5. StumpE Thanks for your interest but I think I’ll stick with the package deal. Last Gun
  6. Still available Turkey Creek Red unable to purchase at this time.
  7. Sent msg with info yesterday to Turkey Creek Red..
  8. About the only way to contact John Lee is by direct email or by phone,both of which are in his message. Like a lot of us older folks, it’s not easy to figure technology out. I’m first in line for ether  the 5 1/2 or the 7 1/2 this weekend if Tusco doesn’t cancel their shoot here in Ohio. 

  9. Thank you fellow SASS members for question asked & answered. I agree with Goody. They help you keep running when the timer goes off.
  10. I have for sale two Uberti 1851 navy’s in 36cal. Purchased about two years ago & have only been shot in about three or four matches. In very good condition. Have the original nlpples as well as the SliXshot nipples. Also have a loading stand & a good supply of over powder wads. If your local laws or state laws allow, will ship with the original boxes.Also including a set of lined holsters that are very functional that I made for these pistols (see picture) . The price shipping included is $575.00.
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