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  1. I have some of both. Pretty sure i have about 4-500 44 spec & not sure how much mag brass. Will dig it out & let you know what I have in am. P
  2. Just recieved my Schneider & Glassick! Can't wait to get it range dirty. Really nice. Thanks Hot Iron P
  3. Please correct me if I am wrong & tell me how to know for sure. Don't want to miss represent. I was told & don't know enough to argue the point.
  4. Vintage Lawmans sxs hammered 12 ga S H Harrington. Unsure of manufacture date. Purchased from Northwest estate with no history of owners initials on Gold badge on pistol butt. 18 1/8" Belgium Royal Damascus bbls. 14" lop Was my match gun shooting light loads for Classic Cowboy. Locks up tight & functions excellent. Great price to shoot real history. $400.00 shipped from non FFL
  5. I have a wolf magnum, 50 cal 209 ignition with Simmons 3x9 scope and lots of goodies. Bullets & pre load tubes. $200+ shipping
  6. Thanks Hot Iron, Going to make a great match to my other 51.
  7. I will take it for $100.00 + shipping. Send details on where to send the gold.
  8. Thanks I didn't know that. Been shooting Colts for so long I have not kept up.
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