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  1. How much would you want for the 7.5" stainless 44/40?


  2. I've got a Vaqaero 7.5" stainless 44 barrel for $125 shipped if you're interested

  3. OK, if you still want one of my BSS's, we're comming down to shoot the big shoots at LaGrnde and Baker city.


    1. Paladin  Gun For Hire

      Paladin Gun For Hire

      Sorry sir, Just sold the 45/70

  4. Send me your address and I'll get 'em on the way

    Mike Perin

    10029 54th PL NE

    Lake Stevens, Wa   98258





    1. Straight Arrow Hombre

      Straight Arrow Hombre

      Chris Shimmel 

      382 S Main St

      Custer, MI 49405


      Thank you. I’ll get a money order sent out today

  5. Did your deal go thru on the stainless Vaquero's with Boomstick?


  6. Commingatcha

    Is the Stoeger nickel or stainless by any chance?

  7. Could you send a few photos of the roedo's?  Do you have the boxes and does that price include shipping?


    425-870-0193 (cell)


    1. Deadeye Dillard

      Deadeye Dillard

      I believe this link should work for pics now




      No boxes, I prefer to sell in person but price would be without shipping and insurance if I had to.


      Thanks, Dillard

  8. What's the bottom $$ on that '73 carbine?  Did Pioneer do the action job?


  9. Hows about one in 45colt that has the safety plugged and has an action job for $500+ shpping?


  10. Hey Jeb, sounds like a nice '73.

    If you could ship it to me for $1025 I'd take it.  My dealer takes shipment from private persons.


    1. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654


      I'm a dealer also.  I received an offer for the $1075 shipped from a guy five hours after I received your offer. If you'll do the $1075, it's yours.

    2. Dollar Bill Charlie

      Dollar Bill Charlie


      Picked up the USFA 45's today - They look great - Thank you - very nice guns.  My son said I should shoot them, If I don't he will some day.  Currently shooting Uberti Smoke Wagons from Long Hunter.

      Any thoughts on  Stag grips for the USFA's?

      Thanks again.

      Dollar Bill Charlie

    3. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654

      Glad you like them.  I have only bought one set of grips for a single action and I got them from Altamont grips.  Good quality grips at a good price.

  11. I've got a nice 44 mag bisley Vaquero, blue/case with 5.5", no box for $600 shipped if you have any interest           Mudflat

  12. I've got a 38 made in '58 but it's a 5.5" I'd sell, want more info?


  13. My # is

    425-335-5176 or

    cell 425-870-0193


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