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  1. I sold a 94 Marlin JM stamped in .38/.357 with a 24" octagonal barrel for $900.00 with an extra stock several years back. I had put it on the wire and it was jumped on within 5 min. It was one of those that I wished was still in my safe but it went towards a 73 Codymatic in .38spcl for my better half. Hochbauer
  2. I have used them in the past and would again if they were on the shelf someplace nearby. Hochbauer
  3. I have a square deal that is dedicated to load small primer ammo....38spcl and 9mm. Works great can load lots of quality ammo in a short amount of time. You will not regret that purchase. Enjoy! Hochbauer
  4. I cast round balls for my ROA's and made the mistake of using lead that I would use for my regular bullets. Fortunately I did not cast many. It was brutal trying to seat the bullet Lesson learned. I have a Lee 2 cavity mold and then bought a 6 cavity mold from Track of the Wolf I now need one for my .36 cal pistols. It was painful buying a box of 100 for $15.00. I also have a separate casting pot for rounds balls and one for the lubed bullets. Hochbauer
  5. I use a 1oz square load using 2f goex and 7.5 or #8 shot. For the most part I load using fiber wads. Powder first then nitro card followed by a fiber wad then the shot. Loading on my MEC jr AA hulls crimp fairly well. If I find that it crimps a bit deep I use some shredded paper to fill the difference. If I am feeling industrious then I roll crimp but cheat using a drill press. My dbl is not fussy about the hulls that I use. But my 87 does not care for paper hulls or the Magtech brass hulls I learned that the hard way at a match...was a real slow stage but learned what the gun did not like.. For plastic wads I use the CB-1138-12 Hochbauer
  6. I have an assortment of shell plates that came with a Hornady Projector progressive press. This was given to me and sadly needs parts which are not available. I have 2-01 plates,1-32,1-06,1-08,1-16,1-30 I do not know what caliber they are or if they will work on a current press. I am open to a reasonable offer or trade. Hochbauer
  7. I am currently using a SDB for .38spcl and 9mm and have a 450 and 550 each set for large primers. The 550 is setup for 44 Russian and the 450 for 44-40. I was toying with the idea of selling one of those to get a 750. But after thinking about having to buy new conversions for it. Decision was made to stick with what I already have. I cannot sit for hours on end to reload so after a few hundred break time. On the other hand when I load shotgun smokeless shotgun ammo on my MEC 9000 its hard stop as long as I do not have any oops moments. Yes there is also a Rockchucker under the bench which gets used for various functions. I like my Dillon metal primer flipper tray. Hochbauer
  8. I cast my own 44-40 bullets have tried to pan lube gave that up real quick. I have a Lyman lubrisizer that I use for those bullets. I have also in the past cast .38 spcl in 105 and 147gr bullets. Those were for my wife. I have decided to just buy her bullets it just saved a lot of time and my energy. But if I am going to shoot .38 spcl then I will cast out enough for a few matches and lube and size them as I shoot FC/FCD. I also make my own lube. Not to mention casting round balls for my capguns. Its sort of therapeutic. There is a feeling of satisfaction that comes from rolling your own from start to finish. Hochbauer
  9. My first cart I made from wood that was in the garage wheels from Harbor Freight it worked but looked like it was made by a chimp. It was reincarnated a time or two. Then treated myself to a 2 gun cart from Rugged Gear. Once my wife began shooting needed more room sold the 2 gun cart and got the larger 4 gun. Still seemed sort of crowded when sharing with another person...especially when I began to shoot Frontiersman. Now she uses the big cart and I got a jogging stroller setup that I use and is a perfect platform to load capguns on.
  10. Barrel length would be a personal choice. I have a pair of Ruger OMV's with 4 5/8" barrels .38/357 and a pair of USFA 44wcf with 7.5" barrels. I can miss equally well with either. The best advice was already given and that would be to shoot then ones you are interested in if you can. As for caliber .38spcl will be the most cost effective to shoot and reload. Try before you buy if possible. Hochbauer
  11. I began shooting frontier cartridge shooting .38 cal pistols and rifle. I shot bp lubed bullets and no issues. For a period of time I was shooting APP but decided to go back to Goex when the APP got what I thought was too pricey. At the time was shooting an old hammerless double. For the past few years I have been shooting Frontiersman with a mismatched pair of ROA one is 5.5 inch and the other 7.5 rifle is a 66 in 44wcf and TTN hammered double but have been dabbling with an 87 lever gun. Shotgun loading is done on a Mec jr. My preference is to use fiber wads I have been using AA hulls for my 12ga. Rifle is loaded on a Dillon 450 and I cast and lube my bullets. I am also casting my rounds balls for the capguns. Cleanup is really not a biggies especially with the shotgun as I take off the barrel and run hot water through it in the slop sink in the laundry room. There is a learning curve to loading in general so take your time and ask questions as you can see there will always be lots of answers even for things you did not ask about. Look for Duelist 1954 on youtube he has tons of videos black powder specific. Hochbauer
  12. I have my gun cart setup so I can load my cap guns at my cart on a stand. In the past I have asked the RO if it was ok to clear my nipples...always got a giggle. I have since stopped doing that and just run a pick thru them and that works for me. As Cemetery mentioned it is a good idea to ask for the clubs ruling on where to load the pistols. If working the unloading table it takes me about 4 shooters to load up and that's without rushing. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Hochbauer
  13. I use Loctite blue for the lever screw on my 66a dab will do ya. Hochbauer
  14. I use a system similar to Clueless Bob. The yellow tubes I got some from a pard on the wire and also purchased from I dont recall those are for my ROA. The clear tubes I made from tubing I got from the hardware store those are for my .36 cal capguns. I pre load them and put 10 in a zip lock bag and my lubed wads in a separate container. Hope this gives you an idea. Hochbauer
  15. I just checked and I had bought Hornady spring fingers. They came in a 2 pack...it was a bit snug fit but work fine. They are white so if you look for them you are not searching for red. Hochbauer
  16. Hi ho hi ho off to home depot I go. Yet something else to do off season. Hochbauer
  17. I have the older 600jr and found something that was I think for a hornady press and was not expensive...was a tight squeeze but it worked. But will look into upgrading to whats more current. Hochbauer
  18. Bgavin, I believe you can possibly buy that from Midway in smaller quantities.
  19. I am not sure what the correct gap should be....Have you tried shooting them yet to see if they actually do need to have the gap opened. I did that with my OMV's when I had gotten them and one for sure needed to be opened the other was better. That said I did have them opened up. Hope my non answer helped in some way. Hochbauer
  20. Here it is assembled...yes it has speakers too.
  21. Here is what I did with my stroller...hope this helps. If you would like pics of the entire cart let me know. I set this cart up mostly to use when shooting my capguns. My wife uses the 4 gun Rugged Gear cart.....now we each have plenty of room. Hochbauer
  22. Anyone have a strong mount gathering dust that needs a new home? Hochbauer
  23. Primer system repaired had to retap the hole and new screw and all seems to be working peachy...just need to get a decapping/sizer die for the 44 Russian. But now have a bunch loaded and just need to get to the range. Thanks again Hochbauer
  24. Huzzah...success. I had 2 powder funnels both marked the same one was longer than the other I suspect one was mismarked. Switched them out and then screwed the die to about the last thread and that issue is resolved just one more to overcome but that will need a replacement part for the primer system seems one of the holes are stripped and the assembly wobbles. Thanks for your input Hochbauer
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