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  1. Again, KG9. Again, be very careful in application and clean your hands well after. I put just a smidge on my index finger and wipe around the throat of the holster only as deep as the cylinder. You don't want to put so much on as to leave it wet.
  2. Not getting into the obturation - I've noticed that harder lead bullets that are then coated with Hy-Tek - type coatings ricochet a lot more than non-coated or softer lead-coated bullets.
  3. If you open it to bolt-action repeaters, I'll second the different CZ rifles. The new CZ457s have shorter bolt lifts than the older models - 60° vs 90°, and push-to-fire safeties. With that said, the Savage B22 series is hard to beat based on features/accuracy/price point.
  4. Physical limitations aside - the rest is all in your head! You want it - you can and will do it. I won't wish you good luck, but I'll tell you that you can do it! And I look forward to hearing your success.
  5. Neither my wife nor myself have had any problems with our main match rifles since Lefty worked his magic. Plus, Lefty isn't going to take your rifle and hold it hostage until he gets around to it! Give him a call, get on the list and let him call you when he's ready to take it in for work, then get it back in a timely manner. No BS.
  6. I won't argue that "older" (a very subjective term) persons make up a larger percentage (also subjective) of SASS, the younger demographic is certainly present. Also, that younger demographic has not always been brought up in CAS. I prefer the paper Chronicle and I dislike Facebook. With that said, most magazines have at least gone to a digital option, just like books. And like it or not, Facebook is about the best method of targeting and gaining younger members. McCandless' FB pages have a very high viewing rate and a lot of people are showing off their cowboy gear or show interest in getting their own. Whether they join SASS is another discussion, but we have to get them to the range first.
  7. Alphabetically, suppliers that I've used and have only good things to say about: Bullets by Scarlett Chey-cast Missouri bullets Ringers (mine were not coated)
  8. I was taught Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc. in the Navy. I was taught Adam, Boy, Charles, etc. with the police department. Law enforcement agencies seem to go with names versus the military.
  9. Where are you located, where do you shoot? Not knowing what you want, I'd recommend trying some different holsters before you buy. If you let the match director know they can usually arrange for some spare gear to borrow and try. And don't be afraid to ask around of your local shooters. I don't carry them to matches unless someone specifically asks, but I've got three spare holster belts with holsters and shotgun belts (plus a bandoleer) at the house that I've retired. Nothing wrong with them, but I didn't try before I bought.
  10. I understand. My thoughts - if you're going to relax it for lady's, you do it for men too. Otherwise, leave it alone. And no, I don't shoot plainsman or wild bunch.
  11. Odd three... While not frontiersman, my wife shoots duelist. That's with one hand.
  12. Good luck. I have a pair in .45 Colt that were ordered at the SHOT Show prior to release. Never shot in a match. Only had once cylinder put through each gun before sending them back to Cimarron ON MY DIME to have them fixed. They've been in the safe ever since. Didn't even try to test fire them when they came back. Also had a pair in .357. Had three 'smiths try to work on them. They never were right. Sold them to a local guy that wanted something to plink with for a major loss.
  13. I'm fortunate be with an organization that has options for movement with guaranteed return rights after a specific period of time. I am working towards a temporary relocation now - just a short deployment for about three years. Only potential downside is not being able to shoot for that time.
  14. Reloaded or factory - they go from the box to my shell belt to the gun.
  15. Only 15 more years until I can really retire! The thing I loved most about the Navy was the constant change: a new command every 3-5 years, constant turnover of the CO/XO/Dept. heads every 18-24 months. Coming in to the same building every day for the past five years has gotten more difficult. I really enjoy my job and most of the people I work with - even the ones I work for. Dealing with contractors, though - that's another story. As I told my wife last year, it's about time for another deployment. We'll see what the future holds.
  16. Well, Sly is still trying to milk Rambo...
  17. My wife and I met Evil Roy and Wicked Felina today! Very gracious folks. Then we met Charlie Daniels at an autograph session at the Daniel Defense booth (SHOT Show). After the wife and I had our picture taken, Mr. Daniels asked for a picture with just me as he said I reminded him of his late guitar player Tommy Crain. Over many years in the Navy and a few SHOT Shows I've been fortunate to have met several celebrities Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally, Jamie Farr, Trace Adkins, R. Lee Ermey (The Gunny), Craig Morgan, Big & Rich, Lou Ferrigno, Mark Wills, Darryl Worley, Luke Branquinho, and several others. The ones that stick out the most are the band Lonestar. After learning that I bought a pair of tickets to see them for my daughter's 8th birthday they invited us on their bus after the concert.
  18. There are plans to bring a .357 Magnum to market. I did not get a time frame. Other than that - all SAA's are coming through the custom shop. 18-24 months estimated.
  19. Any info on this round? Saw an add for it in Rifle magazine but there's nothing at the link provided. Supposedly for AR-platform rifles. www.22Nosler.com
  20. Marlin, I have my stereo system connected to my TV (surround sound) which allows me to play around with the levels of different frequencies. Truth be told - I still have a difficult time "understanding" spoken words in a lot of movies and TV shows. It's just been easier for me, and more pleasant for my wife & kids, to use sub-titles.
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