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  1. Condolences Charlie, to you and especially your daughter and his children. ..........Widder
  2. Don't forget Ann Margaret. Personally, being a Radioman in the Navy, I use the 1-5 system. Some of us (Radioman) also referred to it as 'Nickels' if we rated something near perfect...... "She's worth a whole Nickel" meant she was worth taking home to meet Momma. If she were well built, beautiful hair and super nice, but missing a front tooth, she would be a 4. If she were missing a front tooth and crossed eyed, she'd be closer to the 3 range. And so on..... ..........Widder
  3. Agree with CC. And I will add #4. If any of your brass is slightly shorter than other brass, your crimp on that shorter brass will not be as sufficient as with longer brass. And I'm talking about a few .000's Therefore, weak crimp on shorter brass allows for incomplete combustion of your powder. More residue will be obvious due to unburnt (or insufficient burning) of the powder, which you will experience by less sealing of the brass to the chamber walls..... thereby allowing the blowback you are experiencing. ..........Widder
  4. Zack, your pressure signs might show differently ON THE RIFLE (bolt vs lever), but the pressure signs on the brass and primer should be the same in either rifle. The lever rifle can show pressure by an overly stiff opening of the lever. And sometimes, the bolt can show battering signs on the outward tip of the lever AND on the bolt safety lug. In my opinion, assuming you are using a good, sound 1894 Marlin, there ain't much you can do that should harm the rifle. You may experience split brass, stiff extractions, and flattened or blown out pr
  5. Have any of you noticed that Dudley and Branchwater seem to be good friends..... and always end up on the same posse. ..........Widder
  6. GREAT job Warden. Enjoy your post, your work and your videos that you share. Ya done GOOD! ..........Widder
  7. I would try to hide and protect meowndangself IF I didn't know the circumstances. What if the folks who fed me and gave me shelter were some sort of child molesters and the father of a victim was seeking justice? ..........Widder
  8. "Two outta three ain't bad" ..........Widder
  9. I like the ? and videos, Branchwater. Not everone, including meowndangself, know all the rules. This is one question that even A LOT of seasoned shooters don't seem to get right and often times, when I interject the actual rule, I think some of them don't even believe it. Good video. ..........Widder
  10. For me, I normally develop my loads using a few reloading manuals and a chronograph. In the process, I look for pressure signs, erratic velocities, etc...... Sometimes, my results closely mirror reloading manual information and my testing becomes easier. Sometimes, there are MANY powders to test, which means I spend more time at the reloading bench and using the chronograph a lot. This works for me. As a side note, my test experience with the .357 for some max loads involved powders like H110, LilGun and I think I've gotten go
  11. Although I don't own, nor shoot, a 50 cal like that, I have seen the screw breech models. I don't know Scott, but I watch A LOT of his 'Kentucky Ballistics' videos, especially his pistol videos. He does a lot of testing with bullet penetrations, etc..... and a lot of good videos with bullet effectiveness in ballistics gel. I'm glad he's alright. And I look forward to more of his videos. SCOTT: If you are reading this wire, God bless ya and hope you get well soon. ..........Widder
  12. I haven't seen "The Professionals" either. Maybe I should watch it and then go buy a 97'. ..........Widder
  13. Conversation twixt Widder and TN Williams: Widder: Hey TN, can I ask you a STUPID question? TN: Sure. Always glad to help. Widder: Why did the chicken cross the road? Dang if he didn't know. That feller knows answers to all the stupid questions.... ..........Widder
  14. You can watch it on YouTube. Type in '48 hours April 2021' and then find Season 34, Episode 29. ..........Widder
  15. Conversation twixt TN Williams and Widder: TN: Hey Widder, can I ask you a stupid question? Widder: Have you ever ask me any other kind? TN: Well, maybe one of these days you'll know the answer. ..........Widder
  16. Looks like one of them Pterodactyl nest to me, sometimes seen down in Alabama or Valdosta, Georgia. ..........Widder
  17. I would say that 'Swinging' is also in my Top 5 most hated songs. #1 is probably 'Grandma got run over by a Reindeer'. ..........Widder
  18. Don't forget..... Kenny Rogers and The First Edition recorded it years before the Oaks. ..........Widder
  19. I don't have a method but I have saying: "Never let an old friend be forgotten". ..........Widder
  20. If you want to experience a true stampede and get trampled on, put a TV show on with those Chippendale men and watch the Bunkhouse Boss go ballistic running over you getting to the TV set. ..........Widder
  21. Dan, I bought my first 9422 sometime in the early 70's for about $103. In 1993, I bought a NEW one for about $300 for my new born daughter. She is now 28 and although that rifle still looks brand new (of which I still have the original box), it sits in the back of my safe. She has shot it a few times but basically has never been 'dinged', scratched, etc..... On the other hand, my 2 and 4 year old Henry rifles have been shot a lot. But my Golden Boy Youth has been babied by me and still looks new. ..........Widder
  22. The thing to consider about the 9422 is replacement parts, in particular... the stock. Some of them have very pretty wood. With a Henry, replacement stocks are readily available from Henry..... and cheap. Bang it up and replace the wood as you please. The 9422, LN or LNIB, is probably worth close to $1000. A new Henry... $300-350. ..........Widder
  23. I'll help pay for a few politicians to make the trip..... one way! ..........Widder
  24. I have limited experience with the Glock and Beretta. And some experience with the Walther PPQ. But I have some reasonable experience with the P320, in both 9mm and 357 SIG caliber. I would choose the SIG. I did choose the SIG. I carry the SIG. ..........Widder
  25. AW... the Enchantress's will probably sell and put some real $$$ in her pocket. Enchantress #3 is destined to go to Curly Bill Kelly, in Harriman, TN. Enchantress #4 is destined to go to Red Knee in Oklahoma. Heaven knows he needs a good one. Enchantress #7 and 11 are the IAC Cowboy models with low serial numbers. Real nice 97's. And expensive! ..........Widder
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