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  1. Sent you a PM essentially saying the same thing as Toranado. Exact same situation. Practiscore is what ACES rolled into and has the same basic layout and function when scoring. It's just a part of the other program now. ACES is far too buggy after being abandoned this long and will have far too many issues on current tablets. Don't invest time into it and go with Practiscore instead. We switched a couple years ago after ACES started having major issues on our newer tablets and android versions. It is so much more stable and so many features work better... (like printing).
  2. I've got an IAC that has shot every match I've been to for over a decade, and only been down for part of a match once. It needed one bit of serious work within the first couple of weeks after I bought it and then about 5 years ago at EOT it needed the trigger screw adjusted... because I just never looked at it before and didn't realize it started turning. Other than that only the usual wear parts have been changed: Ejector spring every year or two and the original slide hook screw sheared once. Those are wear parts in any 97. Replaced it with one of the nice aftermarket ones. Still going. Just doing some basic math It must have north of 15,000 shells through it by now. I know it won't last forever. Its day is coming... but today is not that day. There has been a replacement for it ready to use for many years now but the original just keeps working. How long is a firing pin SUPPOSED to last in a 97 anyway...?
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