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  1. Always a smile & a handshake & a "How ya doin'". Exemplary individual - for sure !
  2. Somewhat depends on what else has been done to the pistol. Springs will not particularly benefit a pistol with rough innards.
  3. Great - depending on what you want. Flash holes are clean-er, not sparkling.Cases - outside - pretty much same as with pins, inside - clean enough. I do use Lemi Shine & Dawn. Not worth it for me to use pins unless I have some really groaty (scientific term) brass.
  4. I've been cleaning this way for several years now. I don't have this problem. It may be because I deprime first, or I use Zilla Desert Blend (fine) walnut media or that I make sure the media is always dry when I start. I clean .45 Colt, .38 Spl, .357Mag, 9MM and .32 H&R Mag this way without getting any clumps in cases. I also check every flash hole & case for cracks/splits after drying. .556 however is a totally different story. YMMV
  5. I drain my brass, then into the dry tumbler it goes. About 5 minutes & its dry. YMMV
  6. How about a file & Dremel polish. Round off the offending area.
  7. Shot last week at Bar3. 22nd out of about 50 - so still kickin, but not real hard. Happy I finished. Thanks.
  8. He's a pretty good dude when ya get to know him
  9. If using walnut media, try Lizard Litter Desert Blend. I very, very rarely have any media problems in flash holes.
  10. Pinewood kid wins the first Briggsdale Iron Cowboy 2 day 24 stage match by 7 sec !! Proud of my son .....
  11. They have a stuffed Canadian ? Just wait till the boys up north hear about that !!
  12. Just make sure there's no locomotive behind that light ! But seriously I'm wishin you the very best !!
  13. Great service, good prices, good bullets.
  14. Gunner Gatlin - PM him - he's on the wire.
  15. I use targets like those at home & mount them with carriage bolts. Works fine.
  16. She's in Colorado. And as a bonus she does awesome engraving.. https://lcgraphicdesigns.tripod.com/aspenfillys/engraving.html
  17. Nice irons - but I think those mags are illegal for most categories ....
  18. The interesting part is hodgdon.com worked fine but selecting the reloading section from there caused same error as starting at hodgdonreloading.com. I hate computers almost as much as modern car engines ......
  19. I'm using an old link I've used for years before -- hodgdonreloading.com
  20. Norton Firefox seems to have a problem with Hodgdon reloading site. Anybody else experience this ? Thanks
  21. It's a days shooting. Hanna shoots 6 cowboy stages in the morning & the 5 Pro Steel with both carbine & pistol. 16 stage day. Ah - to be young again !
  22. HA !I finally beat ya on something Griff ! I have an SK set I bought in 1962 when I was a gas pump jockey .
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