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  1. Broken femur? Just think, somewhere Air Force guys had to go without coffee AND air conditioning this morning ...deal with it. Just kiddin', hope your recovery is quick and as painless as it can be.
  2. A jury is deliberating a case right now to determine if the killer deserves life in prison or the death penalty. Happened in Haines City, Florida. Guy walked in, made four female employees and a female customer lay on a floor and executed them with shots to the head. Didn't rob the bank, didn't want money, just wanted to kill, his words. Called 911 after killing the women. Tactical team breached the bank with an armored vehicle, punk gave up. Why is there even deliberation? He's on camera, complete with audio committing the crime, take his ass out front of the courthouse and hang him. YMMV.
  3. I know it's not a meme....just had to anyway.
  4. In the last few seconds of the video, after they jump the counter, a hand can be seen palm up with blood pooling around it in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. That's the only thing that is remotely "graphic" that I can see. Maybe they consider a bullet hole in a monitor "graphic" these days. Personally, I don't see anything "graphic" about it.
  5. A Tennessee Ernie Ford remake of 16 tons... You eat two tons and what do you get. Clogged up arteries and you can't take a s**t.
  6. And I agree with both of ya's. In my best Slim Pickins voice "Now what in tarnation is the World comin' to."
  7. I have shot steel at a range with enclosed bays. The bays have a rear earthen backstop, but the roof is concrete @ about 20' high, the walls are filled cinder block with 3/4" PR plywood and an open-air front . The range is located very close to an International airport and the overhead concrete baffles are required if the range is to stay in operation as 737's and such fly over all the time. Even with targets set at proper angles, the splatter from all of the guns (rifle, pistols, shotgun) is considerably more noticeable than open air ranges, especially shotgun splatter. I've dug lead out of myself on numerous occasions, both there and open-air ranges. The other problem was that smoke and the fine dust kicked up had no place to escape so you breathe that for the entire match. If the indoor range was truly an indoor type, enclosed concrete walls/ceilings range, I wouldn't shoot steel there. If the range had concrete floors/walls/ceilings, no way in hell would I shoot steel there.
  8. Both the criminal and the computer monitor got what they deserved.
  9. I wonder what it would say with a light pencil coating.
  10. Could be, but I know it's not gasoline and probably not a gas/oil mix of any kind.
  11. Or any other so-called "News Source" whether it be left leaning, middle of the road (there isn't one), or right leaning.
  12. Huh? Say it slowly Lumpy...S..t..e..a..m E..n..g..i..n..e.
  13. Who knows...maybe they'll lend a helping hand. Don't worry, I'm here all week folks!
  14. What a coincidence, the same picture is also used to depict scum.
  15. And a catcher's cup, just in case you miss a step.
  16. In late 1978, a dozen glazed donuts was a $1 (+ tax) a dozen at a donut shop in Clearwater. I was in-between jobs (unemployed), money ran out and...well...you know the story. Donuts were what I lived on for about a month...glazed donuts. After visiting the donut store about 10 times, the girl who worked there said that I must like donuts, I told her that that's what I could afford for now. That order, and all of the rest of the orders, she included a chocolate glazed donut with the rest of the donuts even though they didn't charge me for the extra donut. It was a special treat to me at the time. I rarely eat donuts these days but it's hard to pass up a chocolate glazed donut if I happen to see one in a "I brought donuts, want one." kind of thing.
  17. He doesn't seem to understand the concept that photosynthesis occurs in water also.
  18. If you can't find anyone in the Saloon that can do it, here's some companies in Prescott that can. https://www.bing.com/search?pglt=673&q=dvd+copying+in+prescott+az&cvid=b56a49986ef44256a66543e6e76e854c&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUyBggAEEUYOTIGCAEQABhAMgYIAhAAGEAyBggDEAAYQDIGCAQQABhAMgYIBRAAGEAyBggGEAAYQDIGCAcQABhAMgYICBAAGEDSAQkzMjcyMWowajGoAgCwAgA&FORM=ANSPA1&PC=HCTS
  19. Coincidentally, the wreck of the USS Harder was recently found. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/after-nearly-80-years-the-wreck-of-the-uss-harder-has-been-found/ar-BB1n7xaf?ocid=BingNewsSerp
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