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  1. Iirc I have the ruger sa, ruger da, s&w, and both 1911 books at home
  2. Never cared for the beretta myself bought one back in the 80s sold it as I was able to shoot as well as my other pistols
  3. If they were matching I would take them or two of the same caliber even
  4. I think I knew him the name is familiar
  5. To break down the steps bot start by decamping and priming at the first stage the next stage drops the powder next for hardball you place a bullet with shotshell you place the wad, next is seating the bullet or seating the wad and dropping shot next is crimping the hardball round or crimping the shotshell. I use a Dillon 550 and a MEC 600 iirc both are five station presses iirc. The MEC does one action on the down stroke and the next on the upstroke. Like deprive on the down prime on the up, next it drops powder on the down that's one of the few that doesn't have a upstroke action both are manual advance.
  6. I use the brass snail type have a couple put a piece of leather string tied to it and to me that way if I ever have to recap on the line I just let go and shoot. I also have an antler tip on a loop for sitting the caps firmly but safely.
  7. I'm honing to get one soon.
  8. Your a true craftsman looking forward to seeing you at eot again. Maybe we can talk about a mod for my rugged cart.
  9. Neither Is had to do both can have the number of step so if all you are proving is the labor I think 50 shot shell per two hundred hardball would be fair as that usually the ammo count for a ten stage match. Or you can do few let's say your local match is six stages that's 120 hardball and 36ish shotshellusing the 10-10-6 formula. If your supplying components then the math gets harder as you have to calculate the Bullets primers and powder for the hardball assuming they give you brass and the other needs to add up the primers, powder, wads, and shot used so I think it would work better if you teamed up and loaded both together and that way you don't have to worry about anything .
  10. 87s are legal for classic as that's what I shoot.
  11. I myself prefer the deluxe border rifle I have two and one straight stock 73 Taylors puts out a good gun I got my new one thru long hunter and had him do the work before I even saw the gun.
  12. Find a lock box and cable it to something in your hotel room. Iirc the reason the hotel safe isn't safe is they use the room card or the better ones allow you to pick the combo each time you lock them.
  13. Last I checked frontiersman didn't reqire a hammered SxS just a SxS or 87
  14. From my personal experience I normally lock open and empty in a cabled lock box in pov ammo elsewhere if they ask you have two choices one will grant you access to base the other may or may not. Most navy based ask if your rving and require you to store at base armory in fl I had to register at gate that was it.
  15. No problem on my iPad or laptop except the delay required between posts
  16. If it's for practice get an app for your phone
  17. I've given up on aimtech for the past ten months all I've gotten from them is talk they took an order after wr and never filled but kept saying they would until the bank wouldn't reverse the charge. Never got the items sent to them for repair back and the ones I have quit working and new batteries didn't help. So I need some lasers I have everything else but a web cam that I can aim but have other options. So who is using a laser that has lasted trouble free for at least six months? I'm needing new lasers for my guns.
  18. It looks like it takes a position on the toolheads is that correct?
  19. You also get the brass in your hat back.
  20. Why live fire when you can dry fire unless your not hitting your targets. You want to develope a muscle memory that's what's going to increase y,our time the most if your hitting the targets. Be sure to use a time and have set goals for practice sessions.
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