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  1. Might be a long shot but does anybody have a shell plate like this #16 they can part with? They seem to be out of stock everywhere! Thanks
  2. These right here are what a lot of folks use/like. This picture is from the Cowboy Gunworks site, I think other suppliers carry these also. HRD
  3. I would like 1,000 of the 9mm raw. Sent you a PM
  4. Howdy Windy City, From the bottom of the heel to the top of the boot is ~11 3/4", the heel is ~1 1/4", it has a good padded insole so it's ~9 3/4" from the insole to the top of the boot. I'm gonna go Sat., you want me to bring-em along.
  5. Justin Ropers, size 11 EE, wore to several matches hoping they'd spread a bit but they're too tight for my feet in the toe. I paid around $175.00, would like to sell for 105.00 $95.00 plus shipping The soles are rubber and have just enough pattern/texture to give good traction. HRD
  6. Hey Pard, I'll take the 30-30 brass if it's still available. I could pick it up at PPC next match.
  7. I'm listing these items for sale because I no longer shoot Cap & Ball pistols, I'm pricing them all separate although I'd prefer to sell it all as one lot, if it sells as one lot I'll discount an additional 10% plus throw in free shipping. Total of all items is $210.00 so minus 10% would be $189.00 with free shipping. Individual items will be plus actual shipping, I'll gladly combine multiple items. Payment may be cash, check, PMO, PP F&F, Zelle, Thanks for looking. Item 1. 148 pcs of Dixie Quick Load Tubes plus home made loading block plus a genuine Jelly Belly jar. $35.00 Item #2. Polish Capper. Note the 45 Deg. chamfers, this works perfect on Old Armies. $40.00 Item #3 Ted Cash revolver cappers (2) No alterations have been made to either of these. $30.00 for the two. Item #4 Brass flask with 4 nozzles that are approximately 15, 20, 25 and 30 grains. $20.00 I Item #5 Unopened bag of lubricated wads. $5.00 Item #6 Inline capper with leather lanyard. $5.00 Item #7 Pair of antler cap seaters. $5.00 ea Item #8 Nipple pick $5.00 Item #9 3 sets of 6 each Treso nipples with #12-28 threads Two sets were used in 1 or 2 plainsman matches, like new, no peening or mushrooming, one set new/unused has anti seize on threads. $20.00 per set.
  8. Looking at this thread reminded me that I have a bunch (148) of these rascals. So as not to highjack this thread I'm going to list them in the classified along with some more Cap & Ball accessories that I'm not needing since I sold off all my cap pistols (ROA's).
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