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  1. Yes it is. I was just letting it ride in case someone was in the market for one. Boomer
  2. If you can find Starline 460 S&W brass, these can be trimmed to 45 colt length. These are designed to use the large rifle primers. Another option is, if you have small rifle primers, 454 casual brass can be trimmed to 45 colt length.
  3. Just a thought. I know the thicknesses of the brass varies with manufacturer. Is it possible to remove enough material from the primer pocket with a primer pocket reamer? Just enough to allow the primer to seat flush. Maybe this along with a factory hammer spring for a solid strike. The pressures we deal with are low, but I know you wouldn't want to take away so much material as to enlarge the flash hole and create a pressure spike in addition to the increased pressure from using rifle primers. Just thinking outloud, so don't beat me up.
  4. Soloman you didn't have to buy that for me, but many thanks. Merry Christmas, Boomer
  5. Anyone have a .358 125g two, four, or six cavity mold to sell? Looking for both the RF & TC. Thanks, Boomer
  6. You are correct. Guess I was just thinking about the carrier itself. You have to file 20 thousands off the left side of the bolt to help it slide pass the spring loaded stop plased inside the carrier. The bolt still barely contacts the stop, but it's the flat spot you filed on the bolt that's pushing by the flat area of the spring loaded stop. There is no resistance felt.
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