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  1. More to come but, for now: Original grips for Colt vest pocket, $60 SHIPPED! Ruger grips for OM Blackhawk. $55 SHIPPED Walnut 1911 grips. $45 Shipped Alphonso's of Hollywood (Bought 1976), thumb break for Ruger SBH $65 Shipped El Paso Saddlery floral tooled 4" Python: $75 SHIPPED Usual rules apply=FIRST PM gets the item. However, since these are all under $100, I do not require USPS MO.
  2. Today's additions: 12. EPS Cross-draw for a 4 ¾” Vaquero or OM Blackhawk. Basket wave and lined. Excellent condition. $75. 13. SASS Badge Holder: 20 Shipped 16.. Unmarked military flap holster for a LARGE cap-n-ball. Came with a Walker reproduction. $50. Good condition, heavy leather. 17. Unmarked military or police flap holster for large Colt or S & W revolver. FAIR condition. $25 Last (for today). A classic EPS “John Wayne” or “River” rig. EPS lined holster, soft money belt (measures 54-56” End to end, about 50” to center hole). Oregon trail conchos (I can change over to Celtic or Masonic conchos for $20). $120.
  3. And, last for today: #6, 7, , & 9: # 8 NOT described above. N-Frame Galco. $60 SHIPPED.
  4. I'll be posting about 2 dozen holsters of all kinds: Photos will be attached of each item. Been delayed by buying a new camera. Rules are simple. Holsters, etc. for sale: 1. Payment: Any form of payment for totals under $100; Post Office MO or certified funds for orders over $100 (Unless we have dealt together before). 2. First PM (date stamp) gets the item. 3. Definite “I’ll take it” gets it; expressions of interest don’t count. 4. Offers considered but “lowball offers” won’t be answered. 5. All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING! 6. Belt measurements on “Ranger style belts” may not be to center hole but longer. Items: 1. One of my early belts. I have four holsters available and a knife sheath for a small knife. I can attach additional conchos if you desire (+$20). Holsters are for: a 4 ¾” Blackhawk, 5 ½” Blackhawk, 6 ½” Blackhawk and a 4 ¾” crossdraw. One holster (W/O concho fits my custom Super Blackhawk 5 ½). Price is $120 for belt and all holsters (SHIPPED). If you want only one holster and belt, PRICE IS $75. Prices include knife sheath. Belt is 43-44” to center hole. 2. Tooled belt and holster by D.F. Rowland, Camp Verde AZ. Dave Rowland is a well-known saddle and holster maker who has been invited to leather shows at the Cowboy Hall of Fame and written up in Old West Magazine. Holster and belt are unlined and holster fits a 5 ½” Colt SAA (a 4 ¾ Blackhawk also fits) Belt measures about 50” to center hole and ha s44-45 cal cartridge loops. $100 3. Floral (dyed background) tooled El Paso Saddlery (EPS) and Holster. Includes tooled cartridge belt slide in 38/357. Lined belt and holster. Holster is for a Python but also fits OP, my Army Special 41 and many K-frames. Length is 50” but that is from end to end (Not middle hole). Recently saw a double rig for this selling for $750. EPS wants about $400. My price is $210. 4. Another tooled EPS rig. This one is in the unusual “Fish scale “pattern and is for a 4 ¾ Colt Single Action Army. WILL NOT fit a Blackhawk (at least the Old Model). Holster and belt are lined. Cartridge loops are 44-45. Total length is 58”, about 52” to center hole. Price is $200. 5. Cross-draw by Bill French, for a Colt 5 ½” but fits a 4 ¾ Blackhawk as well. $45 . 6. Galco IWB for a S & W K-frame. Unlined. $40 7. Galco high-ride, thumbsnap. Lined holster for a Python or k-frame. Good condition. $65.’ 8. ----- 9. Basket weave, Viking holster for a long-barreled 22 auto such as a Woodsman or High Standard (I carried a 1936 Woodsman in it with a 6 ½” barrel). $25 SHIPPED.
  5. Did the holsters sell?  If they are russet colored, I would like them.....please e mail me:  dr3498@hotmail.com 

    1. Rufus Brady

      Rufus Brady

      Yes they did.  Sorry.  I have some tooled holsters I'm putting up when I get my new camera.  fit 4 3/4 Colt: 

      1. One basket weave, right hand, crossdraw with Threepersons w/retaining strap.

      2. One fish scale pattern.  Threepersons w/ strap.  Also matching belt=size 50+  (fits me @ 52").

      3. A Desantis "Desperado Rig".  5 1/2" strongside Ruger Vaquero  (OM) or Colt SAA (Left & right), border tooling, Masonic conchos (If you're not a Mason, I can switch for something else at your expense).  Again, for a BIG man (52").

  6. If they are russet (tan leather) and will accommodate a NMV, barrel length 4 5/8th's, I want them.



  7. Simply mail the pin to New Zealand. I ordered some Glock parts from Israel and the used an envelope and stamps!
  8. Delay on shipping Bowie=needed a bigger box.  Should go today!

  9. I would be a buyer on the Leach knife at $175

    1. Rufus Brady

      Rufus Brady

      Make it $185 to cover shipping and it's a deal!

  10. greg van stralen

    1105 Idaho St

    Wenatchee, WA 98801



  11. Howdy, Rufus,

    I'll get the ffl info together and head it your way.

    And the pesos, too.

    See you down the trail,

    Brazos John


    John Agnor

    12118 Gray Oak Place

    The Woodlands, Texas  77380

    1. Rufus Brady
    2. Brazos John

      Brazos John

      Howdy, Rufus,

      I put a postal money order in the mail today.

      My ffl said that he contacted you.

      Is that everything, until you get the m.o.?



    3. Rufus Brady

      Rufus Brady

      all cool.  FFL was e-mailed.  Just waiting on MO.

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