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  1. SPF 3 USGI M1 Carbine 15 round magazines. Two marked U, Union Hardware, one marked IS, International Silver. $109 shipped for all three. Must be legal in your jurisdiction.
  2. Can anyone put a name to this guy? Who is he requesting funds be sent too?
  3. PM Colorado “Hacksaw” Coffinmaker he can tell you how to make one from a different barrel length
  4. Let me put it this way. A non U.S. citizen has ZERO authority to enforce any law over a citizen. Clear enough, great.
  5. I sure ATF is pulling there hair out because another redesign of the 4473 would need to be issued. It’s changed several times in the last couple years.
  6. They won’t get to the NICS check. As soon and they answer yes to 21 (l) on a 4473 the sale stops.
  7. How about in LA where illegal can carry strap on a gun and pin on a LAPD badge.
  8. You can get ten of those in a small flat rate box? They must be smaller than they look in the pictures.
  9. From The Federalist U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled on March 8 that a federal law prohibiting illegal immigrants from owning guns is unconstitutional, arguing the law did not adhere to the Supreme Court’s ruling in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen that stipulated gun control laws must fit historical tradition.
  10. Guns America and Guns International. I don’t sell there as their traffic is probably 1% of Gunbroker.
  11. Ruger does test fire their revolvers. Sometimes they run a patch sometimes they don’t. I’ve sent back 4 New Vaquero’s in the last 6 weeks. This was unheard of before Covid. Their quality control needs improvement. Who ever is supposed to wipe polishing compound off should be fired. Who ever it torquing the base pin screw until it snaps or is stripped should also get canned.
  12. Visibility is key. It’s 2024 if your club doesn’t have a Facebook or other social media presence you’re not going to reach future shooters. Your club should be posting videos after every monthly match. Even during the off season. Your page should state when your club shoots, WHERE YOUR CLUB IS LOCATED WITH AN ADDRESS THAT CAN BE PUT IN A GPS. List any specific club rules, and a point of contact. Does your club have an annual match? Again it’s 2024! You need to be able to register online, and pay immediately. Young people will not print out an app, write a check, and mail an envelope.
  13. I have a flat a flat spring you can use. PM me ps who is have a shoot next weekend?
  14. Ruger New Vaquero= Small frame three digit prefix Exception, 44 Special three digit prefix, but is marked Vaquero Ruger Vaquero= Large frame two digit prefix Exception, Reintroduced 44 Magnum built on a large frame, two digit prefix, but marked New Vaquero “Model” does not appear in the name of either. I really don’t care what people call them, just know what you have when you order parts, or list them for sale. Ruger muddied the waters long ago.
  15. Will a flat trigger bolt spring work for you int your wire spring comes in?
  16. I did a transfer last month and got paid in a bag of shot. I thought that was awesome. He was a trap shooter that had a pallet of the stuff and he was happy to keep his cash.
  17. Cast iron bullets? Is this a typo?
  18. They spent a week at the Great Outdoor Show talking to hundreds if not thousands of attendees
  19. I have a couple Charles Daly 512T Coach Guns in the Merchant Corner. I had them back ordered for 2 years. Lassiter does a great tuning job on these. They are a little stiff out of the case.
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