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  1. If'n I was runnin the match ya could do anything you needed to in order to be able to shoot. Come to Bar 3 - you can shoot any way you want.
  2. If you do you should let the TO & the rest of the posse know, else you're gonna hear a lot of "one more" being yelled when you shoot that colt. Note: I'm NOT saying it's legal to load like this.
  3. Drop Grandpa Willie a note. He shoots .41's.
  4. Put a spacer between the grips around grip screw. Mine had very little wood left after escutcheon holes were drilled at the factory.
  5. But that didn't work out too well for Goliath .....
  6. Pull the bullets & load them in nickle cases ?
  7. I use Sharpies to mark ammo & WD40 takes it right off with a rag.
  8. Widder's Marlin mods - yes. '73 has modified carrier & pretty sure you would have to change carriers to use both. That is : one carrier for & C45S & different carrier for .45 Colt.
  9. Drop a msg to Kid Bucklin or Sixty Nine Cent Wizard. They will be able to help you with an FFL in the area. If you are going to their annual, there will be one on site.
  10. There's 1 left in the bando - he pulled 2 with each hand.
  11. ^^^^ Nickel case with HyTek bullet should not discolor at all.
  12. VLC media player will play it. Free download. https://get.videolan.org/vlc/3.0.8/win64/vlc-3.0.8-win64.exe
  13. USPS should ship with appropriate label.
  14. http://www.badlandsbar3.com/CaC2019/CaC19_OverallMatchResults.pdf
  15. It's sort of a combination of Whack-A -Mole and Flight Simulator. The balloons are hurtling by & you feel like you're flying. There's just nothing like firing a pair of smoking sixguns out the side of an 800cc Rzr going WFO!!
  16. Handbook pg 26: Nope SHOTGUN AMMUNITION - Shotgun size must be number 4 lead birdshot or smaller for all events (no steel or plated shot).
  17. He generally shoots to get as close to 60 seconds as he can. Truly an entertaining gentleman ....
  18. Great, giving individual & excellent gunsmith !!
  19. Once I find a load. This ^^^^^ is all I do to switch from AA to STS to Estate hulls.
  20. California SASS clubs https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=California
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