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  1. I need your E-mail address, please.


  2. I have received the grips and they are beautiful.


  3. I told you that I sent the grip money, last week.


  4. I resent the email. It has my address for sending the funds for the stag grips you said you'd take. I haven't heard from you and wanted to know if you sent payment? Thanks, Fireball

  5. FB,

    Yoou sent a blank E-mail. What did you wand to say to me?


  6. Howdy GT,

    I sent ya an email as PM's weren't and still aren't going through, but I haven't heard from you. Did you get it? Have you sent the funds?

    Thanks, Fireball

  7. I have two of them Grayson, one has the brass frame the other is just like the one the other cowboy had posted. I would also trade for a pair of USFA short barrels in 45LC.

    My email address is, bracey.gordon@yahoo.com if you are interested.

    Abilene Al

  8. My mistake Carelita, I only want them to fit. If I do it with another plan they will not fit. Thanks,



  9. I've been waiting for your phone call.


  10. EMAIL ADDRESS' sykescarolyn@hotmail.com

    knife and scabbard

  11. EMAIL ADDRESS' sykescarolyn@hotmail.com

    knife and scabbard

  12. Grayson,

    Email me your email address ari_techner@scratchgolf.com so I can send you some pics of the Rodeo.


  13. I want to trade a Old Model Ruger Vacqero, Woodd Grips, 7.5"S/S, .45 Colt. Do we have a deal?


  14. I have a mini14 for sale for long swede. you want it for $500 with shipping included? it's in excellant shape. contact me...i know Von Dutch well.

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