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  1. The power maker says 5.0gn https://hodgdonreloading.com/hodgdon/hodgdon-hi-skor-700-x
  2. All Freedom Arms revolvers are line bored. Don't believe USFA did.
  3. Taper crimp are for rounds that headspace inside the chamber(.45acp). Not a good idea for use in tubular magazines as the bullet is likely to push back into the case, from recoil and magazine spring tension.
  4. The coating was to resist moisture and hold the anvil and compound in place
  5. I also use the Lee FCD and very pleased with it.
  6. Finding brass will be the biggest PITA. Great cartridge!
  7. This should have been handled via PM to PWB. He could reopen the thread......
  8. I try to click on your link, the screen just flashes and that's all.
  9. Receiver is marked and the side of the hammer is also.
  10. Bear Creek Supply in Ca. Try the moly coat version.
  11. So, if I knock your gun off the table, it ain't my fault then because YOU put it on the table. OMG!
  12. It's good to see you post'n again. Fill us in on what's been go'n on.
  13. A few clubs here in Missouri have that rule.
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