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  1. We are seeing a fair amount of interest from new shooters, we've started many even since the pandemic began. Several have really been enjoying themselves for the last few months which is awesome to see. However... cowboy action shooting runs on being able to reload lots of ammo on an individual level. While primers continue to show up at double normal price once in a while ($75+), this is still the exception and not the rule. At a going average of $100-200 per 1000, shooters either aren't buying primers or are using what they have. Every last one of our regulars, including my family, has a line in the sand somewhere where we will stop consuming components that cannot be replaced for reasonable cost. It seems like the problem may have eased a tiny bit over the last month or so, but there's no sign of normality and a whole lot of discussion from many industries besides shooting about the end of the this year being a massive supply shortage. I would not think reloading components especially primers would be any different. Russian ammo imports were banned within the last couple of months. This is having a huge and continuing impact on available ammo in general in the US. Computer industry insiders told everyone over a month ago that if you want something to give as a holiday gift get it now because there won't be any during the holidays. Costco just did the same thing a week ago with paper products and some canned goods. There's still a lot of interest, but there are a whole lot of things going on in this country right now keeping everyone very nervous. Best thing we can do is keep being positive, keep inviting people to show up whether they are shooting or not. Keep the friendships tight, enjoy life, and try to see this mess out the other side.
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