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  1. Like others I no longer know how old some of my brass is. I still use some that I started with in 2008 that is mixed in my "ready" ammo bin. Those may have been loaded 20 times or more. In practice I cull out any that have even the slightest crack or split, get rid of some more after tumbling when they are clean, catch a few sometimes as I reload and at a match check each one as I load it into the loading strip and one more time as they are put into the gun. Since I don't push or try to get the last (marginal) load out of each piece of brass I don't worry about ammo failures. If the brass is good it is good, if not get rid of it. Why risk a match on a cheap piece of brass? YMMV Regards Gateway Kid
  2. what you said. I used commercially available books (don't remember whose) that were usually Christmas or birthday gifts. most stuff was fill in the blank things. Caliber, bullet size to the hundredth (.358, .452 etc) bullet weight, COL, powder to the 10th of a grain (3.2, 21.8 etc.) if they were chronographed then velocity. Subjective stuff like date, ambient air temperature, wind velocity/direction and If I remember humidity, sunny or cloudy skies. Barrel length and firearm used (by serial number), anything special about the gun like porting or suppressor. Group size is a biggie for me including whether it was first set of rounds or second or third. subjectively was the barrel still warm hot or cold. range to target and target size. I used to keep my best target in the book but it became to bulky for me. Lastly I put notes about recoil, "snap" and smoke or flame. Also at least a couple strings at speed with timer for competition loads to see how my body is reacting to the load. Others are much more detailed than I but this usually works for me. My loads haven't changed for the guns I usually shoot in about 10 years so have the logs in a box somewhere in the shed. Regards Gateway Kid
  3. With these gangs/thugs/thieves/flash mobs (according to AOC) simply trying to get bread to feed their families, why are they stealing/looting/robbing high end hand bags? Regards Gateway Kid
  4. Trial started late last week. So far not going real well for him. Will resume Monday. Real question is why the DA released him without charges even with (I think) 3 versions of his story all of which had holes big enough to drive a truck through, video evidence and sworn testimony he was a lying POS! And how did he get over 350 days of delays before reaching this point. Also fixed your first line for ya, you can thank me later. Regards Gateway Kid
  5. Schiff Prosecutor for the Russian collusion hoax. Gateway Kid
  6. Bottom left - a jacka$$ someone mistakenly taught to speak English. Bottom right - a delusional, pathological liar who still believes the false report HE had created is the truth and everyone else is lying about it. Top picture - an underappreciated actor whose specialty is causing light bulbs to illuminate when inserted in his mouth. In his defense, compared to the other two idiots, the top photo qualifies for a PhD. Regards Gateway Kid
  7. Well whoever wrote the article has never met some of the Aussies on this thread! Drunk twice a month!?!! Unheard of! Regards Gateway Kid
  8. A semi automatic rimfire is a bit different situation than a SAA style single action in a lot of respects. Just saying Regards Gateway Kid
  9. Here in Junction I just went past a couple stations. $3.25 per gallon for gasoline $3.39 per gallon for diesel. January 8th 2021 pump price $1.59 for diesel, using my grocery store $1.00 discount filled 35 gallons for 21 bucks. Lets go Brandon! Gateway Kid
  10. More family here. My prayers are up for the both of you. Wherever two or more are lifting up prayers to our Lord, those prayers will be answered. Heavenly Father, we ask you to pour your grace, mercy and healing on these two. We ask you to lift up the physicians to the upmost of their skills to perform the needed repairs. We ask you to let all those frailties, pains and infirmities be completely and miraculously healed. Then let these healings stand as a testament to your power and glory. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  11. Sharons pic of snowy egret florida a year ago Spirit on trail
  12. in my pasture last spring. cute baby pictures always make me smile
  13. Looks like he might have stolen TW,s appetizer! Regards Gateway Kid
  14. Ran over a pretty good rock and stalled out my Rugged Gear cart. Put all my weight on the handle to brace myself and managed to break the adjustment part of the handle. Saved me from falling but really did a number on the handle. Called them on Wednesday am about 9 and the replacement showed up in today's mail. Thanks Rugged Gear and USPS for taking care of my problem. Gateway Kid
  15. Just want to say thanks to Chey-Cast Bullets of Cheyenne WY for great (I really mean great) service! Placed an order for 6000 bullets on Wednesday November 24 at 9:30 am. Went to Thanksgiving dinner in another town and got back today Friday November 26 at 4:00 PM. On the back porch were my bullets! Boxes are pristine no damage anywhere! Thanks to Chey-Cast and the USPS for swift delivery and excellent handling! Gateway Kid
  16. Anyone remember "two weeks to flatten the curve!" from our illustrious leader Gruppenfuhrer Fauci? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A google search could give you literally dozens of this persons incorrect and even dangerous utterances most of which were shown to be wrong in the first place and then reworded. If there was only one variant of any flu there would be no need for different yearly flu shots, of course there are going to be new variants every year. The question is are you going to live in fear for the rest of your life when the information coming from these "experts" is contradictory, ill researched and often flat out wrong? Regards Gateway Kid Really tired of constant "crisis" mode and "the world is ending" baloney
  17. Touched a nerve here. October was 19 years without him. Would give anything to just be with him one more time, to hear his laugh, be impressed by his sense of humor, listen to his wisdom gathered from a life of hard work. Material stuff doesn't matter. What is important is what comes from the heart. Screens messed up and fuzzy. Respectfully Gateway Kid
  18. To respond to the OP. First I have always believed that if something is offensive (for whatever reason) unless you have a personal stake in the matter it is best ignored. Second I have never understood why so many feel they are the ultimate authority on just about any subject and believe that all others must conform to their world view. More importantly they seem to believe that no one but them is qualified to actually comment one way or the other on a given subject. Thirdly with the flood of information out there (including jokes, memes cartoons etc.) it is entirely possible (in fact likely) that an individual not completely immersed in the subject at hand may be totally unaware that something has been discussed by the "authorities" until "they" see no point in further discussion. Conclusion: if there is something you see that is a repeat or multiple post and you are overwhelmed by the desire to chastise the new poster - be polite and move on. If you feel the urge to comment as to how the new poster is late to the party and should stay up on the thread by reading every last single post for the previous 4 years - be polite and move on. If you are such an "expert" that no one knows everything you do, remember that many others have experience and expertise as well that may be different from yours - be polite and move on. Rant mode off Gateway Kid
  19. A few years back we started rotating the holidays amongst the family. This year we doubled up and will be going to one sisters for Thanksgiving and another for Christmas. All we have to do is show up with some wine for Thanksgiving and some presents for Christmas. Not next year but 2023 it will catch up with us and we will have both holidays at our place. Probably should start house cleaning/meal planning now while I am still thinking about it. Works pretty well most of the time. Regards Gateway Kid
  20. Congrats! Keep chasing that dream, you're getting closer! Regards Gateway Kid
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