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  1. I shot a Hartford 92 in 38 for about ten years shooting black powder. About once I year I took off the stock and soaked it really good and then blew everything off and lubricated it good and back shooting. I prefer the 73 now in 44/40 only because it really is easier to tear down and clean. You will enjoy the 92 in 44/40 shooting black powder.
  2. I guess I paid too much for this. New price listed. I enjoyed shooting it just time for something different. Will entertain reasonable offers. Thanks, DC
  3. I would like to sell my Pedersoli Trapdoor rifle in 45/70 with the 32" barrel. Cabelas name is stamped on the rifle. Selling price will be $800.00 plus shipping from my FFL to your FFL. The shipping cost will be cheaper if I use my FFL which is fine for me. Pictures are attached. Thanks, DC May consider a single shot rifle in 357.
  4. I have 380 rounds of new starline brass in 45 Colt, Long Colt is what most call this brass, for $43.00 plus $14.35 shipping, CONUS for a total of $57.35. Thank you, Diamond Curly
  5. I have 400 new starline brass in 45 Schofield for sale for $45.00 plus shipping of $14.35 CONUS for a total of $59.35. Thank you. Diamond Curly
  6. I have two Remington Outlaws, one will cycle both 45 Colt & 45 Schofield but the second one, an older build date, will not cycle Schofields. You need to try both rounds in a revolver to verify they will or will not shoot both. I have not tried and of the Colt clones only the Remington Outlaw.
  7. I have shot my Walker paired up with my 1851 Navy snubbie at a few matches and had a great time. I use a cross draw with the Walker which makes it easier to draw. One of the pards I shoot with shoots gunfighter with his Walkers with conversion cylinders. I have trouble reaching the hammer on my Walker but can make it through 6 stages without any issues. DC
  8. I have used black mz and used the same load as the app as mentioned above. I did try it in my C&B revolvers with not good results. The loads for cartridges worked fine as well as the shot gun shell. I tried it in my brass shot gun shells but went back to real black to get the boom back. If you are used to APP then you will have no issues with Black MZ. Itdoes clump like the old APP but easy to break up. Enjoy. DC
  9. I shoot a model 335 and use it for cowboy clays and matches. it works just fine using my brass shells. DC
  10. Thanks, I did aim about a foot high at 400 but still way short. DC
  11. I did hit the wrong powder charge, should read 40 grains of Swiss 2F. The bullets are from Whyte big lube and I just weighed three of them for an average of 245 grains. One did weigh in at 251.Thanks, DC
  12. I have a H&R rifle in 38/55 that I have a load of 30 grains, by volume, under a 245 grain bullet. This load does decent up to 200 yards but is very flat after that.. I tried a few shots at 400 yards and the spotter said it was very flat and very short. Any help would be appreciated. I shot my trap door in 45/70 with a 535 bullet for a few years with good results but my shoulder said no more. The 38/55 is fun to shoot but maybe I am expecting too much out of this caliber. Thanks, DC
  13. I started out fifteen years ago with 36 caliber C&B with a 97 12 gauge and a 92 rifle in 45 colt. Still shoot C&B but in 44 caliber now, 12 gauge side by side and a 73 rifle in 44/40. I shoot black powder is the main reason for the 44/40 and the 97 was a real pain shooting black powder. I have tried 38 special with black powder in a 73 as well and it was fun. I agree 38's are a bit cheaper to reload but the fun factor will help you decide what you like the most. Shooting black is a little more money to shoot but it is worth it to me. I think going to a match and shooting different calibers is the best advise offered. You will know what fits you after you shoot different calibers. Welcome to the game and get out there and enjoy yourself. DC
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