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  1. Glad to hear you're clear, UB.
  2. A beautiful tribute, UB. Thanks for that.
  3. I like my grips. A lot. Uno does too. He's offered many times to buy the gun from me. Not happening. Note: Uno tells me those are Ruger standard grips that are no longer made. Many people want them but can't get them. I won't part with them!!!
  4. I stand corrected. Mine is a 4". I purchased it used and it already had a trigger job done to it and new grips installed. The previous owner had only put about 100 rounds through it. He was a business owner in Little Saigon and bought it to keep in the shop. After all that work, he decided he wanted a semi-auto and sold it to Stockade for the pistol. His loss was my gain.
  5. How about: Ben (Bengal) Tyger Blue (In the cat breed world, the coloration of grey Bengals are called blue)
  6. I have a stainless GP100 I purchased when I lived in Cali, (From The Stockade. A place close to you). Love that gun. Really stout, straight shooter. I would use it as my cary if it weren't so big.
  7. Leave it to me to throw a wrench in things.......... Born in '66/'67 or the age of '66/'67? That makes a difference as well.........
  8. Fish escape from hatchery. https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/nearly-250k-fish-escape-washington-fish-hatchery
  9. Wonderful and inspirational. Thanks, UB.
  10. I heard it as Mexican oil rig firefighters on the Texas border.....
  11. Isn't that Annette Funicello in the white dress?
  12. Most great recipes came out of experimentation or desperation. Looks to me like you did quite well. Congrats!!
  13. A lot of the "trend setting" retailers are using non-binary models in their "Gender neutral" lines. It is next to impossible to tell if the model was originally male or female. Not my cup of tea. As for the trousers in the top post, high fashion for the day. I rather like the look.
  14. Prayers up for you, LL. Take it easy and do what the doctor tells you. I was hospitalized with PE last September. Not fun at all.
  15. Wonderful, UB. Very nice indeed.
  16. "Wandering deer often eat young tree shoots."
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