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  1. I definitely think a COLT should have natural grips. That being said, I have had ivory composite, real ivory, stag, elk and real MOP on Colt's and Rugers. My hunting rig, OM Blackhawk in 45 Colt, wears moose antler and has a matching Randal skinner (I live on the edge of grizzly country). My SASS rig was matching SAAs with real ivory and a matching knife. So, in descending order: Ivory, antler (elk or moose), buffalo horn, stag, hard rubber, micarta, wood.
  2. A FAUX Win Model 12 trench brook. Heat shield, bayonet mount. No disconnect. $500 SHIPPED from my FFL. Usual terms: First PM, USPS MO, posted on other forums.
  3. An authentic stage coach/guard gun. Receiver stamped "Adams Exp Co.". Barrel was replaced and then shortened. Stock has serial number burned into it. True 2 3/4" chambers (NOT 2 1/2). Works well but worn. $500 SHIPPED from my FFL to yours. Usual terms (First PM, USPS, etc.) Posted on other forums.
  4. We'll take care of this along with the 350 Mag at the same time.
  5. SPF PM sent with payment info.
  6. Smith and Wesson contracted with Howa Mfg. to make a series of rifles. Howa also makes the Weatherby Vanguard (I have one in 338 Win Mag). This a Smith & Wesson 1500 in 300 Win Mag with a Leupold 3x9 scope. I've taken several elk, a dozen or so mule deer, and a whole bunch of wild pigs while guiding. Miscellaneous varmints. All up to 400+ yards. Asking $575 shipped. Stock is a Bell & Carlsen fiberglass and action is glass bedded. Posted elsewhere. Usual conditions: First PM, USPS MO
  7. This holster I made for a ROA with a conversion cylinder. It also fits a S&W (Navy Arms, etc.) Schofield, 7.5 inch Super Blackhawk (pictured), or a 7.5 inch Colt SAA. Loops are 44/45. Size is a XXL but can easily be cut down. $57 SHIPPED. Without pistol. If you want the whole package, contact me for details.
  8. Here's a real prize. An ORIGINAL 1936-37 Winchester 71 in 348 Winchester. This one is original except for a replacement recoil pad. Checkering and stock are in good condition=used but not abused. This also has the ORIGINAL bolt mounted peep sight and ORIGINAL sling swivels (Which were UNIQUE to the Model 71 and early Model 70). I have AMMO and Dies and brass and some bullets= I will combine ammo and rifle for an additional shipping charge. Mixed brass and loaded ammo is 150, 200 and 250 grain (Corelokt and Silvertips). Price is $3000. Usual rules: First definite "I'll take it" by PM, posted elsewhere, USPS money order. PRICE LOWERED $2500 SHIPPED
  9. First up is a gunsmith special. An early 1900's saddle ring carbine. Needs stock sanded (a replacement), magazine tube spring, cap and screw. A couple of other screws. Bore is decent. 32 Winchester Special. $400 SHIPPED my FFL to yours. Second is a used but not abused 194901950 30 WCF (30-30) Winchester 94. $500 shipped my FFL to yours. Usual terms: First PM, posted elsewhere, USPS MO.
  10. Delay on shipping Bowie=needed a bigger box.  Should go today!

  11. I'm baaaaack!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Eliphalet R. who straightenened out my (self induced?) mess!!!!!!
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