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  1. Clays is an excellent shotgun powder. Use published load data and you will be all set. use published load data for the power you are going to be using.
  2. I sold a car because it had an impossible to locate rattle in the dash that drove me nuts
  3. Your fine. The stock on the 73 Competition is legal.
  4. They did for a short while then they were discontinued. Ruger got tired of refinishing them. Now they are all blue or stainless.
  5. That's them, they go for a pretty penny on GB when a collector sells
  6. I believe there were 32's in a black box, special edition.
  7. To further confuse Ruger fans the 44 Special built on a small frame with 510 or 512 prefix says Ruger Vaquero on the side. While the Ruger 44 Mag birdshead built on a large frame with a 59 prefix says New Vaquero on the side.
  8. SNS casting sells a .309 158gr bullet that could be used in 30-06 or .308 Win or 30-30
  9. Ruger will not sell Montado hammers. Charlie your best bet is to install Super Blackhawk hammers. Same profile as Montado but grooves on spur instead of checkering. The grooves actually provide better traction in my opinion.
  10. That's why I recommend the two or three number prefix method of identification.
  11. So are the notches cut deeper in the large frame Vaqueros?
  12. Two digit serial prefix original Vaquero. Three digit prefix New Vaquero
  13. Welcome to the best shooting game ever. I would be glad to help, I sent you a PM
  14. Sure, the first two letters of the serial number are CB
  15. Flat, I grip high and this slight change in grip eliminated hammer bite.
  16. The classifieds are filled with bargains and fine sellers and buyers. 99.9% smooth transactions.
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