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  1. Same here - just one sight to put on the target.
  2. Currently not taking backorders ....
  3. Is it seating primers sideways ?
  4. Match is not in cognito - it's in Leonard.
  5. In the heat of battle - I doubt you'll notice any difference.
  6. Yeah - you really should, There's a rumor a couple of people actually miss ya .......
  7. Yes - you'll cut more time with transitions & keeping both hands busy than you will shooting faster.
  8. It's the ability to draw and dump 10 rnds, gunfighter, in less than 2 sec.
  9. Worked for me ..... MatchResultsByTime.pdf
  10. Well then, you're the lucky one. You keep getting smarter the older you get. I'm afraid it's the opposite for me.
  11. As long as you're shooting in a pistol & getting good crimps, I wouldn't give it a second thought.
  12. No way was that correct ....
  13. Bar 3 has been forbidden to hold it's July monthly SASS & PCC matches by county judge .....
  14. I'm pushing 80 - I don't get mine checked any more ....
  15. You're supposed to shoot them - not insert them ......
  16. I heard it on the radio .......
  17. I usually shoot .32 H&R 100 gr but I also carry a pair of Vaquero '45's in my cart ..... for recalcitrant KD's.
  18. Cut a 1/2" spacer from a bic pen body & install it around the screw between the grips . I too have pulled out several sets of escutcheons on Eagle Altamont grips. They seem to drill the holes a little deep. This will fix the problem. Edit: Correction to grip maker with my apologies to Eagle.
  19. At least you still have your emoji's
  20. I had a fusion in about 1976 or so. Have about 3 bad days a year now instead of constant pain. Had a great neurosurgeon. Best wishes for your friend.
  21. Spend the money on ammo & go to the range ....
  22. The oldest gun I shoot with is probably Griff. He's older than dirt & more accurate than the average shooter. He likes to put eyes on the chickens at bar 3 .....
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