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  1. I have 400 new starline brass in 32-SW Long for sale for $45.00 which includes shipping CONUS. Thanks, DC
  2. I shoot 36 caliber C&B once or twice a season and know there will be some missed calls if all spotters are just listening to a ring with a hit. The conical bullets that I now use are a little more pronounced ring wise but if shooting 36’s makes you worry about misses then just switch to 44’s and forget about missed calls. I enjoy shooting my 36’s and a miss or two is no big deal. I have tried to inform the spotters I am shooting 36’s and could not tell if it helped or not. If you shoot C&B revolvers it is just part of the game along with cap jams and smoke clouds covering the next target. I would not ask for a fresh paint in a match but that is my take on shooting percussion revolvers. DC
  3. I am interested in buying a original or reproduction rolling block in 38-55. I have seen some 45-70 but my shoulder says no more big bores for me. I sold my 45-70 and looking for something with less recoil. I only shoot black powder. Thanks, DC
  4. My brother lives in Glendale and I will see when he is coming up to visit and send the brass with him. I tried to decap  them tonight and my all caliber die does not work on the25-20, go figure.  I will keep you posted. I usually fly down to visit him during Winter Range but would not be able to carry them on the plane. I will keep you posted. DC

  5. I have 40 pieces of 32-40 primed cases made from 30-30 cases for free to anyone local in Denver CO. Thanks, DC
  6. I have a Pacific die set in 25-20 for $10.00 plus shipping CONUS. If local I will include 50 primed cases. I will not ship the primed cases. Thanks, DC
  7. I have a 36 caliber Pietta 1851 Navy cylinder for sale. The cylinder has the Navy engraving and has never been fired. $45.00 includes shipping CONUS. Thanks, DC
  8. Good decision. I am looking forward to the 2021 Colorado State Champions match in September 2021.
  9. I purchase my big lube Bullets and some holsters and belts and very happy. When I contact him on line he always contacts me back. I have never had a problem dealing with him. DC
  10. I have been shooting Frontiersman for about twelve years and have never seen anyone using these at a match. I load out of a flask and don’t need to add any more steps. What is the purpose? I might have to try them if someone can explain a good reason to use them. Thanks, DC
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