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  1. From the ad We DO NOT ship to the USA. RATS !
  2. I've only done that about 8 times .......
  3. John - if you click the "EXCLUDE OUT OF STOCK" button they list ZERO PRIMERS.
  4. Plus - you get to eat fresh cookies while you load ........
  5. I bought these for $1 a piece in 2013 off fleabay. Still have 4. 6Pcs Flat Head Torx Screw For CNC Lathe Tools [M3.5 x 0.6 x 10mm(length)]
  6. I've done that with various body parts - don't recommend it ........
  7. Why - you otter be strung up fer cruel 'n unusual punishment ! Thet poor hull looks frazzled !!!
  8. In my opinion - one of, if not THE best remake ever ..... I refuse to chose between them.
  9. I think it's up to the shooter to tell the TO what he does or doesn't prefer during the stage. The TO's mantra is to assist the shooter as well as he can.
  10. Had a TO back in Colorado about a thousand years ago that I would rate as EXCELLENT. He always asked if you were ready, he checked your SG belt as you staged your guns, he always said "say the line or indicate when ready", he very discretely pointed a finger at the ground each time you fired a shot always knowing the shot count, he always seemed to know where you were in the sequence if you became lost, he "looked" each pistol into your holster, held the timer close but out of your peripheral vision, made sure the timer registered the last shot, covered the timer after the last shot, showed you the timer after last shot and about 10 more things that ensured a smooth supportive stage. I'll be darned if I can remember his name but will never forget his concern for the shooter.
  11. I thought Cap&Ball and speedloader were mutually exclusive terms ........ who'd a thunk it ?
  12. Youth is wasted on the young ..........
  13. Yusta B.

    92 questions.

    92 questions and I have only 16 answers - I feel woefully inadequate ..... again ...
  14. If you're talkin about the Shaketails, be aware - not to be offensive in the least - they have a little different idea about target placement, & size as compared to most other clubs. Lake George (Colorado Cowboys) is also in the area & will provide a little different perspective along those lines. Either will provide some real fun !!
  15. Happy 10/22 day pard !
  16. Ever since I started shooting ......I count the holes in the ice cube trays as I fill them.
  17. I R&R'd one using a good magnet and about 10 minutes time.
  18. Or ------ they're just interested in a bunch of fun !!
  19. Long Hunter is a man to trust. If he offers it & you like it, it's an excellent choice.
  20. Any category offered with Gunfighter in it's name + B-Western.
  21. Listen to this fella ^^^^^^ He runs a 97 like a turbocharged banjo !
  22. A .38 Marlin will probably be just about as light as a .32 & a whole lot easier to find.
  23. But - but - but ---- then you couldn't shoot DD !!!
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