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  1. Right this very minute we are at CAC in Texas. My wife is shooting frontiersman. Now she is the only one shooting it, but she only uses one hand. Yes it is hard, but instead of changing the rules maybe you should do some strengthening exercises or practice. I sometimes wonder where our kids get the idea the world should change rules and laws just to make them happy. They get it from us. If it doesn’t work the way we want, we want it changed. I’m sorry, here is the game and here are the rules. Play or don’t.
  2. Would you be interested in putting it back in the 1860 44-40 and making a trade. Been looking for just that setup. Thanks LBF
  3. Hey Curly are the 100 rounds black powder. If so I will take it. I am out of town right now. Should be back in town and at Brigsdale this weekend
  4. I will take them please email me your info and I will send out gold
  5. Dakota steel if Hoss doesn't want them please call me and text me some pictures. I have also been looking for a set of 44-40. 303-748-6149. Thanks LBF
  6. Ted know that you are in our prayers. God bless. If you need anything all you need to do is call. Merry Christmas. LBF
  7. Congrats to all of you. We miss seeing you guys. Merry Christmas
  8. Put me down for a plainsman match. Never done it before, but I have all guns lets do it.
  9. Never shot a plainsman match, but I would like to try it. Put me down for it. LBF
  10. I will take them please call my wife. She is home and can get all info needed. Thanks Lodan B. Fast. 970-371-9224
  11. I will take them please call and give info to my wife as where to send the gold. Thank you Lodan B Fast 970-371-9224
  12. Name & SASS #: Lodan B. Fast

    Catagory: Duelist

    WR Shooter number: 603

    From: Platteville, Color

    # of times @ WR : First time for me and my daughter

    How long have you been CASing?: 11 months

    Guns: sxs in 12 ga, 73 in 38, Rugers in 38

    Are you shootign Fire & Ice?: no

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