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  1. Please verify if this is a Pietta or Uberti cylinder. DC
  2. Is this a Pietta or Uberti cylinder with these markings. Thanks
  3. I shot my Uberti 73 built in 2005 with45 Schofield with no adjustments at all for over ten years with no problems. I did try shooting the 45 Schofield I an older Uberti 73 and with no luck. You might contact Uberti and see what they may have changed to allow their 45 Colt rifles to shoot 45 Colt as well as the Schofield round.
  4. Does the frock coat fit like a 42? Some seem larger than marked. Thanks, DC
  5. Shoot what you like but have fun. BP or smokeless works well for our game. Happy Trails! DC
  6. One other option when cleaning your shotgun shooting plastic hulls. I shoot brass only now and really adds a lot of fun shooting them. When I shot plastic hulls the first thing I do when I get home is remove the barrel and squirt Windex, with vinegar , into the barrels and keep unloading my truck. When everything is unloaded I run a shotgun Tornado brush down the barrels and out comes the snake. Run a couple of patches with ballistol like and all done. It works good for me so try and use what works best for you is the important issue. Welcome to the dark side and enjoy.
  7. I have a wool USA made Hardee hat for sale. The size is marked large but a 7 1/4 to 7 3/8 would fit better I think. I wear a 7 1/2 and it fits a little snug. Wore it to one banquet and then kept it in the closet. It has an enlisted cord but I also have an officer cord that will go with it as well. Any questions just let me know. Price is $80.00 plus shipping. Thanks for looking. Diamond Curly
  8. I have a pair of 51 Navies with the brass frame in 36 caliber I have shot for 13 years with 15 grains of black with no problems at all. All of my 44’s are steel framed because I shoot 30 grains in all of them. Yes all because C& B revolvers reproduce in the safe faster than the cartridge counterparts so be careful. Welcome to the C&B world of cowboy action shooting.DC
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