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  1. I used a Hornady Pro-Jector, precurser of the L-N-L , for several years before I got my Dillon. Still used it for one caliber for a few more years. Still have it , boxed up in my shop. Rex
  2. I have been eating cornbread my whole life....Well , at least the last 78 years or so. Probably didn't eat much the first couple of years. Am strong believer in the no-sugar camp. Probably 90% of it eaten with pinto beans. Rex
  3. Man , I liked watching "Seal Team" , bummed when they took it off CBS. Rex
  4. Not the same thing , but in the same vein , I still have a bunch of cassette tapes , and a player. Do have a couple of tapes that need repair , they are loose on one end. Would like to get them repaired if that is possible. I listen to them in my reloading/gun cleaning shop. Good stuff (to me) Gene Autry , Tex Ritter , Bob Wills, yeah , some pretty old stuff. Rex
  5. You got 'em , Outlaw Texan. PM replied to with my info. Many thanks , Rex
  6. JHP , I happen to have an extra Super Blackhawk hammer , it started life as a Stainless Steel hammer , but a gunsmith pard in New Mexico blued it , and it is blued all over. I have it's three brothers on my Rugers , and can let you have this one for 65.00 if you want to try it. Rex
  7. I think that I have one just like it. (442?) Mine has some wood grips just one finger groove longer. Rex
  8. Bailey Creek , sending a PM. Thanks , Rex
  9. Bailey Creek , have 130 ,.. 75 Federal , 45 Win Super Speed headstamp, 10 Win Super X headstamp. How about 40.00 for the brass , shipped. Rex
  10. I don't have a good or sad story to tell. Done it way too many times to pick just one. I was like Mongo , had to sell or trade what I had for something else that I wanted more at the time. Been at it about 60 years and haven't seem to gotten any smarter. Rex
  11. Twelve Bore , tried to send you a PM with my info , didn't work. Rex
  12. Have for sale a rig that came to me in a trade. It is an over-the-shoulder rig for Ruger Super Blackhawk or similar. It was sent to me with a 7 1/2" Ruger , but will handle the 10" models as well. A 10" Ruger or Freedom Arms would not stick out past the end of holster. From the end of the 7 1/2" barrel to the end of the holster is 3 1/2". Would be great for handgun hunter , spreads out the weight and makes drawing easier than a belt holster. I don't hunt , so is wasted on me. Would like to sell for 120.00, shipping included . Been on here awhile now(1-21) , will entertain reasonable offers. Thanks for looking , Rex P.S. Cartridge loops for 44/45. The way it is set now fits my frame ; I am 6' tall ; it has Chicago screws adjustment/holes for about 3 inches either way.
  13. Pards , I no longer have a 308 , so would like to sell off the leftovers that I have here. 1. 150 pieces of brass , 4 different headstamps. SOLD 2. 307 bullets , 4 different weights and mfgs. SOLD 3. Two sets of dies , RCBS and Lee . SOLD 4. Factory ammo: SOLD . Would like to sell it all to one buyer , 184 rnds . 200.00 for all. Shipped , CONUS. Three of the batches of factory ammo are in MTM boxes ; I put the cartridges in them and threw the factory boxes away. Never occured to me that I wouldn't eventually shoot it all myself , but I got old faster than I shot my rifle. The Federal Gold Medal Match and the Mil Spec ,150 gr. LC 15 , are in the same box. The two pictures were in different light , makes it a little confusing. The actual name for the ones that say "green tip" is Federal 150 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip. Also , the American Eagle box only has 19 rounds. Thanks for looking , Rex
  14. Well , it might be that you could trade your 44 Special up pretty close to a pair of 357's or 45's. Aways back before the rarity was obvious , I had a pair , one each blue and SS , of the 3 1/2" models. Have also had a couple of the blue flattops. Sold or traded all of them over a period of time. That is how much foresight sticks to me. Won't even get into Colts or USFA pairs. Too sad. Rex , who is always late. PS: Have been a 44 fan from way back .
  15. There is another along the same line ; "The Heart Of Everything That Is" by Bob Drury & Tom Clavin. The story of Red Cloud. Rex
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