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  1. I began with a Lee Loadall when I began to reload. Someone gifted me a Mec Jr. I have been using that for years . It is pretty much my go to press for loading BP sg ammo. I came into a MEC 9000 and that is mostly used for loading smokeless ammo for my wife. But sometimes I will use it to deprime and size and prime the hulls that I will use for my bp ammo. I like to roll crimp then I use the Mec jr to drop the powder and shot. The 9000 can crank out lots of shells in a very short period of time. But can get messy if you get out of sync. That is why when I bolt it to the bench its mounted in a baking pan so if I get an oops it goes in the pan instead of all over the bench. There is also a PW 375 on hand which makes a real nice shell. Forgot to mention on the Mec jr I added the primer tray and adjustable powder bar. Hochbauer
  2. I shoot 44 russian with 2f and same bullet Driftwood uses. Mucho fun to shoot. Hochbauer
  3. We have a Uberti 73 in 38 spcl thats a Codymatic and is slick and smooth as can be, Recently got a Miroku Winchester and it was real nice out of the box and feeds 105's or 147's with no issue at all. I also shot a match with it using real BP and ran the entire match without needing to be sprayed. Would not mind another in 44-40. But there are no parts available to slick them up. If that is a concern then I would suggest getting a Uberti. Hochbauer
  4. I have been shooting a TTN for several years but the past few seasons have been shooting an 87. Definite learning curve but fun to shoot. But when the train goes off the tracks it can be a wreck and to add to my fun I shoot Frontiersman. Hochbauer
  5. I would suggest Cody Conagher...He is in Berkely Springs WV or real close to it. His # is 304 258-1516. Hope this helps. Hochbauer
  6. I use STS hulls for my wifes ammo that is loaded on a MEC 9000. My wife knows if there is a AA hull in her box it would be BP and not smokeless. She does not like those kind of surprises. For myself I pretty much only use AA hulls which for the most part are loaded on a MEC jr or PW 375. I do run mine through a supersizer that are being loaded on the jr the PW sizes the base very nice. I pretty much will use the hulls until they are getting crispy then I trim them and then roll crimp them. After that they are trashed. Hochbauer
  7. Not trying to hijack the thread. I very recently acquired a 1873 trapdoor carbine. I loaded it with 60gr 2f topped off with a 405 hb bullet. after 15 rounds my shoulder was not happy. But it shot nicely and will be back to the range for more abuse....LOL. I also had shot it with smokeless rounds with 300 gr and 405 gr bullets and it was much more pleasant to shoot. But its back to the range again. It shot well at a 100 yards without having to move the site for 150 I did raise it up and it was spot on. Looking forward to shooting plainsman again. Hochbauer
  8. Thanks for all of the information. Its back to the reloading room and try some other loads. My trapdoor is a carbine. Finding the right load is part of the fun of getting a new toy. Hochbauer
  9. I am curious to what others load. I just got a trapdoor and casted 405 gr bullets the smokeless rounds I initially shot were nice to shoot tolerable recoil. I loaded up about 25 rounds today with the 405 gr bullets and 60 gr of 2ff real bp. By the time I got to the 20th round I was thinking I was through. It thumped the heck out of me. Am interested to hear what others load for them. Hochbauer
  10. I shot it at EOT 2021 never heard of it before then. I used a borrowed 38-55 rifle from a friend. It was too much fun if that is possible. Just got a trapdoor carbine last week. Unfortunately I cannot make it to the match. But I will be ready for next time. Hochbauer
  11. Mr. Slim: My name is Dances With Toe Shoes, proprietress of Frederick's of Deadwood out of New Cumberland PA. Like my hubby said, your state match is on our radar/bucket list for the 2023 season as he is retiring at the end of this year. I hand make one of a kind ladies clothes, accessories and period underwear. Any further questions can be directed to my email edith419@yahoo.com. You'll probably see some of my wares on the range. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Karen Unger
  12. TB, That is actually on our list of places to go in the future as my wife is a vendor of womans clothing. But will not be this year. I will have to check out why I could not get messages. Hochbauer
  13. As the title says 4 gun cart for sale. It is blue and will include the cover also holder for 4 handguns and tray . It will be at the PA State shoot this coming weekend. Asking only $240.00. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hochbauer
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