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  1. Bill Fold Jim Nasium Matt A Door
  2. An absolutely fantastic shot of you! Love it!
  3. I watch your channel on YouTube regularly and I've never had a problem with sound and volume. Dell laptop computer or my Samsung Android phone.
  4. Been watching your channel all week. I'm loving it! Keep up the great "work".
  5. Subscribed. A most excellent channel. Very enjoyable. Thank you!
  6. Dantankerous SASS # 85193 Kansas Playing cowboy for 9 years.
  7. Some years back in my moto-adventuring days I had a Vanson leather riding jacket. Superbly made, top quality. When I got out of riding I also sold the jacket. I should have never done that. Got an offer I could not refuse but darn, I miss that coat. Great jacket! Vanson is fantastic leather apparel. I am sure this Vanson solidly maintains that reputation.
  8. That is a gorgeous jacket. Classy too. I wish it was either larger or I was smaller.
  9. Gotta go to work all week at 4 am. You can bet I'll be one grumpy sob. Yup, even more than usual... But, it's the 4 am coffee that makes me get over it.
  10. I am going to surmise that this will be ready for EoT 2018...
  11. Me too. A SASS gold badge kind of completes the deal. I've never seen anything at a SASS sanctioned function that was not 100% something I don't want to be a part of. For life.
  12. I'm not finding a date stamp to the right the last poster's name. It is on the far right of the topic list and only takes you to the very last post. .I never did this on the old forum and it just seem to automatically route whatever thread I was reading to where I needed to start once I came back to that thread without having to scroll down through everything I had already read. Maybe this is not an option while on my phone but on a desktop computer I would be able to find it? The option you're are looking for is either a circle or a star (thread you have posted in) to the far left of the screen, left of the thread's title. On edit... are you referring to the little flag just to the right of the time? I don't see a flag right of the time.
  13. With our last Forum whenever I accessed it on my Android cell phone, each time I went to a thread I had previously been following the phone would automatically scroll down to the last post I read. In other words, I was easily able to pick up where I last left off reading. I never had to scroll through a thread to find where I last was. With the new Forum this does not happen. I presume as I have made no changes to my phone whatsoever over the course of the last couple weeks it was something the forum software was doing automatically for mobile devices? If I understand correctly, you are saying that clicking the circle (or star) next to the title of the thread does not take you to the first unread post. If so, I have found that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It should always take you to the first unread post. I hope this is resolved. If I am not understanding correctly, please elaborate.
  14. I wonder how many people actually find their "right job" anymore versus how many people simply work where they work because they need to work?
  15. All this discussion over a gun we cain't not even shoot in a cowboy match... :)
  16. This. Easy peasy. I bought one for the sole purpose of reloading BP shells. You can usually find the press new for around the $50.00 price. You might as well buy it 'cause as soon as you try black from a scattergun, you will be hooked. I had never reloaded shot shells of any kind before I tried reloading BP and with a little help from the good folks here, I had the process down in no time. Since you'll only usually be loading 25 at a time, it does not take much spare time either. Good luck!
  17. Tom Selleck and Keanau Reeves are gun guys and you probably won't find errors on their parts on film. Otherwise, seems the sky is the limit for firearms related mistakes in Hollywood.
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