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  1. Thank you for the good job you did. been thinking videos would be helpful for some time. I think videos for the 2 IMO misunderstood rules the cross draw dance and 170 violation would be helpful. EMN
  2. $89 a case free shipping is a win for me. I'll do that all day. EMN
  3. You could do this, BUT IMO best remind the GF he must use both hands. I can see where the GF sets up his gun to shoot Duelist and uses both with strong hand. Yes he should know the rules. BUT I've seen it happen and get called. EMM
  4. Can you provide a link please. Can't find them on the web. Thanks EMN
  5. Ordered wolf springs we will see. Thanks for the advice. EMN
  6. What does an annual have to do with the fee? Have you ever been part of putting one on and know the cost? What would you like Sass to do for you and your range problem, negotiate with them? I have been apart of it and let me say it's not easy and it's costly. Our club did not make money in fact members put up there own money. EMM
  7. No first time it broke this high up. They been at the base after the taper.
  8. I do not want to say the Smiths name. As he is highly respected in CAS. I'm just at a loss of what to do. I could try a different spring from someone else and see if it breaks. If not then something going on with the Smiths springs. If it breaks something in the gun is putting tremendous stress on the spring. EMN
  9. http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb429/ebrahl/sass/20170118_212011.jpg
  10. Yes he works the springs. I keep hearing how they should not break. I'll have to get insight. Idk why they keep on breaking. This is a recognized smith and I love my Colts I just don't like the spring going. EMM
  11. I have not,what's been your experience? EMN
  12. Hello, I have a pair of 3rd Gen Colts 357. They are several years old with action job's from a top Gunsmith. I keep breaking the main hammer spring 2 or so a year. Now I keep hearing how this spring should not go. Any ideas, who does your springs? EMN
  13. That makes it difficult to grow the sport. Politicians. EMN
  14. I do nor wear any buckle in every day life. In truth I don't typically wear belts. As for SASS I didn't put a buckle on until I won my state buckle. EMN
  15. I have never flown with firearms. But I thought you could not fly with ammo. So if I'm right how did this person have a loaded pistol? EMN
  16. I can only speak from my experience and my technique. But when I use a double pouch or a single loop that places the brass touching my shells will split apart. EMN
  17. Different strokes as they say. I load thumb behind shells with weak hand and prefer the single loop. Imo the single loop when spaced correctly gives the perfect amount of space between the shells to load they just rock right in. Mu suggestion as with most things try both and see what you like. EMM
  18. I use a single loop belt. I do not leave an empty.I've tried other ways and this has been successful for me. EMN
  19. https://www.google.com/amp/www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-levis-guns-20161201-story,amp.html And it continues. EMN
  20. As stated above try before you buy. Decide what Category you want to shoot and what personality you are. Those will help you decide what to get. $4500 is a nice budget unless you want all new and top of the line and depending on the Gunsmith. 73 can run from $1500 to $2200 Pistols from $1500 to $2200 Shotgun $600 for hammer gun to $2200 for a SKB Holsters will run $500 plus Shotgun belt $100 plus Carts/misc. $100 plus That being said if it was me and that was my budget. $1500 codymatic(probably the most economical price for a cut and weld) 73 18" 1/2 rd 1/2 octagon barrel
  21. Can't wait to march and the first shoot of the new year!

  22. lots to learn about loading shot shells.

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