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  1. I have a tattoo of two colts on my arm and almost had to leave it with the TSA....
  2. I really hate to jump back into this, but think about the legal ramifications...??? Prosecuting Attorney to you: So you knowingly allowed my client to continue with an obstructed firearm? You (under oath): Yes sir Prosecuting Attorney to you: My client is now blind in one eye, and is missing two fingers due to your negligence! You and possibly your club will not have two empty pieces of brass to rub together after that lawsuit and judgment. Just my opinion. Thanks -
  3. Ozark Huckleberry understands it perfectly. Yes it is "safe" to use the other barrel until it ain't.... On the off chance that a shell is put into the obstructed barrel it is boom time!
  4. RO-I Manual, Page 24, Squib Load Procedure for handling a squib load: Stop Firing Immediately Unload the Gun - make sure the chamber(s) is empty There is no rule that says use the other barrel and there is no rule that says you can't. But at my range (call it a local range rule if you want) I would consider that unsafe gun handling and not allow it. If you insisted on continuing it would be a SDQ. Do I really need to explain why it is unsafe? Thanks -
  5. Because in the heat of the moment when you are defending the homestead - muscle memory kicks in and you will try and load two and then the fireworks go off...
  6. Please also don't forget the shooter CAN NOT continue using the other unobstructed barrel in a side-by-side. I have had many shooters argue with me over that...
  7. Awesome Yule, keep posting please for us pards at home!
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