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  1. About 3 years ago inherited brother in law's 16 Guage win model 24. Have been looking for unique ever since with no joy
  2. Having had entirely too much fun trying to get Fiocchi Shells to eject from my 87 last Saturday during the ACSA match at Ben Avery. Ordered over shot cards, shell trimmer, case vise and 2 pin roll crimper tool from Ballistic Products Saturday evening. I got order confirmation but do not see a shipping notice email. The website says all items have shipped. The good news is I have plenty of non Fiocchi shells that eject just fine for EOT.
  3. I will feed any that show up to help set up and tear down.
  4. I got 200 myself, was well pleased they were not asking us to bend over.
  5. You may have found your Cowboy Skeet Trap and sporting clays side match shotgun
  6. Damn all we get out west is primers, bullets, the odd holster wt h or f
  7. I use 2 cc 2f 2cc walnut media seat .457 round ball just past equator and crimp. 1 inch groups at 50 yards from armisports sharps or navy arms rolling block
  8. Deakon very happy with my lassiter worked chinchester. Being to cheap to pay postage, gave it to him at winter range had it delivered the next winter range so don't know how long it really took and am sure mine was on back burner as I told him to bring it back. He slicked my Baikal gave it to him at WR one day got a gun in the mail and a note to send him a check. Sadly forgot when the gun got here but think it was do to WR being cancelled.
  9. Have been loading 5.2 grains of A2 for years with 200 and 240 grainers from 44 spec or 44 mag case. I shoot original vaqueros so the on the hot side load for 44 spec is not a problem. Got tired of carbon ring so started shooting 44 mag cases The load is in the 45 colt range though just over half the starting load for .44 mag. Same charge maked power factor in .45 acp with proper bullet also works in 44-40. YMMV
  10. Lassiter worked magic on my 87 Chichester I like it. But is shoot at glacial speed. Few years back got the flyer at Winter Range with it.
  11. Nope but prolly qualified for the bottom 16 a time or two
  12. In my case it is not the clothes that make me feel fat dumpy and slow but I still have an whole lot of fun.
  13. somebody please snatch this up before I get in bad trouble with she who must be obeyed
  14. Charlie checked before I posted thy only had 03 barrel listed at CMP. Historically they have had Krag Barrels wonder if out of stock at Criterion is reason non listed at CMP
  15. Weird. Back in April or so bought unerty cattleman in 44-40 Taylor's only had 1 got an older model with slots in hammer where you can see the safety mod pin for lack of a better wave to describe. The older gun had noticibly less effort to cook. Had issues in first match with first round in cylinder going bang and 4 clicks on 2 stages. Was going to send back for repair ended up just cleaning the heck out of it and putting oil around firing pin to help lub the pin for floating firing pin loaded up 50 sheels test fired with 4 different shooters no malfunctions. Shot another cowboy match with no problems. The older gun that is easier to cock (lighter spring?) has never had a problem. Wonder if the firing pin safety mechanism is the cause of light primer strikes. And yes all click rounds fired when shot again
  16. hmmm waste of good corn bread will swap on 1/3 weight basis corn meal for corn bread
  17. Welcome aboard 2 Rules 1 Stay safe 2 Have Fun
  18. Criterion barrles https://criterionbarrels.com/product-category/30-40-krag/?v=7516fd43adaa They are out of stock now but give them a call and see about back order or availability. They do both carbine and rifle barrel.
  19. So what do for an encore walk barefoot on hot coals? Maybe just stick stick bamboo shoots under finger nails? Seriously now those look amazing
  20. Welcome back, you prolly don't know me but I have seen you walking around at winter range look fwd to seeing you at EOT
  21. Thankfully I will never have that problem, wore out too many hour glasses ACSA now times me with a sundial
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