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  1. No kidding and in my favorite caliber. If I didn't have 4 deer guns. Great deal.
  2. A few closer pics please. Trade interest? Thanks Pugilist1006L
  3. I have 2 new boxes 20 ga needing a home. Will dig them out tomorrow & post details. Pugilist 1006 L
  4. Wow thank you stumbled on to these pictures of my parents from 88 eot. Deadly Redly & Irish Clementine. Brought back many a great memory of being raised in a shooting family. From the days of the fast frontiers & Wes Thompsons Juniper Tree Ranch to the Leatherslap & the beginnings of South West Pistol League, combat shooting through the beginning of SASS and its evolution. My brother and i were there. They Made sure we had a lot of fun, could compete and were safe. It was the best family time of my life, Brings a tear to my eye as they are both with Jesus and I really miss-um. Pugilist 1006L
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