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  1. Just remember to stand back from the shooting line or you will knock over the rifle targets & scratch the forearm with the pistol targets during sweep at some clubs. That rifle has allways functioned flawlessly, I will miss that one.
  2. Just remember stand back from shooting line cause u will knock down rifle targets and scratch forearm sweeping over pistol targets!
  3. Thanks for barrel check, old eyes fat thumbs & small phone. Updated with your questions.
  4. SPF RL 550b press with attachments Printed manuel 2= powder measures 5= die blocks 2 open 1= die block 38 special dies 1= die block 45 cap dies 1= die block 45 l/c dies 6= loading plate kits 223, 44, 45 l/c, 10mm, 38/357, 45 acp Big bucket of extra parts. $spf.00 shipped obo
  5. Bills R due so up for sale is the last of my SASS guns & gear. #1 SPF my 3rd gen Colt 45 LC 4 3/4 barrel. Made 1998. I purchased in 2009. This is my baby! & its gonna hurt to part with, I put first lead down barrel. Very good condition, slight holster wear on barrel spots on loading gate. No major work. Bought without box or papers. $SPF.00 + shipping see pics. #2 SPF Cimarrons Uberti 1873 45 l/c Rare 30" barrel original antiqued finish. Short stroked tuned springs firing pin. Race ready super fast & smooth. Comes with all original parts to return to stock.This gun has also taken game at 175 yards open sights. $SPF.00 + shipping OBO #3 non sass S&W Combat master 38 special pacmyer grips. $400.00 obo Not trades $$ only plus shipping Guns must go ffl from non ffl or u pay extra. Will be listing other goodies & loading components as I get them ready.
  6. Wow thank you stumbled on to these pictures of my parents from 88 eot. Deadly Redly & Irish Clementine. Brought back many a great memory of being raised in a shooting family. From the days of the fast frontiers & Wes Thompsons Juniper Tree Ranch to the Leatherslap & the beginnings of South West Pistol League, combat shooting through the beginning of SASS and its evolution. My brother and i were there. They Made sure we had a lot of fun, could compete and were safe. It was the best family time of my life, Brings a tear to my eye as they are both with Jesus and I really miss-um. Pugilist 1006L
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