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  1. Example: day one group #1 shoots 9am-noon, and group #2 shoots noon-3pm. On day two group #2 shoots 9am-noon, and group #1 shoots noon-3pm.
  2. I'm going waves for big matches. Thirty shooters in a bay whether it's one big posse, or A & B posses splitting duties is very long. One hour at each stage. With waves and smaller posses, that time Is cut down to 30 minutes a stage. When everyone is spending five plus hours shooting five stages, it's not fair to the vendors who have set up and sponsored the event. There's a five hour window with no customers, and when the shooting is done, most are tuckered out and ready to leave. Everyone shooting at the same time takes five plus hours. Shooting in two waves takes under six hours. That's less than one hour difference in total time, and everyone gets the added benefit of two and a half hours of fellowship, shopping, games, sleeping, etc.
  3. This looks to be the same pair I lusted over on Gunbroker about two years ago. Absolutely beautiful revolvers! Best of luck Pard.
  4. Picked this up a while back with intentions of finding its mate, but never pursued. Seeing if there is any interest here. Revolver is stock. $1,100.00 money order or check shipped and insured to your FFL.
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