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  1. Major, Are you still looking for an 1860. I have one and thinking of letting it go. It has only been fired 30 rds of smokeless. It has cowboys and Indians fifth GEN short stroke. If you are interested pm me and I will give you my number and we can talk.
  2. We have had two sets done by Boomstick in Texas. Super happy with both sets. Been shooting them for four years no problems.
  3. Mine is on the way. My back order was from the end of August. My wife is happy.
  4. Bill when you have a minute could you pm me. I need to ask a couple of questions regarding your PW auto drive you have on your 650. Thank you Lodan B. Fast
  5. Alright Marie Laveau and myself are both signed up for CC and CG. We both want to shoot Old school but no place to check that on the entry form. Let me know if I need to call Howlin wolf or if you are in charge of that. Can’t wait, see ya in June.
  6. Let us know when we can sign up. Old school looks awesome.
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