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  1. slim jims will keep you politically corrrect....
  2. Not quite... The CCI 11's and Remington 10s are about the same size, but the Remington cap cups are a wee might longer. The Remington caps also have little nicks in the cup edges (see photo above) which promote even "opening" of the cap cup on ignition. They open into four little "petals" which allow most of them to fall out of the right side of your revolver as you ear it back for the next shot. They don't tend to jam in the recoil shield because of this. The ones that do remain on the nipple cones easily fall out/off when you "clear' the revolver after shooting the cylinder ful
  3. The olive oil/beeswax mix will not act badly when used with black powder or smokeless either one. Ive found it entirely adequate and have used the 90/10 wax/oil mix for over a decade without any problems. A two groove .45 rifle bullet (Lyman 454190) will shoot BP or Pyrodex all day in a 24 inch rifle barrel without any accuracy loss due to hard fouling if using this lube mix on the bullets..... Clean up with just plain hot water....no problems, guns come clean then dry and oil lightly. Bp
  4. On the lube question about pure beeswax being too hard....Just melt it and mix it with about 10 percent Olive Oil...that will make a good stiff but not too hard lube and it wont melt all over the place on warm days or foul your powder charges even if loaded down on the powder under the ball.
  5. Howdy... I been out for quite a while....But I have this to say.....Frontiersman Category.....Hardest? Naww...just more of a challenge. I shot CAS in Frontiersman category exc;usive;ly from 2004 to 2017. Finally had to quit entirely in 2018 due to severe pain from a bad right hip. I did manage to make End Of Trail once, and Winter Range once during those years. I never did much better than "middle f the pack" but nobody ever had more fun at it than I did. Once figured out, the same consecutively numbered pair of Uberti 1851 Navy revolvers gave out
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