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  1. Looking for two sets of the old model Vaquero factory wood grips. Anyone have a set or two they'd be willing to part with. Thanks in advance, Boomer
  2. Taylor's did not sell any of these 40th commerative rifles in 45 colt. All 40 of them were .357, and 38 out of 40 of these rifles were for sale on Taylor's website. I bought #27 for $1556.03, which was the price for all except for #1 sold at silent auction and #40 given to 40th place at EOT.
  3. I'd be scared the Mrs. would use it on my noggin.
  4. It does take the buldge out of the case, but it will elongate the bullet and decrease the diameter of the driving bands substantially. If you shrink the brass, you shrink the bullet with it. I know accuracy doesn't mean a heck of a lot at our 7 yard targets, but sometimes it does.
  5. All of us truckers use the waze app on our phone for such as that now. No time to pick the mic up anymore, as everyone is to busy texting. Don't even use the citizens band when communicating with my pilot car anymore. We just stay connected with our cell and blue tooth. To try and help with your project, several companies do sell stake pocket mounts for the bed of your truck.
  6. If y'all work out a deal, I'll be at EOT and can bring them back for you Lucky Bastard
  7. Still looking for a miracle. I'd settle for a 1/2 in thread FP seater plug that would work with the regular rcbs dies for the immediate future.
  8. Anyone have a set of the cowboy dies that they would like to sell? If so, hit me up with a pm. Thanks in advance
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