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  1. I grew up on the left coast. We ate Granny Goose Potato Chips and Tillamook Cheese. The potato chip company is still in business but I never see its products locally. I still buy Tillamook Cheese from Costco.
  2. My power is on and there is natural gas in the pipelines to heat my house. The snow melted off the roads in my village by mid-afternoon yesterday. I feel blessed. All my family on the left coast is without power due to a major ice storm. Praying they and Texas get their power back soon. This situation endangers life.
  3. Use the APP instead of the 777. There will be less recoil. Both subs will easily make the smoke standard. Use the same bullets you load for smokeless. Test your revolvers before taking them to a match to see how many stages you can shoot before they bind. Wash your brass soon after shooting. The residue from both these subs will corrode brass.
  4. In my opinion, the divisionals had little more prestige than the regionals. Competing at the national or international championships has more prestige.
  5. I would not attempt shooting in two categories at EOT. The accumulated fatigue from eight stages a day for three days would hurt my overall performance and I might not place in any category. If I were decades younger I might make try shooting two categories but not at my present age. In T-Square's breakdown I'm a group 2 shooter. I will go where EOT is held. When EOT in Indiana was announced I briefly considered attending. However, I thought it best to let nearby competitors signup first as this might be their only chance for an EOT buckle. I look forward to seeing videos of
  6. Scoutten often adds contact info for shooting activities to his programs. I hope he does for this program. We might get a few new members after the show airs.
  7. The Panhandle also lacks forest fires. Living in an unforested location I note that electric power is more reliable than when I've lived in forested areas of the east and west coasts. Without trees and tree limbs falling on power lines grids are more reliable.
  8. I watched the program last night. The original poster was interviewed multiple times as was Evil Roy. Evil Roy announced his departure from competitive shooting. I wish him well and thank him for his many contributions to SASS. The Texas State WB match looked like good stages. I liked the trench clearing shotgun side match and hope to shoot one someday.
  9. The Texas Panhandle is tornado country. It is also hail country. The new car dealers keep their inventory under roofs. There are frequent ice/snow storms in the winter though transportation isn't affected for too many days. The Panhandle is flat! It is part of the Llano Estacado - an enormous table land. To see real mountains you need to travel a few hundred miles west into New Mexico. I've always found people in Amarillo friendly. I have not shot at SASS Clubs in the Panhandle.
  10. Reduced Loads with H4895 Reduced Loads with Trail Boss I am currently shooting Trail Boss in a 30-30 and am quite pleased with the results. Perhaps OLG will give you some loads with Unique. It is good for gallery loads too.
  11. Which .32? For H&R mags I've used Bullseye, Unique and VV N-320. Wife likes the N-320 the best.
  12. Since this is a SASS Forum, I suspect this is not an approved firearm modification and would not be accepted for competition even if it did work.
  13. Captain Baylor and I tested 32 Longs using my wife's firearms. They didn't make the smoke standard. APP and 32 H&R mag cases and 100 grain bullets made the smoke standard. Keep loading APP for maximum smoke. BTW, her knockdown loads are 115 grain bullets and Triple Seven.
  14. Shoot the warm up matches and you will be ready for the target placements used in this match. At a world championship one should be ready to shoot small plates at a distant rack, close and easy targets, stand and deliver stages, downrange movement, rifle reloads and pop-up targets. Expect sweeps you've never encountered. Be good at everything and make no mistakes. The competition is stiff. If you don't make the top ten in your category go home happy you actually got to shoot the World Championship.
  15. On one stage there was a swinging, hostage target. With a bit of bravado I told the posse I was going to knock the target over. It was poorly balanced and I really did knock it over! Also, one of the plastic wads from my black powder shotgun shells was stuck burning on a shotgun target. This established my warthog credentials for that EOT.
  16. Don't buy more than a case if you find some and wait until Winchester's annual $2/box rebate is on - usually starting sometime in April. Then buy 5-cases of low noise, low recoil AAs and get the rebate.
  17. Do this and consider what others of limited means have done to attend EOT. At FR there was a tent camper's location away from RVs where one could sleep away from the drone of generators. Some cooked on their PU tailgates and ate out of their ice chests. There is a Pilot Truck Stop in nearby Plymouth that has showers. Perhaps you can carpool with someone to EOT and someone might offer you a bunk in their RV. This may be your only chance to earn a Top Ten EOT buckle you can wear for years with pride.
  18. I use the MidwayUSA.com site to find the shipping weight of boxes of shotgun shells (check under specifications). I don't check more than 10-lbs of ammo because I don't trust the accuracy of airline scales.
  19. A few thoughts: Divisional matches have come and gone The Wild Bunch now has an advisory board (very recent) The Modern category disappeared while black powder categories are split into age groups Major matches have moved around No change: there are still periodic ammunition/component shortages. Coming from retail you know this all too well. Wild Bunch has reached a level of maturity with fewer rule changes. It does not have the following that CAS has. Take an RO class next time it is offered. There are many rule changes. Like Griff said, "most for t
  20. See The Full Riviera Implosion - skip to the 4 minute mark.
  21. I shoot some modern action shooting sports. There are plenty of shooters in their twenties attracted to these sports. They buy a black plastic handgun, a holster, mag pouch, a few mags and bulk 9mm ammo (or used to before it dried up). They don't reload. I just don't see them coming to CAS in big numbers. We have a few amazing young shooters in CAS but most are not coming our way.
  22. For a televised event add black powder only firearms in addition to exploding targets. I talked to one producer at EOT who stated his crew filmed black powder shooters preferentially because their shooting was more visual.
  23. Same thing happened at the ABQ City Shooting Range. So many people were digging up the back berms for lead that the range officials had to start patrolling unused berms to stop the practice.
  24. I've been to non-shooting events in Minnesota and Wisconsin in mid-summer. The temperatures were pleasant. I could dry-camp with running an AC. The Upper mid-West would suit me.
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