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  1. Primers backing out are a sign of too little pressure. This question comes up frequently. If blanks are being fired the solution is to enlarge the primer flash hole. If live rounds are being fired the solution is to up the powder charge. Nothing wrong with your gun.
  2. I was going to post on this topic so thanks for raising it. I like mashed potatoes not smashed potatoes. Peel is garbarge. If I wanted to eat garbage I would stay home. I HATE it when I go to a restaurant and they serve me garbage.
  3. First he bought Twitter to restore freedom of speech. Yesterday he visited the southern boundary and posted a video of himself shooting "his" .50 BMG. Gathered over 66 million views in less than 24 hours. Now that he supports the 2nd Amendment as well as the 1st the Left reviles him.
  4. That is because they just found out as a result of the pandemic (Spanish Flu) the price of ammo had gone from 15 cents to 25 cents per box.
  5. The second rifle from the left looks like a Winchester Model 52. There is one like that for sale at the local Cabelas.
  6. I would not waste any money until you have it in your hot little hands and have tried it out. Fix what needs fixin not what MIGHT need fixin.
  7. Really? Been around for decades. Sort of the Consumer Reports for firearms.
  8. At least you know Ruger will get it working or replace it.
  9. Just saw THEM the other night. Great cast. Aside from Gwenn it had James Arness, James Whitmore, Fess Parker, Richard Deacon, Leonard Nimoy, Dub Taylor and a host of other character actors from that time period. Clint Eastwood even had an uncredited role as a fighter pilot near the end of the movie.
  10. Hopefully you are not mixing up Nick with Big Ed down in Tombstone, Arizona.
  11. The world knows him as Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies. CAS knows him as the villain in Open Range.
  12. Nobody lives in NH. Maybe they were left over from before the pandemic.
  13. Have not seen Remington caps for over two years. Surprised to see them at Cabellas this morning. Price? Hold your breath. $13.99!
  14. When I was a kid an old family friend that was in his 90's kept telling me the greatest pitch of all time was the Christy Mathewson Fadeaway. Years later I was watching an old baseball movie biography of someone and they mentioned the Christy Mathewson Fadeaway. I found this little squib on it - For a time, Mathewson’s fadeaway was the most well-known pitch in baseball. Its seemingly gravity-defying bends dazzled players and fans alike. Outfielder Red Murray was the hurler’s teammate for seven seasons with the Giants and had a bird’s eye view of the twirler’s magical ways. In 1934, nearly 20 years after they last played together, he recalled to The Brooklyn Daily Eaglewhat he knew about Matty and his screwball:
  15. Magma makes the majority of commercial casting equipment. This sheet is all bevel base. https://www.magmaengineering.com/PDF/BBOct132008b.pdf
  16. The U.S. did away with the $500 bill for this reason years ago. Now some in D.C. are talking about getting rid of the $100. Of course the ultimate goal is to get rid of cash altogether and go digital.
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