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  1. Below items for sale, Prefer us postal money order. WTS: lyman universal case trimmer $25 plus shipping 58 cal lee bullet mold new in box 20.00 plus shipping 25-20R bullet mold from the 1800's IDEAL MFG. New Haven CT patent 1884 $75 plus shipping 375 H&H brass (fired at least once) 42 pcs $40 plus shipping 30-06 lake city brass, once fired range pick up 650+ pcs $75 plus shipping Union Metallic Cartridge company shipping crate for the 7m/m Remington Rolling Block $120 plus shipping: (it's about 3' long by 12" x 10") No.11 percussion caps by CCI 10 tins = 1000 caps $50 plus shipping/hazmat fee etc ********SPF no. 1075 percussion caps 100 per can, 15 cans $100 plus shipping/hazmat fee etc************SPF 38-55 brass 49 pieces $30 shipped lower 48 *********SPF
  2. That haystack is huge! I figure there isn't a nicer bunch of folks to be on the lookout! Yeah, I saw 'ol Rusty packed it up... a bit ironical. Yes, 1918 -19 and no idea on the frame. I did find a spare '97 trigger housing in dad's old parts bin. That may not be a good sign...
  3. I sure will let you all know if it is found.
  4. Wanted Dead or Alive: Winchester 1897 Shotgun owned by my Father in the 1960’s. Serial # 676374. I am interested in re-acquiring this firearm. Rusty Cuffs Ray.
  5. WTB model 97 Winchester, preferably ready for Wild Bunch. Thanks, Rusty Cuffs #111827
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