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  1. Awesome Yule, keep posting please for us pards at home!
  2. Boomstick, Check out Double Diamond's work, it is just awesome, and he will customize it anyway you want. http://ddbleather.com/
  3. Just to be clear - No disrespect to those that have the skills to shoot DD; I am just jealous...
  4. Bouncing off Mr. CP's thread on "Double Duelist and 2 guns" we have agreed that DD is a style not a Category. As an uncoordinated, spastic Duelist I am in awe of those of you who can make your off hand work as well as your strong hand. But in my Fantasy World you would have your own Category as you are not shooting in the "Spirt" of a Pistolero (search the forum)! Pistoleros shoot one handed, the same hand and use the other hand to hold up your britches. A "Double Duelist Gamer" will almost always beat a regular proper Duelist - It's just aint fair, so get out of my category and just go to GF... We are Pistoleros and shoot Duelist as it was meant to be!!!!
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