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  1. But, the Federal regs make only an item that can chamber and fire a cartridge or shotgun round a firearm. And the FFL regs apply to a firearm. I would be much more concerned that I knew all the city/county/state restrictions on muzzleloaders, including the storage of powder and caps that might apply, so that you did not accept or even worse, try to return, a muzzleloader to someone who is not legally able to own it. Find a good lawyer, or consult the NRA for someone they would recommend in your locality. good luck, GJ
  2. Abilene - Did you go buy a stack of lottery tickets, too? What a find! GJ
  3. Buy all the Red Dot or Clay Dot you can find. Loads all the main match cartridges and 12 gauge shotshells very well. In 12 gauge, use your Promo load data for Red Dot, and will be very close for using Clay Dot, too. good luck, GJ
  4. If it's a second tier manufacturer - I would not even consider buying. The quality needed for reliable .22 ammo is hard even for first tier manufacturers to meet anymore. My First tier - Federal, Lapua, Eley, SK, CCI. Rem and Win are in process of falling off my first tier list currently. For bulk ammo that has good reliability, the basic price before scalping was about 6-8 cents a round. For good quality target ammo or high speed hunting ammo 12-16 cents a round. Premium target ammo about 20 cents and up, up, up Pandemic Scalping multiplies those pri
  5. It only takes 3.5% inflation per year (or increased gadgets on the truck) to do that to prices. Just our inflation rate over the last 20 years has averaged 2.5%. Considering that most folks are now buying pickups with 10+ cameras, a video display or two, an extra cabin row and doors, fancy entertainment centers, navigation, 4WD, and tons of other baubles in them - Pickups are relatively rather cheap. But the mortgage interest rates have been at historic lows for several years. The two could be related, you think? Folks like to buy when mortgages a
  6. Clean steel very well before use to remove any oils - I use carb cleaner. Metal warm enough to just sizzle the OxphoBlue as applied. A heat gun is better than a hair dryer for this. Apply at least 3 coats. Between coats, use FINE steel wool (000 or 0000) to lightly scrub between coats to only leave the part of the bluing that sticks tightly. Wait for all liquid to dry and the fine rust to develop as a gray dry film before steel wool "carding". Maybe an hour. After carding with the steel wool, then clean thoroughly again - steel wool is soaked with oil!
  7. Only one real fix...... PRACTICE and .... More Practice and ....... Even more practice. One of SASS's most important maxims is - IF YOU EVER TAKE A GUN TO A MATCH YOU HAVE NOT PRACTICED WITH AT LEAST 100 HOURS, IT WILL BITE YOU. GJ
  8. 45 Dragoon, at Goon's Gun Works! The Warden shows his shop URL just above! good luck, GJ
  9. I've been tinkering with the latest Federal Top Gun hulls (brass washed steel base covers) because so many of those hulls are shot on clay target ranges right now and discarded right to the trash cans. But it is VERY easy to snag the base cover in loading press dies if you don't get the hull to center up exactly before you run the sizer die (collet sizers may be an exception to this). Here's a major reason why it is hard to get much life out of the new style of Federal Top Gun hulls, with the burgundy ribbed hull walls and the brass plated base shell (the metal on the base and ri
  10. EOT will be at Ben Avery in Phoenix. It's Winter Range that is going to Ok City, OK.
  11. I'd rather just adjust sights to get what I want. Whether it's by turning a screw or filing off metal or putting a new sight part onto the gun. I'm getting too old to fiddle with loads that already work or remember hold offs. good luck, GJ
  12. Sounds like the Cubs fan who says, when the Cubs finally win the Series, "Well, wait till next year and they will be stinkers again." I think we ought to appreciate Vista jump starting a Remington plant. good luck, GJ
  13. Norinco is the Chinese company that first began reproduction of Winchester 97's back about 1990. They directly imported firearms into the US for sporting goods retailers. IAC is an American importer which from about 1995 was having Norinco make guns for them to import, too, before embargo. IAC (Interstate Arms Corp) fully took over importing Norinco shotguns when an import embargo was established by the Bush administration preventing Norinco from importing sporting shotguns in 2003. At that point, mostly just the name on the gun was what was different between the guns. Starti
  14. Vista Outdoors (parent of Federal and CCI and several other firearms related companies) is the conglomerate company that bought the Remington ammunition line from bankruptcy sale and has been producing ammunition at the existing Lonoke, Arkansas, plant (which Remington built) for several months now. They have been reporting one of their biggest bumps in the road is getting many of the previous workers rehired and retrained so the plant can step up to full production. They intend to produce all of the Remington ammo lines, with no immediate plans to change much, and keep the Remington brand
  15. With the big, deep cannelure in the case wall, it is just waiting to split the front half off when fired a few times. NOT worth messing with. Save for a brass collector at a gun show. good luck, GJ
  16. says AMERC on it, when they managed to get the stamp press to work. Fortunately, my info shows that AMERC folded up shop several years ago. good luck, GJ
  17. I use a Dillon Super Swage on stubborn primer pockets and it fixes them all. Much easier than a hand held reamer, and about as fast as a power reamer. I would guess your hand reamer is dull and needs replacement. First, never load an Amerc case. So far out of spec that they barely fit in my recycle brass box. In .45 Colt cases, I see the most that need primer pocket help are S&B and Winchester. In .38 special, it's S&B hands down. The Super Swage takes care of them all. good luck, GJ
  18. Federal has already made public statements that they will continue to produce the Remington line of ammo and components. I am sure at this point I will be continuing to shoot Remington shotshells for quite a while. Just picked up a thousand once-fired STS hulls at 6 cents per. So, I'm covered regardless of Federal's follow through with their statement. The Remington made hulls are longer lived and have stronger walls than the Winnies. The new Win hull design allows bulged rings to form down at the top of the base wad insert of the hull. I tossed out all my old Win hulls. I
  19. 3.3 grains CleanShot with a light bullet means you are at low chamber pressure. I am not aware of how cold weather affects CleanShot. Many pistol powders when loaded in a light load (bottom of recommended range) will get very weak and inconsistent on their burn in cold temperatures. There's only a few powders I know of that have higher pressures in cold weather - Winchester WST is one. And Clay Dot is pretty insensitive to cold weather. So, you aren't going to prove EXACTLY what happened to cause that one squib round. But you've got some great things to improve your loading te
  20. What's the problem with an experienced shooter suggesting you might not have got powder in the case? And you took umbrage at his suggestion? Did you just wake up one day and find that you load perfect ammo and have done for years? (Actually none of us do.) What's the load? I'd guess it's black powder or a sub since you are cleaning with soapy water. If you are washing with water and it's a smokeless load, don't. You are wetting the cases for no good reason. How cold was it when shooting? But yeah, a plugged primer flash hole or some water or oil that got
  21. All shotshell loaders are a little finicky to adjust. At least until you really start to develop a sense of how many turns on which die will it take to fix THIS problem. The 600 Jr actually is a little less trouble since you have a little more access to the adjusting stems and you are running only one shell at a time. Win AAs are a more flexible plastic than STS and the other Remington hulls. So they show you that you still have a slight misadjustment in at least one of the three dies. Crimp starter, crimper or final taper (if you have one, and you should have one). Most fol
  22. Certainly no need to go into "headless chicken" mode. You changed the load to something lighter. You had a problem with primer back-out. Your latest change is the PRIME reason you have the current problem. Otherwise, you start chasing ghosts. good luck, GJ
  23. Yep, the common cause of a fired case binding up a cylinder is too-light loads. You can see and feel a backed out primer - the primer body sticking out above the rest of the surface of the base of the fired case is the giveaway. If you FORCED the cylinder to turn, you may even have scrape marks on the fired primer where it rotated past the recoil shield. One chamber can be cut slightly larger than the rest. Or perhaps got polished at some point. That chamber would then be more likely to let a case back out when fired. A quick way to get back to shooting
  24. Ummm, nope. That one is for putting a brand new sight on a new rifle barrel. OP needs this one: https://www.brownells.com/aspx/learn/learndetail.aspx?lid=13093 And plugging in the revised distance between sights of about 8.25", you would get a taller front sight addition of 0.138" So, measure existing front sight body and add 0.138" inches or slightly more. If the front sight on most single action revolvers looks way too tall, you probably are about right to start sighting in the gun. good luck, GJ
  25. Sounds right. 6" high at 10 yards is WAY off point of aim. You need a taller sight by 1/8 of an inch. But often a feller will shoot to a different spot in unsupported position compared to a revolver off a rest. Before you make a final choice of sights, try offhand as you would shoot in a match. Yes, it's work to get to a tight group that lets you really see the POI. But hey, as a target shooter AND a musician, you know hard work pays off. good luck, GJ
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