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  1. I read Skeeter's writings a little every month just to keep his work fresh in my mind. Because pure enjoyment.
  2. The BFR in 30-30, an almost practical revolver... almost, is a 6 shot fireball machine.
  3. There is a reason MSNBC, etc, don't report on border invasion. I wonder why?
  4. As someone who has spent a lifetime not petting bison, buffalo or rodeo bulls, I can recommend the practice. Seems to work well and have positive results.
  5. High Plains Hud from Lenexa, Kansas. This guy is not only an exceptional shooter and competitor but the nicest darn fella you'll ever meet. He'll help you any which way he can and if you're lucky enough to beat him he'll be the first to shake your hand with a hearty congratulations. High Plains Hud is not only a fierce competitor but he has a contagious laugh and a wit that keeps you having way more fun than you should when he's beating you. He has dressed a supurb classic cowboy style from the 1st day I met him years ago. I am proud to call him a friend and a mentor.
  6. Love me a real gun shop. I went through Salida, Colorado recently and visited Salida Guns. Now THAT place is a gunshop! Reminds me of real gunstores from the '70s and '80s. Kid in a candy shop kind.
  7. Terrible news. Sad to hear this. Prayers for him and his family.
  8. Plenty of folks use the '87. Nowhere near as many as the SxS but the '87 seems to be gaining popularity. At the Kansas State match last month I believe there were 7 or 8 cowfolk using the '87. The '87 ain't an easy gun to run smoothly but when you figger it out there ain't nothin like it.
  9. Yup. Agree 100%. Conan and Craig were and are good decent men and show hosts. Neither would/could hold a candle to Johnny Carson. No one ever will. Leno had class, not Carson level though, and did a decent job with the show but after Johnny nothing would be the same. I just never enjoyed the Tonight Show after Johnny, Ed and Doc. IMHO, all other late night comedians other than those listed above are not comedians, are not funny, and probably actually suck at being decent people let alone what they're paid to be.
  10. Colt has got my attention hard recently. I only own one .357, an 8 shot Redhawk and love it. It's a beast. But those new Pythons just keep calling my name. AND THEN, Colt releases even MORE DA revolvers. The Kodiak, Grizzly and the Viper. It never ends.
  11. I acquired a Taurus Tracker 44 mag around '18 or '19. Good little gun... no troubles at all. Not fancy or purdy, but shoots just fine. These Executives are finished much nicer by the pictures I have seen.
  12. The new 692 Executive .357 looks like fun. Pricey though. Hopefully street price shaves a couple hundred off msrp. It has a detachable 7 shot cylinder with a 9mm swappable-in cylinder. 3inch ported barrel, wood grips, unfluted cylinder.
  13. There is a video of Johnny and Ed where Ed is drunk during the show and Johnny calls him out on it. Absolutely hilarious.
  14. Johnny Carson was pure class. The Tonight Show Band with Doc Severinson was one of the most amazing groups of musicians ever assembled. Johnny, Ed and Doc were the apex of comedy and entertainment on late night tv. The vast majority of late night comedians today have no idea what comedy is.
  15. Boomstick did my open tops. Very nice work.
  16. Been there. Enjoyed it. Local legend says Doc may or may not be in that cemetary. One can debate that over excellent local beer at the nearest tavern.
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