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  1. Henry T. Harrison: I dread having to replace the battery in my 2018 Ford Escape. Like your Ford Escort, my battery is in the back under a plastic cover to protect the terminals. I've watched several YouTube videos on how to replace these batteries. Only one of the videos made sense; all of the others basically removed the front end of the car! I'll probably do it myself, but if it fails away from my home, I guess I'm screwed.
  2. This, along with many other of their State laws, would prohibit me from returning to California. All of my family is there, so I visit them. I want to shoot with a club in California, but transporting my guns would be an issue. I'll have to check on what is required.
  3. I have a Ruger Single Six that I bought in 1958. I would like to have the "free spin" feature on this gun like my Ruger Blackhawks. Is that modification "do able" on the single six? Gunsmith work? Kit? Thanks for any and all replies.
  4. I guess I'll have to stop shooting then. My old hands don't have the strength they used to; that and the fact that I only started shooting when I was 79 years old. I enjoy the "game", but if it changes to exclude using two hands with revolver shooting, then I guess I'm out. I find it odd that I don't remember seeing any one handed shotgun or rifle shooters.
  5. My condolences. I say this is the hardest part of having pets. In the last six years I've lost a horse, a cat, and a dog. I expect to see all of the others from my 83 years around here at the Rainbow Bridge. This is a picture of my current companion. Wrangler Bob
  6. I "shaped" mine by wrapping my revolves in small plastic shopping bags and stuffing the revolvers in the holsters for a few days. I did this a couple of times and it shaped the holsters to a good fit. Loose enough on the draw, but tight enough to "stay put" when moving. Just my .02 worth.
  7. To Jack Rabbit Joe; How do you load? I've seen your scores from different matches and however you're doing it must be all right. You shot at Boulder City in 2021; I didn't get a chance to meet you, but I hope to in the future. [It'll probably be in Boulder City, Eldorado Cowboys.]
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