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  1. THANK YOU i will take it pm me with address to ship the gold & will get on the afternoon stage.
  2. Thanks, I tried them with no luck. Still in need. HELP
  3. I have an early pre safety jm 94 in 44 mag. I am looking for an 20-24" round blued barrel in 45 colt. Dont want another rilfe as i bought this one new and am downsizing calibers. Help please Thanks Pugilist
  4. Can do hundreds+ of all calibers but 308. Think there about 100 308's.
  5. I happen to be cleaning out my loading room during the lock down. I have all that you need of all the calibers you are looking for. How much are you looking for of each?
  6. That was funny, made me blow coffee out my nose. Nice rifle.
  7. I have one just like it i still bird hunt with. Really nice shotgun with a crazy price.
  8. Not sure of age. Does have Damascus bbls.
  9. I shot classic cowboy & used a piece of history, was coach gun from Northwest. I have an SH Harrington Belgin 12 gauge. I shot light loads & it functions flawlessly. I want it to be used & I can no longer play. Will sell for $350.00 + shipping.
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