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  1. Yep - trying to decide whether to move everything into the G fund or just leave it. I won't be withdrawing any for another 10 years regardless.
  2. Another forum - user is asking about "period correct" slings for a SxS shotgun. I tried a search but came up with nothing. Anybody have an example of a sling that would have been used on a SxS in the late 1800's, early 1900's?
  3. Twister (the movie) was released on this day 25 years ago.
  4. GU Energy Roctane Ultra Endurance Electrolyte Capsules before and at the halfway point. Maybe another after the match depending on the heat/how I feel. Drink lots of water. I also carry a granola bar or three, just in case.
  5. I made "dummy rounds" with no primer and a roll-crimp with over-shot card on top of an empty wad. It doesn't simulate the weight of a loaded shell but it's closer to the weight of an empty shell.
  6. Chey-Cast is also a huge supporter of SASS. Most in stock and fast shipping.
  7. Otto Road Shooting Range 1531 Otto Road ~ Cheyenne, WY 82001 ~ (307) 640-3847 ~ E-mail: info@ottoroadshootingrange.com
  8. I also purchased the Otto NoizeBarrier Micro earplugs. I've worn them around the house and at one match. Still trying to get the ear tips figured out. The included triple-flange are too small and don't seal well. I bought the 3M PELTOR Skull Screw Communication Tip Replacements. These worked "ok" during the match but the left earplug would work it's way out and need to be re-seated periodically. Way more often than I think is necessary, especially since the right earplug didn't need to be repositioned at all. It could have been that the foam was damaged. It did not look as "
  9. Here is the website I was referring to in order to locate stations near you.
  10. This really needs to be a sticky. I don't agree with every point the Capt. makes, but I do most.
  11. Welcome. Before you buy any more guns for Cowboy Action Shooting - go to the range and see what others are using. Ask questions and tell them you're interested. Don't be surprised when you're offered the opportunity to shoot someone's guns, and do it. But ask what, if any, work has been done. Go here and see what clubs are closest to you.
  12. I think the only theatres that "MIGHT" survive are those that offer dining with the movie. More restaurant than movie theatre. I've seen a couple of those and it's a neat prospect. Much lower numbers of patrons.
  13. Living in the country, we have a dish. Living on the Gulf Coast, we lose signal quite a bit due to weather. If you have to rely on the satellite for weather/news, I recommend getting an additional antenna for local channels. Today's channels are broadcast digitally, as mentioned above, so their signal does not travel as far as the analog signals of past. That said, if you can get the digital signal it will be clear, unlike the analog signals of past. There is a website that you can go to that will show you the nearest tv stations to your location in order to help determine wha
  14. I remember the ones from Playboy. The Oak Ridge Boys are still one of my favorite country bands.
  15. Never handled a Sig - of the other two I'd choose the Glock every day. I appreciate that the Glock has the same trigger pull every shot.
  16. I spent two months in Bahrain last year. The "police" were only there for accidents. Speeders were caught using camera's. When I turned my rental car in, they ran a check in the "system" to ensure I hadn't received a ticket before they would let me close out the contract. Never saw one of those fancy high-speed cars in Bahrain, either.
  17. I wonder if one is more reliable or more desirable than the other?
  18. @Griff the rifle is not marked AE. I understand the difference between an AE and non-AE rifle, but not the significance.
  19. Have you tried using MS PowerPoint? I started using MS Word and then went to PP. Had a very difficult time keeping the images aligned properly with the text when using word. Don't have that problem with PP as you can insert a text box and move it anywhere without affecting anything else on the page. Also, you can use any picture from the web as an icon. After finishing all the stages in PP, save as a PDF file for printing/distribution.
  20. Griff, I think it's just a 94 but I'll have to look when I get home. Appears to be a saddle ring carbine but missing the saddle ring. I don't even know what this would be worth if he wants to sell. I'll keep you in mind if he does.
  21. My leave was approved. Sending in my application this week.
  22. I got the rifle home and it's a saddle ring carbine with steel buttplate. It levers just as hard as my 94 30-30. Going to look at/for a 92 for him. Like a lot of people in these times that aren't really into guns, he made a panic buy without asking anybody for help. I'm just trying to minimize the expense for them.
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