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  1. He started with 1000, then edited the post after 500 were sold.
  2. I Have this very lightly used Mernickle belt and holsters. Belt is lined and holsters are strong right side with cross draw. Holsters work well with 4.75 & 5.5 barrel length. $230 shipped
  3. http://pagecustomknives.com/
  4. The plunger has no damage. Only the cup is deformed. The threads inside the cup are recessed about 3/16 inch. The screw broke inside the cup where the threads begin, which allowed it enough leverage to stretch and bend the lip of the cup. The lip of the cup serves as the base for the spring inside the plunger. Hope that makes sense.
  5. One of these days I'll my old stock will be depleted, then I'll have to start using the bigger boxes that cost nearly $10.00 per thousand.
  6. My terms might not be correct.. What i am calling the cup is the hollow tip of the lever that the bolt screws into. The plunger is the spring loaded part that slides over the cup when you pull back on it to release the lever from its locked position.
  7. You are correct, and since the photo was taken I've been able to remove the broken screw and seen where I can order one from numrich. The problem i have now is the cup that the plunger slides over is stretched and deformed. The plunger will not slide over the cup. If I filed it down, I'm thinking it would be to thin. Any ideas on having that cup reshaped. Thanks, Boomer
  8. That's an idea. I've seen several with the NP3 on the internals. Would definitely look better than blued.
  9. I was able to pick up a blued loading lever. It's functional now, but I'd really like to get away from the two tone look. Still looking for a 5.5" SS loading lever. Thanks, Boomer
  10. I know you are buying this 97 from Max Payne. Max & Ophelia are equally awesome, but please remember to give the $$$ to his girlfriend Ophelia Payne.
  11. Welcome to the addiction of CAS. I'll take the Ruger MK II .22, if the $400.00 includes shipping. Thanks, Boomer
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