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  1. Keeping you guys in my prayers.
  2. Uno believes he's a true Scot. He's too cheap thirfty to buy a kilt..........
  3. I hope to connect with you some day, @Blackwater 53393. Looks like you and I have similar tastes in music.
  4. I'm going to embroider this on a shirt for myself.
  5. Best of luck to all of you in it's path. Please check in when you can. We want to hear you're OK.
  6. The original intent of the thread was for peaceful instrumentals. The turn is interesting. I enjoy hearing what music brings you peace.
  7. I thought some peaceful music would be in order. Feel free to add your own.
  8. I'm kinda partial to sapphires myself.
  9. We have been following the devastating fires in Hawai'i. Please keep the victims in your thoughts and prayers. If you are so inclined, there are several reputable organizations taking donations to help those in need. American Red Cross Maui Food Bank Salvation Army Uno used to race sail boats so he's been in touch with a number of sailors on Maui and at the now former Lahaina Yacht club. The pictures of the devastation are heart wrenching.
  10. OR Divorce Court in 5 easy lessons. Choose wisely.................
  11. The only thing I have to add is make sure parents and kids coordinate communications. I was babysitting for a family. The husband was at a reunion and the wife was at a girls night out. The husband came home earlier than anticipated and trashed. I didn't want him driving me home. I called my mom and asked her to please come get me. She repeatedly asked me why. I didn't want to give her the real cause in front of him because I was too embarrassed. (In her defense, I have two younger siblings 11 & 9 at the time so she would have had to leave them alone for the time it took to come get me.) He finally staggered out of the room and started to make his way upstairs to bed so I could give her the real reason. She finally agreed and came to get me.
  12. We love to watch the launches. It never gets old.
  13. I know he was a controversial person but his music was exceptional. Rest in peace Robbie. You will be missed.
  14. Considering the age and condition of the car, I'm not sure I would call that lucky.............
  15. One of my co-workers found out the hard way about expired tags. He met his now fiance in college. He was a local, she was from out of state. While in school, she kept her out of state tags, since she technically was a resident of the other state. Fast forward to now, 7 years later. She has since graduated and has a job in the area, as well as purchasing a house with my co-worker. She was still driving around with expired out of state tags when she was stopped for a minor moving violation. It cost them $3K to pay off the tags in the other state, pay back registration in this state as well as fines for not re-registering the car. An expensive lesson.
  16. I'll take two handles before none. Less painful that way..............
  17. Uno is at the point where he's got the right numbers (age, years in the industry etc.) to retire. He's afraid of taking the final step. If the stress level continues, he'll do it. I've got a few years to go, as long as my health holds out. Enjoy it!!! You've earned it!!!
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