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  1. That's like a "Gus" hat...Almost every hat maker has one. cost varies from less than $100 up to over $1000.
  2. I have a VERY slightly used Lady Tequila Rig (one match and a few range sessions). No pictures (We lost our camera and I ordered a new one=won't be here until next Monday or Tuesday). Comes with conchos, badge holder and is set up for 38/357 and 5 1/2 " Vaqueros. Also the belt extenders to adjust size. Asking $350 shipped to your door! While looking for this, I found my accumulation of QUALITY holsters (EPS, Lawrence, custom, etc.)= Once the camera comes in, look for additional postings!
  3. Old post but I found a big tub of quality holsters (MY stash) I will be sorting through in the next couple of days.
  4. If they are russet (tan leather) and will accommodate a NMV, barrel length 4 5/8th's, I want them.



  5. Pair of holster SPF==Only Tom Threepersona left!
  6. Oh, I they also fit my OM Vaquero 5 1/2 but the barrel protrudes a little.
  7. The #44 comes lined, these are for 4 3/4" Vaqueros (I used them for Colt SAAs with no problems)
  8. Camera's broke but you can see these at the EPS site. Two EPS "44 River" holsters (Look like a "Brill" design). These are the ones like John Wayne wore in his later movies. $100 plus shipping (That's 1/2 price! also, A "1920'S) Tom Threeperson's Holster for a 5 1/2 " Ruger Balckhawk or Vaquero. Unused in factory bag. $75 plus shipping.
  9. Converted? If it has, do you have the parts?
  10. Simply mail the pin to New Zealand. I ordered some Glock parts from Israel and the used an envelope and stamps!
  11. Checks got here last night. Busy week, so I'll get them shipped Friday or Sat. (Remember, I'm retiring on Friday and gotta clear my desk, employee checkout, sign papers, etc)
  12. Response sent=still SPF as far as I know? Waiting for response.
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