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  1. Hey Pard, I'll take the 30-30 brass if it's still available. I could pick it up at PPC next match.
  2. I'm listing these items for sale because I no longer shoot Cap & Ball pistols, I'm pricing them all separate although I'd prefer to sell it all as one lot, if it sells as one lot I'll discount an additional 10% plus throw in free shipping. Total of all items is $210.00 so minus 10% would be $189.00 with free shipping. Individual items will be plus actual shipping, I'll gladly combine multiple items. Payment may be cash, check, PMO, PP F&F, Zelle, Thanks for looking. Item 1. 148 pcs of Dixie Quick Load Tubes plus home made loading block plus a genuine Jelly Belly jar. $35.00 Item #2. Polish Capper. Note the 45 Deg. chamfers, this works perfect on Old Armies. $40.00 Item #3 Ted Cash revolver cappers (2) No alterations have been made to either of these. $30.00 for the two. Item #4 Brass flask with 4 nozzles that are approximately 15, 20, 25 and 30 grains. $20.00 I Item #5 Unopened bag of lubricated wads. $5.00 Item #6 Inline capper with leather lanyard. $5.00 Item #7 Pair of antler cap seaters. $5.00 ea Item #8 Nipple pick $5.00 Item #9 3 sets of 6 each Treso nipples with #12-28 threads Two sets were used in 1 or 2 plainsman matches, like new, no peening or mushrooming, one set new/unused has anti seize on threads. $20.00 per set.
  3. Looking at this thread reminded me that I have a bunch (148) of these rascals. So as not to highjack this thread I'm going to list them in the classified along with some more Cap & Ball accessories that I'm not needing since I sold off all my cap pistols (ROA's).
  4. * Price reduced $50.00 4/18/20 Eagle Sambar Stag (two sets) These fit New Model Vaquero, new XR3 frame. These are absolutely flawless, they're relieved on the back side to accommodate the lock used on some of the NMV's. Currently listed at $550.00 per set on Eagle site, asking $850.00 $800.00 shipped and insured for both sets. Thanks for looking, stay safe! High Rock Drifter
  5. This lock down is a good time for me to clear out some spare parts and a good time for someone to upgrade their Rugers to Half Cock! Up first are Jimmy Spurs, they come with their pawl, Jimmy's main spring and 30 oz trigger return spring, you will have to use your own hammer plunger and spring with these. These will give you the nice set-back trigger. $250.00 shipped. The second set came out of a pair of NMV's I bought off a gun shop and I don't have any idea who did them but they are of high quality workmanship and they function exactly like they should (somebody on here may recognize the work/style). This second set comes with lightened main spring, 40 oz trigger return spring and they have their own hammer plungers. $200.00 shipped. Thanks for looking, stay safe. High Rock Drifter
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