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  1. This is a touchy subject with me............... There is a young gal who is going to school in Canada with the EXACT name as I. My email address is FIRST(DOT)LAST@EMAIL.COM. Her email is FIRSTLAST@EMAIL.COM. Recently, she has applied for a couple of car loans (yes I've seen her credit score ), She has Uber Eats deliver food a couple of times a week, she buys lots of jewelry from Ross & Simons, I've even seen the lab results from her doctors visits. I have asked her several times to please change her email address and she refuses. I've told her of all the things I see that she probably wouldn't want me to see and she still refuses. She claims since her email address is not the same as mine, I shouldn't be getting her emails, yet I do. She believes that the software should be intelligent enough to differentiate between the two names. I have started labeling the emails sent to her as spam in an effort to stop receiving them. Every time I have contacted her to bring an end to this mess, she is really vile and rude, telling me if I don't like it I need to change my email address. (I had this email address before she was even a concept.) I believe there is a bit of narcissism in her behavior. If this email weren't my "private" email that everyone who needs to contact me has, I would change it in a minute. As for the OP, I attempted humor at first, mentioning what she had for dinner the night before (from the Uber Eats receipt) and politely mentioning if she didn't want me to see any more of her info, she might want to change her email. That was a couple of years ago and she has gotten progressively mean and vile. Now I just send it to spam and move on.
  2. I was wondering why some of the videos seemed a bit incongruent..........
  3. Make some right spicy GInger Beer as well.
  4. Sounds a bit like a publicity stunt to me..............
  5. OK Into the fray go I A debutante is a young lady, typically in her senior year of high school and comes from a family of means. The ball is her "Debut" into "Polite Society", usually the monied circles where her parents run. It is also where she is introduced to the young gentlemen from a similar background as her in hopes she will find a suitable suitor. In monied circles, this is a big deal. As for a dress, it depends on a lot of different things. If the parents are of enough means, the dress is custom made to the debutante's (and the rules of the cotillion, as well as her mother.) exact specifications. After the ball, the dress is donated to a charitable organization for a tax write-off for the parents and the charity will sell it at their thrift shop to those less fortunate. As for the train dragging on the ground, that picture was of her debut. Usually, once all the photo's have been taken, either the train is gathered up and fastened to the dress, much like a wedding dress, or the train is detached to convert the dress to floor length. Yes the trains can get dirty dragging around on the ground, however, a good dry cleaners can get most, if not all of the dirt out. In the 1800's, ladies used to wear a slip of sorts (I forgot the name) under their trains to keep their finery off the dirty streets and boardwalks. It fastened around the hems of their dresses and that is what dragged along the ground. I have heard they were making a come back in some circles.
  6. >>>>>>>>>Never Mind. I'm too greatly outnumbered<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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