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  1. I use 231 for my 38s, 45 Colts, and 45 acp. works for me.
  2. Ol' Stirrup and the PVGS gang always puts on a first class match that I highly reccomend! Hope to see you there!
  3. Dang, and just when I was thinking I had a powerful want for an 87
  4. I'm left handed and use it as it on all my doubles.
  5. Bonuses can be fun, but unless the bonus is totally not score related, once the first person gets it, everyone else who misses it is more of a penalty. So say the bonus was to take 5 seconds off your time. Then it's basically another target. A shooter who doesn't get the chance to shoot a target due to prop failure must still fire the round, but is scored with a hit.
  6. Was thinking the other day, yes, dangerous for me. A genuine Colt will always be the gold standard I reckon, but what's second best, USFA? AWA? Something else? And for cost, Colt being the highest, then maybe USFA and AWA?
  7. END of TRAIL Entry Fees Good morning everyone, there have been a lot of folks interested in what the fee structure will be for the upcoming 40th Anniversary of END of TRAIL in Indiana. Registration opens Monday, February 8th- below is a breakdown of the Fee structure for the event. Cowboy Action Match Primary Entry....... $250 Includes ALL Cowboy Action Shooting - Main Match, Warm Up Matches, and Side Matches. Also includes one banquet dinner ticket. Cowboy Action Match Spouse Entry........ $225 Includes ALL Cowboy Action Shooting - Main M
  8. AWA. So colt like Colt sued and won to stop importing them. At least that's my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. I'm sure whatever club it is has been talking to SASS HQ for a while already. If I was betting I'd say OKC.
  10. Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet or not, but you might want to get extra primer tubes. It's nice to have several ready to go and not have to stop and stab every 100 rounds.
  11. I keep a closer eye on my 22 than my 38 or 45. I got into the game last time, or a previous time, things got tight, so I was ready this time around and stocked up a bit. I'm happy to see accommodations made for folks that weren't as prepared....for monthly matches, and scored separately. For me, if I go out, I want an average of 10.10.4
  12. There's surely ways to work around either press's strengths or weaknesses. All a matter of what the user prefers and wants to do. I can say if someone gifted me a 550 along with the dies for calibers I loaded, I wouldn't refuse nor be overly inclined to sell it.
  13. Skimming thru the replies, no one mentioned that the 750 have 5 stations, and the 550 only four. Assuming you run separate seat and crimp dies, that doesn't leave any room for a powder check die. When I was buying my Dillon that was important to me, so I bought a 650 and don't regret it. Also, while the manual indexing does indeed make it easier to correct a problem, it also adds another manual operation that must be done and not forgotten. Running properly having to fix an issue is rare, so for me the auto indexing made more sense in my mind. If I do have an issue, I pull each
  14. Lucky you, both because you still have a father, mine passed in 1989 at the tender age of 57, and also because you now have new to you iron. Enjoy them both.
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