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  1. This is really confusing! If the 1st post for 58$ is still available, I will take it. Will send a PM. Parson
  2. We have holsters to cover right handers, but none for left handers Got plenty of belts just no buckets! Need a left strong side and a left X draw to fit 5 1/2" or shorter. Dont need nothin fancy, just that will work. Thanks,Parson
  3. I need an uncut butt stock for a 94 Marlin checkered or not. If have one of those to sell! Parson
  4. have a pard that shoots an original 73. this brass can be used, BP stained what ever. No balloon heads tho. Thanks fer checkin. Oh, and no Rem either. Man am I pikky or what!!!! Parson
  5. I tore the shop apart lookin for BP used brass I thot I had. Couldnt find it!!!! Glad you got enough! Parson
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